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Dress Code: Wedding Edition

This post is brought to you by our lovely wedding blogger, Aislinn! And with Marty getting married next year, we have weddings on our mind more than ever ūüôā
The best thing about being a bridesmaid is that you get told what to wear (thanks, Marty!) I had to wear a Catholic School Uniform for 13 years, so, sometimes I crave the uniformity of not having to make fashion decisions.  I also like it when people just do things for me.  Unfortunately, one cannot be a bridesmaid at every wedding that they go to. Number one because that would be weird.  Number two because that would cost a fortune. Number three because obviously.
Never fear, my non-bridesmaid folk, the JCR girls are here to help you out with a Wedding Dress Code. Rule number one: Never wear an actual school uniform to a wedding. You are not Madonna.
White Tie/Black Tie Attire
What. does. that. even. mean? Formal Dress¬†is a scary concept for a lot of women.¬† For men, there are some pretty set rules of what¬†to wear and what not to wear, but for women?¬† For women, it’s admittedly somewhat open to interpretation, which is the worst thing in the entire world. Here’s what you need to know about White Tie or Black Tie: You’re about to be surrounded by some¬†rich people.¬† White Tie is much more formal than Black Tie. Tradition says not to wear a short dress, but hey, tradition, shmradition!¬† For Black Tie and White tie we say: long or short dresses are a-ok, but think¬†formal.¬†Think¬†elegant.¬†Do NOT think¬†prom.
If you are going to go for a full-length dress, keep it sleek. Seriously, unless you are attending the wedding ceremony of Queen Victoria, do not wear a ball gown. (The wedding of Queen Victoria took place in 1840.¬† Capicse?)¬† If you are going to wear a short dress, keep the hem line no shorter than where the tips of your fingers brush your thighs.¬† Remember, if you’re going to a wedding this fancy,¬†there will be parents, grandparents, old people of all sorts, and they will be judging. Keep it¬†classy.
Cocktail Attire
Hooray! You just got an invitation with more interpretive nonsense!¬† Cocktail attire for men at weddings means suit and tie, or dinner jacket.¬† And for women the all-encompassing term: “cocktail dress.”¬† Traditionally, this means any dress that falls above the ankle. We say that you should probably be keeping the dress-length mid-thigh for this as well, because it’s a¬†wedding,¬†but¬†you can probably get away with it being a¬†little¬†on the shorter side. Remember, if you are like us, you’re about to dance up a storm. Leave some wiggle room!¬† (Always avoid the risk of someone seeing your spanx!)
We quite like the idea of switching it up a little bit and wearing a sleek jumpsuit; keeping it classic with a vintage-inspired midi; or a cute mod shift.  If you want to stand out, the best advice we can give for cocktail dresses is: Have fun with your shoes and make-up.
Casual Attire
If you’re like us, seeing this on an invitation¬†totally freaks you out!¬†¬†Are we going to be over-dressed?¬†¬†Or¬†under-dressed?!¬†¬†Here’s the truth of the matter:¬†Casual Attire on a wedding invitation means your Sunday Best, not your favorite blue jeans. For men: slack and a button down, or collared shirt.¬† For women:¬†a dress, a skirt and shirt, or slacks and a blouse. You can probably have fun with this!¬† Remember, it’s always better to be slightly overdressed!
Note: A personal preference. The color red is the color men find the most attractive, and women find the most threatening. Really!¬† There are studies!¬†If you are going to wear red to a wedding, we recommend a short, modest dress. Red + full-length dress = center of attention, which isn’t the best thing to be at someone elses’ wedding.¬† Another note on color:¬† steer clear of the white.¬†¬†Even if the bride says she doesn’t care, or if¬†it’s fashionable, etc….¬†if we’re being honest:¬†it looks weird in Facebook pictures.
Our final rule in our Wedding Dress Code Guide For People Who Aren’t Bridesmaids is to wear something you love and you can move in. Weddings are FUN, full of energy, and full of love. Bring those great vibes with you¬† ūüôā¬† Tell us what you’re wearing to your friends’ wedding!

A Single Girl’s Guide: Your Best Friend’s Wedding

Quick update on my life that you don’t care about: I’m single. ¬†That means I’ve been doing a LOT of therapeutic online window shopping‚Ķ a favorite of the JCR girls.

A few of our PRO-TIPs for online window shopping post-break up: proceed with caution and hot tea, never approach the internet after 3 or more glasses of wine, and don’t actually BUY anything — trust us, you’re about to lose a lot of weight because you’re sad and eating reminds you of picnicking with your ex-lover in a meadow filled with daisies and your hopes and dreams, which absolutely never happened but IT COULD HAVE.

