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Wild, Wild West Coast

I went to Arizona to escape the prison that I call Milwaukee (okay, I’m being a little dramatic…) for a brief vacation almost a month ago. That makes me a bad blogger because I’m just documenting my wardrobe tips now. Good thing I have a photographic memory. Yeah that’s a lie, I don’t even remember what I wore yesterday. Well, enjoy packing tips (from a Midwestern perspective) for the next time you jet off to the west coast from yours truly. I promise, none of them are dramatized or lies so you can use all of them with complete confidence.

Cross-climate travel is rough. Even though the temps were still pretty warm in the Midwest, they didn’t even begin to compare to the 100+ degree weather that slapped me in the face when I stepped out of the airport. Maybe my sister was right…I didn’t need my cardis.

I KNOW, I KNOW THIS SOUNDS CRAZY, but I promise I’m not crazy.

It’s hard to accept sometimes that you don’t need certain pieces of clothing on a trip because they seem like staples to any successful ensemble in your day-to-day life.  Ultimately, however, accepting that they just need to stay at home will make your life so much easier in the end. After you get over the separation anxiety, you will not only have saved space, but also allowed yourself to pack better outfit options for the trip, therefore, looking that much more fabulous on your getaway. So if weather.com tells you that the sun is going to be beating down at 114 give Jackie the weekend off.

Blending in (or just not sticking out like a sore thumb) isn’t always a bad thing. What I loved seeing in Arizona is that you can totally get away with a really laid back look but still look put together. It was kind of nice to escape pressed skirts, silk tops and 4-inch heels for a few days. Here are some Crew pieces that would look perfect on any west coast street (and that I wish I had for my trip!):

Venture into full Hippie Chic territory!:

Trellis Dress 49.99

Make your vacation a real adventure and explore new styles. I definitely got the hippie vibe walking down Mill Ave. This breezy dress and some leather accents would have been perfect!

Merino Lace Skirt 49.99

Go wild! Wear a short skirt. Nobody notices. This could be totally hippie-fied and the texture is amahzing. Oh, and what’s that skirt? You’re on sale? Get in my closet.

Lemlem® mare tunic $129.99

 If this doesn’t scream hippie to you (I’m sure it at least is whispering it) then I don’t know what does! Throw this on for boutique browsing or for getting to and from the pool.

Lighten your load: minimize shoes and accessories!

It is SO hot in Arizona I dehydrated just stepping outside. Trust me, you don’t want anything to make you feel more weighed down or covered up. Simple sandals and skimping on the sparkle will keep you cool.

Eva Espadrille Sandals 39.99

Deseree Leather Sandals 69.99

So work that #happyhipster look, you CAN do it all with Crew (and all from the sale section). I have developed quite the reputation as a hippie-hipster in the Minneapolis area, by the way, so I’m a pretty much an expert on the subject.

Any other fashionistas have tips for west coast packing woes? What tips do you have for making the most of your traveling wardrobe?