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Lilly Pulitzer: Pack in Print


As part of Lilly Pulitzer’s ‘Pack in Print’ event (Feb. 10-17) they are offering a Free Travel Jewelry Case with every $250+ purchase. Given that I love Lilly prints and am so looking forward to spring, I studied the whole spring selection and picked out a Wish List:


Lilly prints are perfect for spring showers, summer weddings and those warm days when you just wanna add some spring to your step. While they are quite pricey, they are high quality and will last you a long time. I’ve had this one for nearly ten years now and still get wear out of it (also, very impressed that the colors haven’t faded at all!)




Right on Target

With my recent move and increase in square footage (see my last post for details) I’ve been carefully curating the right items to deck out the new place. Some old faves, but plenty of room for new!

Since I live in Target Town (Minneapolis) and find myself shopping there multiple times per week – sorry I need food. footwear. sportsbras. shampoo. cards. gifts and everything else… I’ve become quite familiar with their new Target Threshold line. As a regular Target shopper I see what they did there – give a new brand and identity to many of the design/decor products they’ve already been carrying, but somehow I’m still under the spell.

Take for instance: Purchasing a tension rod upon which to hang a shower curtain.

Plain white tension rod for $5.70 OR an oil rubbed bronze rod with decorative finials for $27.00?

I think you know what I chose…along with matching curtain rings, shelves, hooks and soap dispenser.

I’ve got my eye on these other bronze beauties, too:
Oil Rubbed Bronze Accessories | Target Threshold


A brilliant marketing move.

Target was perfect for outfitting my college dorm and first apt. Plenty of budget-friendly options. Target is still perfect for outfitting my “Big Girl Place” even if the items cost 3X more. I think the problem is, I can’t say no to cute. Or coral. I can’t say no to this faux coral on clearance. I mean, who can?

Look at all this cuteness I’m coveting for the new place:


Throw Pillows

Target Threshold Throw Pillows

Pretty Curtains
Target Threshold Curtains

Lamp Shades
Target Threshold Lamp Shades
Target Threshold Lamp Bases

Quirky Things
Target Threshold | Quirky Decor


Kate Spade Friends & Family

After a full week of no sun and constant rain, I died (in a good way) when I received the email notifying me of the Kate Spade Friends & Family sale. Nothing like ending a gloomy week on a  bright note. Here are a few of my favorites (in my dream world they have all been purchased, in my real world I’ve just been staring at them since 9 AM).

Bow Terrace Bradshaw

Bow Terrace Bradshaw $498

This bag has the perfect classic look (making it worth the investment, just in case you needed to rationalize the purchase, you’re welcome) with a touch of fun thanks to that baby bow. It doesn’t hurt that it shares a name with one of our favorite TV characters. If this reference is beyond you…go away.

Gingham Tallulah Dress

Gingham Tallulah Dress $428

I think this dress is the perfect statement piece for summer. Also, KSNY’s #ginghamstyle hashtag is amazing.

Small Square Studs


Small Square Studs $38


I need these in every. Single. Color. Thanksssss.

Sailors Knot Hinge Bangle


Sailor’s Knot Hinge Bangle $78


Oh hey there, here is a standing invitation to my arm party. This  bracelet is already perfect and I want it, but the nautical reference somehow makes me need it.

And this….

Pack A Picnic Wine Tote


Pack A Picnic Wine Tote $238


Because everyone NEEDS a wine tote. Really, you do – we’ll just look past that price tag for now.


Style Crush: Gwyneth Paltrow

People magazine recently named Gwyneth Paltrow the best-dressed woman in the entire world. And it’s no wonder, our Gwyneth adores J. Crew as much as we do!

Gwyneth Paltrow goop + J. Crew

The JCR girls are always delighted when Gwyneth graces our inboxes with her regular goop newsletter (if you don’t get goop, you absolutely must. Sign up here). But this week, this week was a very special occasion. You see, J. Crew partnered with goop to give us some fantastic fall wardrobe ideas leaving us lusting for the entire Fall ’12 collection (even more so than we were already).

