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My Week in Crew

I love EVERYTHING J. Crew…this isn’t a surprise. But what items could I just not get enough of last week? Here’s my week in Crew! (PS- I am no wiz when it comes to Polyvore, but I really tried for you guys so hopefully you’ll appreciate the effort to spice up the blog a bit!)

J. Crew Accessories and Clothing for winter A: I’ve been carrying my Archie Grand notebook in my purse every since Martha gave it to me for Christmas! I’ve been jotting down everything from to do lists to blog ideas!

B: The weather has been all over the place the past week, but on the extra chilly days I’ve been throwing on my earmuffs to keep me toasty. They are so cute and the perfect way to keep your hair as you styled it when you left the house!

C: My black Jackie has been a savior this past week (and for the past few to be honest) I have to wear all black at my job. Sounds easy but is much harder to do when you are forced. I have been throwing this on over everything to follow the dress code.

D: The Painter Turtleneck and the Pintuck Tank were both purchased during my trip to Indianapolis and their sweet little details have been adding just enough visual interest to my daily ensembles.

E: Of course, I can never forget my sparkles and statement jewels.

Snow, Ice and a Nice Coat from Crew

I wasn’t dreaming of a White Christmas…but there is plenty of white to go around whether we like it or not.

We won’t let this snow emergency turn into a fashion emergency.                 Repeat after me: “Even in the snow and ice you can look nice!”

A few little lessons before you’ll be granted your gold star…

Lesson #1: A Nice Coat from Crew can be both Cozy & Chic

Santa just brought me the Stadium-cloth Boulevard Trench…and I’m obsessed! This Minnesota winter’s got nothing on me! (…ain’t got nothing on you babe…)

Why it’s the S#!+

  • Stadium-cloth is Crew’s warmest fabric (made esp. for them in Italy)
  • “Inspired by the fabric used in vintage football jackets, stadium-cloth is a compact, high-density wool that adds tremendous warmth without the bulk”
  • The trench is the classiest most timeless silhouette, ever.
  • Falls just above the knee…keeping your derriere warm
  • Cinched belt keeps you skinny….you lean, mean, snow-fighting machine!

…Don’t fight the cold, embrace it with the luxurious Boulevard Trench!

We also love:





Lesson #2: Footwear Can Still Be Fun!

Just because there’s a nip in the air doesn’t mean you have to wear Uggs! Get some winter wellies (see also Hunter wellie warmers, I’m obsessed!) and some cutie booties!

Stylish and Sturdy….Just add some weatherproofing spray! Anyone own Quoddy boots? They look cozy…but are they cute? I’m undecided…let us know what you think of em!

Just add hats, scarfs, hoods, snoods, earmuffs, tippets and camp socks and you’re all set to venture out in a winter wonderland!

If you’re learned that snow and ice don’t have to get in the way of looking nice…then I grant you a Gold Star!

Until next time…MM

Cozy Up to Crew…