I haven’t been “real” shopping because I live in Brooklyn and my rent in one month is my clothes budget for an entire year. ¬†Generally, I get by with my Christmas and Birthday presents, my roommates’ belongings, and $15 finds at Beacon’s Closet. ¬†Bonus: when you shop at Beacon’s Closet you get to carry around a bag with a baby wearing hip glasses on the front. ¬†It makes you look like you’re cool and from Brooklyn and I appreciate that because I’m not cool and I’m from Connecticut. ¬†However, ¬†I recently realized that a grand haul shopping trip is in store in the next month or so…

I had wondered back in January how I might continue on with my post as Resident Wedding Guest Blogger. I’d already posted about dresses twice; I’d covered my problem with shiny fabric; and now that I am in a romantic rut I‚Äôve worried: Have I lost my Wedding Blogger Mojo? ¬†But everything has a way of working itself out and one day, while online window shopping, I was reminded of all I have to look forward to‚Ķ Which finally brings me to the Fashion portion of my post:


The JCR Girls Style Guide for Wedding Festivities!

The Bachelor Party

Bridal Parties aren’t always “traditional.” ¬†For the girl who’s one of the guys, we suggest a laid back put together style:


We love the combination of classic pieces such as the nude/tan/peach wedges (J.Crew Lillian Patent Low Wedges) and a white blouse (MANGO Metal Fastening Blouse) paired with edgier pieces like a statement necklace (J.Crew Fan Fringe Necklace), and cut off/leather shorts (Rag & Bone Jean The Cut-Off Short.) ¬†And while we’re all for breaking tradition and making things your own, we still think it’s bad behavior to wear white to weddings when you’re not the bride or not directed by her to do so! If you’re invited, sneak some white in at the Bachelor Party – you know you’ve been dying to show off your cute new spring top!

The Bachelorette

Girls, this is your night to go crazy! ¬†While we don’t encourage behavior fit for a hollywood film, we think you should look like you belong in one.

There’s nothing wrong with getting noticed tonight, so go for it! ¬†We love the combination of a fun, flirty dress (Ted Baker Penny Floral Embellished Red Dress) and attention-getting accessories. ¬†The outfit above features OASIS Metallic T-bar Sandals and Modcloth’s Mint to Be Yours Bag. ¬†What’s so great about these accessories is that they evoke a bygone era while remaining modern and fresh. ¬†We love the idea of a modern pin-up cat eye with an outfit like this, check out ¬†MAC Liquidlast Liner!


The Bridal Shower

Keep it light and classic for the Bridal Shower, with a few personalized touches.


Try a structured fit and flare dress like JCrew Loretta Dress in a summery shade paired with a flowy hat like JCrew Summer Straw Hat. ¬†Add whimsical touches like Windsor Store’s Gold Love Signature Bracelet (similar here)¬†, and Kate Spade New York All Wrapped Up Pearls Drop Earrings. ¬†Then tie it all together with a staple piece from your closet, like white wedges (ZARA Block Sandal w/ Ankle Strap!)


The Rehearsal Dinner

For the Rehearsal Dinner, go for Ultra-Femme, Understated Elegance, in your clothes and in your demeanor: let the next 24 hours be about your family/friends without sacrificing fashion!

Peachy hues and lavender tones are perfect for a Rehearsal Dinner. ¬†¬†Find a dress that cinches in your waist and floats away from your hips like French Connection Berry Voile Fan Dress and pair it with a – dare we say it – COMFORTABLE low-rise heels (J.Crew Miri midheel suede pumps.) ¬†Remember that you do NOT want sore blistered feet going into a day of standing on even MORE uncomfortable shoes! Remember to get creative – if you can’t find a necklace length you like with the neckline of your dress or shirt – check out the kid’s section like we did! ¬†We found this JCrew Girls Ribbon-Tied Long Pearl Necklace, which would suit this neckline perfectly. ¬†Finally, tie it all together with a peach-pink blush and lipstick like Nars Blush in Orgasm and Mac Creamsheen & Pearl Lipstick in Peach Blossom.

The Morning After

Ah, the bittersweet morning after. ¬†You’ll probably find yourself partly glad the craziness is over and partly sad that something you have looked forward to has ended. ¬†You will also probably be sore from dancing, tired, and possibly find yourself with a slight headache (21+ only!!!!)

Pictured: Jcrew Ray-Ban thick cat-eye Wayfarer sunglasses,  Korres Yoghurt Face Sunscreen Cream SPF30, Butter London Nail Lacquer in Fiver, Asos Straw Floppy Hat, TOPSHOP Cream Scallop Texture Swimsuit (similar)

Today, you will RELAX, sit by the pool, have a margarita, and think about how not married you are.