Gwyneth Paltrow goop + J. Crew

She’s got a way about her…

Gwyneth Paltrow goop + J. Crew
Gwyneth Paltrow goop + J. Crew


There’s more where this came from. Get your goop fill now.

J. Crew Fall Favorites
All images from

Style Crush: anne m cramer

be elegant. stay irreverent.
Anne M Cramer Collection via J. Crew Review

With a tagline, “be elegant. stay irreverent,” The JCR Girls can’t help being attracted to the brand, design aesthetic, fun prints and flattering fit of anne m cramer clothing. Listed among Anne’s “likes” are: coffee, sterling silver, jackie o, soft towels, satin ribbon, room service, french fries, black cars, dinner parties, nude nail polish, vintage pearls, pedicures, cashmere and chapstick. Things that JCR girls everywhere find distinctively delightful!

In addition to liking her as a person, we’re also obsessed with her line of classy and festive clothing.

Here are our favorites from the anne m cramer Collection:

Table Tennis Top
Anne Cramer Table Tennis Top via J. Crew Review

Shuffle Board Shift
Anne Cramer ShuffleBoardShift via J. Crew Review

Flynn Skirt
Anne Cramer FlynnSkirt via J. Crew Review

All images via

Tweet us [@JCrewReview] your favorite @Annemcramer item OR tweet us your ideas for our next installation of “Style Crush.”



Style Crush: C. Wonder

C. Wonder Store in Cape Cod - Photo via Photo via

I was introduced to C. Wonder  through AMC’s The Pitch (a dramaticized view of the ad agency world, inspired by the hype around MadMen, but far from an accurate portrayal of the agency world). But I won’t bore you with the dynamics of the advertising industry in this post. Instead, I will shine some light on this new clothing chain, C. Wonder.

For starters, I stalked them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and was decently impressed with their branding, design aesthetic, cutesy GIFs sprinkled throughout their website. The website itself features several social media calls-to-action a la Kate Spade’s Shop | Play site…oh sorry, I promised I wouldn’t bore you with advertising/marketing speak!

While copying Kate on the site layout (and who can blame them, it’s brilliant), C. Wonder’s design aesthetic closely channels Tory Burch. Which is no surprise because the founder is Chris Burch, Tory’s ex-husband. [Read more about that here]. Instead of bright orange, C. Wonder shows off bright green, rather than the signature buckle, C. Wonder displays cursive-y C’s.
C. Wonder Blog Post C. Wonder recently opened a shop in Nantucket, and from the Facebook pics, it looks pretty darn cute. Next time I’m on the East Coast I will definitely pop in to a C. Wonder store. I’m already impressed with their branding, design and store layout, (on a mission to surprise, delight and inspire middle-aged women to pull out their credit cards) but I want to see if the quality of products lives up to expectations. It’s quite a price break from Tory Burch pieces, but I still have high hopes.

While most of their clothing skews toward an older female demographic, I’m drawn to a few key pieces and several of their house ware/decor items:

Brightly colored C. Wonder Bangle Bracelets

Brightly Colored Bangles

C.wonder Red iPad Clutch

Large Red Leather iPad Clutch

C. Wonder City Bike

Lime Green City Bike

Ikat Dinnerware from C. Wonder

Ikat Dinnerware (not to mention adorable teacups + saucers)!

Ikat Nesting Bowls via C. Wonder Ikat Nesting Bowls

C. Wonder Tortoise NutBowl via JCR Girls Blog

Tortoise Bowl

C. Wonder Wicker Picnic Basket Set Wicker Picnic Basket Set

C. Wonder Take Note Notebook

‘Take Note’ Navy Notebook

C. Wonder Silver Pedestal Clock

Pedestal Clock

Lobster Capris via C. Wonder

Lobsta Crops + Navy Buckle Sandals

Tweet us your favorite C. Wonder items via @JCrewReview!

Why is a blog called “J. Crew Review” talking about other brands? Well…we are actually in the midst of a transition. We LOVE J. Crew to death, but we are ready to take this blog to the next level. Stay tuned for more “Style Crush” content in the near future.