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May Style Guide Scan

SUMMER. The best two syllable word on all of our minds right now. In the teasing wake of this month’s weather, all I can do is sit at my desk and daydream of sunnies, tanks, neons, espadrilles…and a darn good tan to go along with it all! And as I begin to drift far away from my responsibilities, picturing myself on some sandy beach, my mailman blesses me with J.Crew’s May Style Guide, and I am able to picture that sandy beach just a little clearer.

J. Crew Style Guide | The JCR Girls

J. Crew Style Guide | The JCR Girls J. Crew Style Guide | The JCR Girls

Aside from the May Style Guide’s ability to solidify my thoughts that I am more than ready for summer… I now feel as though I have no clothes, and must own everything on every page.


What we’re coveting for this season…


1. Anything “Punk Floral.” This print (donned on the cover of this month’s catalogue) was archived from an old botanical book, dug up by one of the Women’s designers. Citron and pink flowers, accented in black, are scattered across a field of emerald green, giving the pattern a sophisticated Pop Art feel.


Style Tip: Don’t be afraid to mix polka dots or stripes with bolder prints. After all, floral is summer’s neutral!


J. Crew Style Guide | The JCR Girls


2. Anything flowy and free. From beachy tunics to maxi dresses to the new Silk Flutter top, summer is the time for breezy pieces in beautiful colors. The best part about these pieces is their ability to take you from picnic to party with only few minor adjustments. (Colorful jewels, anyone?)


Style Tip: Add a baseball cap or boyfriend jeans for a sporty turn on flirty attire.


J. Crew Style Guide | The JCR Girls

J. Crew Style Guide | The JCR Girls


3. Anything Neon. Nothing compliments a summer’s tan more than hues that are just short of radioactive. Whether it’s Shocking Pink, Neon Violet, Citrus Lime, or prints that include all of the above, J.Crew girls welcome these colors in anything from 3” Chinos to Vintage Cotton V-Necks.


Style Tip: Celebrate summer by creating a look in head-to-toe neon. The safest way to do this is staying monochromatic, while adding accents in a similar color family. 


J. Crew Style Guide | The JCR Girls

J. Crew Style Guide | The JCR Girls

J. Crew Style Guide | The JCR Girls
Although these looks are our favorite, there are some other aspects of the Style Guide that deserve Honorable Mention. Mostly, the beach-ready attire that have me begging for a vacation sooner rather than later:


J. Crew Style Guide | The JCR Girls J. Crew Style Guide | The JCR Girls  

And this little girl, because, I mean, she could not be any cuter:


J. Crew Style Guide | The JCR Girls


And, lastly, you’re welcome.


J. Crew Style Guide | The JCR Girls


What was your favorite part of this month’s Style Guide? Any pieces you have to have? Could do without? Comment below, or tweet the @JCrewReview with hashtag #StyleGuideScan and let us know!





Crew Collaging

The JCR Girls have always been big fans of collaging.
Back in the day when the J. Crew catalogs circa 2004 would arrive in our mailboxes, we’d anxiously devour the content and then start clipping. Annie, grab your Fiskers!

We’d choose our favorite looks, pieces, accessories and backdrops and then affix them to paper or cardboard to ‘keep forever’ (full disclosure: I just found some in my old desk, so yes clinging to old Crew Collages is real a problem).

Fast-forward to 2012: Today we have digital channels to help us marry our love for J. Crew with our motives to curate, clip and collage. For example: stockpiling all of our favorite ‘clippings’ on Pinterest and pushing them around until they’re perfect on the Bazaart iPad app. Voila!

J. Crew Collage | The JCR Girls - featuring Bazaart
J. Crew Collage | The JCR Girls featuring Bazaart


Make a J. Crew collage (either with our pins or your own) and send it to us!
Either tweet us the image @JCrewReview or tag us on Pinterest or Instagram!




Investment Pieces // Must Haves

Do you ever open the most recent J. Crew catalog to find it’s filled with dozens of fabulous pieces you wish you could have right now? Or do you peruse JCrew.com, slowly adding “must-haves” to your shopping cart until it gets so expensive you freak out and leave the site before you do any damage?

Of course you do, it happens to the best of us. Rather than feeling discouraged and upset that you cannot have every J. Crew piece that you want right now, try to focus on “investment pieces,” those that will never go out of style and you can keep wearing year after year. That way, you can make small investments over time and feel good (rather than remorseful) about your purchases.

Below are the Investment Pieces on my list, tweet yours to @JCrewReview and we might just add them to this master list!

St. James Striped Tee
J. Crew Review St. James Striped Tee
Leather Handbag
J. Crew Leather Handbag Biennial Satchel in Flame
Perfect Shirt in Gingham
J. Crew Perfect Shirt Gingham + Mini Gingham
Chambray Shirt
J. Crew Chambray Shirt
Blythe Blouse in Silk
J. Crew Blythe Blouse in Silk
No. 2 Pencil Skirt
J. Crew No. 2 Pencil Skirt Black

Matchstick Jean Classic Rinse
J. Crew Denim Classic Rinse Matchstick Jean
Pixie Pant
J. Crew Black Pixie Pant
Cafe Capri
J. Crew Nay Blue Cafe CapriAnkle Stretch Toothpick Jean in White Denim
J. Crew Ankle Stretch Toothpick Jean in White Denim
Riding Boots
J. Crew Riding Boots
Staple or Statement Ballet Flats
J. Crew Ballet Flats

Staple or Statement Swimsuit
J. Crew Swim Collection
Thanks for reading!

All images are from www.jcrew.com