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Decorating: Small Spaces

Thankfully, I’ve never had the opportunity to decorate a huge space, so furnishing a small space isn’t too much of a mood ruiner for me. The fact that my small space includes an exposed brick wall didn’t hurt the situation either. My one challenge: I’m a knickknackaholic and I will never give that up, so I have to force myself to get creative fitting everything in without looking crammed. So I’m an expert decorator. Call me if you want my help, you can find me in the phone book under “People who think they are expert decorators”. Here are the things I do to keep things organized and (hopefully) stylish AND budget friendly.

Shelves. Bookshelves. Wall Shelves. Cubby Shelves.

Knick knacks. Books. Clothes. Pictures. A shelf doesn’t discriminate. Plus they are the perfect place to begin your collection for the Beauty and the Beast style library you dream of one day having (I’m lookin’ at you Britt!). I just picked up a 3-shelf bookcase from Target’s Room Essentials (RE) brand.

Room Essentials 3 Shelf Bookcase via The JCR Girls

I also picked up a cubby style shelf because my room doesn’t really allow for a huge dresser. This was the perfect compromise because there are little drawers you can buy that fit right in the square spaces, so you can still store just as much but with taking up MUCH less space.

ClosetMaid Cubeicals® 6 Cube Organizer White via The JCR Girls

Baskets. To hide stuff.

I really don’t hide things in baskets. Well, maybe my student loan bills because those are depressing. But seriously. Baskets are great for socks, pajamas, t-shirts. Really anything you don’t need fully visible or on display to chose from. Plus they are easy to slide under your bed or keep multiple on a shelf in your closet. I especially like baskets with liners because the look more put together (and are easy to clean!).

Threshold™ Rattan Large Tapered Bin with Liner via The JCR Girls

Real life Pinterest.

I once gave someone a legitimate hard time when they told me why they weren’t hanging their pictures up in their new place yet. They wanted to do a gallery wall but claimed it was overwhelming/intimidating. I pretty much told them I could do a gallery wall in my sleep. Well I lied. I can’t. It is overwhelming. So, quick apology to that person for being a brat. But, I think a good (and easier) alternative is what I have deemed a real life Pinterest. I throw all the things I love and that inspire me up on some fabric cork boards (super easy DIY) and call it a day.

Real Life Pinterest via The JCR Girls


Stay tuned for more decorating tips coming your way! Until then, what ways have you found best to stay organized but still display all of your favorite things?



Right on Target

With my recent move and increase in square footage (see my last post for details) I’ve been carefully curating the right items to deck out the new place. Some old faves, but plenty of room for new!

Since I live in Target Town (Minneapolis) and find myself shopping there multiple times per week – sorry I need food. footwear. sportsbras. shampoo. cards. gifts and everything else… I’ve become quite familiar with their new Target Threshold line. As a regular Target shopper I see what they did there – give a new brand and identity to many of the design/decor products they’ve already been carrying, but somehow I’m still under the spell.

Take for instance: Purchasing a tension rod upon which to hang a shower curtain.

Plain white tension rod for $5.70 OR an oil rubbed bronze rod with decorative finials for $27.00?

I think you know what I chose…along with matching curtain rings, shelves, hooks and soap dispenser.

I’ve got my eye on these other bronze beauties, too:
Oil Rubbed Bronze Accessories | Target Threshold


A brilliant marketing move.

Target was perfect for outfitting my college dorm and first apt. Plenty of budget-friendly options. Target is still perfect for outfitting my “Big Girl Place” even if the items cost 3X more. I think the problem is, I can’t say no to cute. Or coral. I can’t say no to this faux coral on clearance. I mean, who can?

Look at all this cuteness I’m coveting for the new place:


Throw Pillows

Target Threshold Throw Pillows

Pretty Curtains
Target Threshold Curtains

Lamp Shades
Target Threshold Lamp Shades
Target Threshold Lamp Bases

Quirky Things
Target Threshold | Quirky Decor