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Friday Favorites: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Edition!

The Nordstrom Anniversary Salethe only thing that could make a Friday more amazing. This is the perfect time to pull the trigger on all of those things you spend the rest of the year lusting after, and to get your wardrobe ready for fall. We’ve tried to pick our favorites to share with you, but it was hard so bear with us.

I always think BOOTS when this sale rolls around. My closet is going to be well stocked for Autumn.

And then there’s the clothes. I need all of them. Yes, ALL of the clothes.


Let’s just throw some purses and jackets in the cart for good measure 🙂


Okay, so let that all sink in. There are plenty more things I can’t wait to buy from accessories, jewelry, and makeup – but in an effort to not overwhelm you I’ll save that for another post!

What will you be buying from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?! Tell us in the comments below!



Style Crush: Gwyneth Paltrow

People magazine recently named Gwyneth Paltrow the best-dressed woman in the entire world. And it’s no wonder, our Gwyneth adores J. Crew as much as we do!

Gwyneth Paltrow goop + J. Crew

The JCR girls are always delighted when Gwyneth graces our inboxes with her regular goop newsletter (if you don’t get goop, you absolutely must. Sign up here). But this week, this week was a very special occasion. You see, J. Crew partnered with goop to give us some fantastic fall wardrobe ideas leaving us lusting for the entire Fall ’12 collection (even more so than we were already).

Gwyneth Paltrow goop + J. Crew

She’s got a way about her…

Gwyneth Paltrow goop + J. Crew
Gwyneth Paltrow goop + J. Crew


There’s more where this came from. Get your goop fill now.

J. Crew Fall Favorites
All images from goop.com

My Week in Crew

I love EVERYTHING J. Crew…this isn’t a surprise. But what items could I just not get enough of last week? Here’s my week in Crew! (PS- I am no wiz when it comes to Polyvore, but I really tried for you guys so hopefully you’ll appreciate the effort to spice up the blog a bit!)

J. Crew Accessories and Clothing for winter A: I’ve been carrying my Archie Grand notebook in my purse every since Martha gave it to me for Christmas! I’ve been jotting down everything from to do lists to blog ideas!

B: The weather has been all over the place the past week, but on the extra chilly days I’ve been throwing on my earmuffs to keep me toasty. They are so cute and the perfect way to keep your hair as you styled it when you left the house!

C: My black Jackie has been a savior this past week (and for the past few to be honest) I have to wear all black at my job. Sounds easy but is much harder to do when you are forced. I have been throwing this on over everything to follow the dress code.

D: The Painter Turtleneck and the Pintuck Tank were both purchased during my trip to Indianapolis and their sweet little details have been adding just enough visual interest to my daily ensembles.

E: Of course, I can never forget my sparkles and statement jewels.