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Seeing Stripes

For any logical person, stripes are a year-round wardrobe staple. Although others are probably drawn to them for reasons other than the desire to be a sailor someday like me (ahoy), the addiction is still there. Here are some of my favorites for all seasons!

Blouson Dress, $148

Maritime Dress, $88

               I love the Maritime Dress, it is perfect for layering, wearing with tights, it is just full of attributes making it ideal for chilly weather. I also think the black and white stripe is super chic and a nice departure from the classic nautical look of the navy/white pairing.

The Blouson Dress just screams summer. Well not literally, because a screaming dress would be really annoying. But I can see this dress being worn to summer fireworks with the fam, rooftop drinks with friends, and even to the office under a cardi.

Ripplestitch Sweater, $88

I want to throw on a snood and ear muffs and wear this sweater ice skating. Or maybe I would decide to not abuse myself (seriously, I can barely walk) and just wear it fireside on a chilly night snuggling with my pups.

Dream Stripe Tee Sweater, $69.50

Sweater, stripe, summer? These words all go together and can be found in this top.  This falls into one of my favorite categories, day to night. Pair it with a pencil skirt at the office and throw on a cute pair of shorts or toothpicks if there is a chill in the air and your ready to meet up with your gurlfrands after you’ve put in your 40 hours.

And I can’t decide if I love or hate the Evie Striped Peep Toe Pumps…thoughts?

Are you just as obsessed with stripes? How do you wear them for all seasons?



Sporty Chic

So, now that the Packers from my lovely home state of Wisconsin are in the Super Bowl, I am suddenly a die-hard football fan. I am trekking 75 miles north this weekend to cheer them on and pretend like I know what is happening as I inhale unhealthy amounts of guacamole. My number one concern? How can I look sporty and still be fashionable? There MUST be a way!

So I may have been motivated by other things when I realized that fashionable football attire exists (like the fact I didn’t want to stand out as the only Packers “fan” in Chicago, trust me it’s terrifying), but the important part is that I now know and I can share my secrets with you. You should feel honored.

Here is a variation on what I wore out to the Packers/Bears game in order to look neutral (as far as my team loyoalty) for my own personal safety, and still look chic but casual enough to look like I was going out to enjoy the game:

The list consists of many things I cannot stop singing the praises of, begining with stripes!

I think striped shirts are great pieces to have in your wardrobe, you can dress them down but they still look pulled together. And during the week you can dress them up with some bling and work them at the office or look cute in class! I think this one is perfect to look sophisticated sporty:

Indigo-stripe boatneck sailor tee- 65.00

If you aren’t a stripes person, however, there is still hope!

Linen pullover- 69.50

I’m lovin’ this linen pullover.

Pixie Pants & Dark Denim:

I LOVE my Pixies- I literally wear them everywhere. To work, to the library, out for drinks, and not surprisingly (or rather very surprisingly) to watch the occasional sporting event:

(Reference our “Wear This Not That” post for some more tips on how Pixie pants can improve your life exponentially)

Dark denim is magical and makes everything look better. This is a widely known fact. That is all.

Ankle stretch toothpick jean in twilight wash

Now of course we still want to accessorize, no need to be a boring Betty just because you are hanging with the boys! Just tone it down, keep it simple. I know its hard, but J. Crew understands that there are occasions that call for less of a statement, what lovely people they are.

Woven mesh bracelet- 50.00

I was just gawking at this bracelet the other day with a dear friend in both silver and gold, I’m so happy I have an excuse to go purchase it now! And although she shuns me due to my state of origin, I will encourage her to go out and buy it as well to go watch the game in. You know who you are!

Timex® traveler watch- 98.00

A nice casual watch to create a cute stack- which is my newest obsession thanks to the College Prepster (Read her blog here: www.thecollegeprepster.tumblr.com)! I would probably get a band in a different color, and how wonderful it is that Crew has an wide range of colors for you to choose from!

Sporty shoes:

Really anything would work, but I have always thought that these tennis shoes are the perfect weekend footwear!

Tretorn® canvas T56 sneakers- 68.00

And again- so many colors to choose from!

I think a great pair of boots or Sperry’s would also work out wonderfully for a sporty ensemble!



Come Sail Away!

Come fly with me, let’s fly, let’s fly.

Sorry, Sinatra, this time we are going to SET SAIL!

Sailor-inspired clothing and accessories will never go out of style. Crew has kept us fully stocked in this department since 1983, and if were up to me, I’d implement a permanent sailor section.

Here are my favorite Sailor Staples currently at Crew:


Be a Silky Sailor!  The “Set Sail Tee” by Madewell.

Silk crepe de chine. Oh la la.

….And once you are set, time to Sail Away!

The “Sail Away Tee,” also by Madewell.

Go on, hop on YouTube and listen to Styx “Come Sail Away,” immediately followed by O.A.R. “Sail Away,” you know the one where BOB is lost? Still gotta find BOB!

“Cheerful stripes infused with a playful hint of downtown cool,” and…drumroll please…dolman sleeves!

One more thing…$20 holla sale!

Sailor Bracelets

Wool and the Gang Knit Bracelet “This Paris and New York-based crew of artisans takes knitting to a whole new stratosphere of chic.” (Sometimes the crew cuts little boys section has some knotty little knicknacks too.)

Angela Adams® and Sea Bags for J.Crew

Yes, the are super cool and super expensive. Recycled sails for stylish seafarers!

Speaking of Stylish Seafarers…

The St. James® Naval Collection







Speaking of Never Go Out of Style….Saint James® has been spinning these naval tees in Normandy since 1850! Something tells me they didn’t always cost $115 dollars…

No…we aren’t sick of striped shirts yet!

Add a splash of sparkle:

Complete these looks with red heels. Or top them off with Sperry Topsiders!

Nothing beats the original. A Passion for the Sea since 1935.

Revenge of the Teletubbies

A Fine Line Between Precious and Prisonbreak–Your Guide to Stripes

According to AskMen.com: You have two fundamental options to consider when choosing between the kinds of stripes to wear: horizontal or vertical. With few exceptions, horizontal stripes are the more stylish choice. Unless you want to look like a Sesame Street character, Waldo or a jailbird, horizontal stripes can be difficult. Vertical stripes, on the other hand, do not carry many negative connotations, unless you are a Red Sox fan — in which case you’d likely avoid pinstripes.

WHAT?! Who reads this? Apparently “10 million viewers a month.” I did not choose to be one of these readers, but in my quest to find a fashion writer staunchly opposed to horizontal stripes for the “instantly adds ten lbs factor” I stumbled across this article and found it amusing. I’ll let Daniel J. Indiviglio continue to advise men against wearing horizontal stripes while I advise women to embrace the perpetually-chic horizontal nautical stripe.

Look #1 featuring the Stripe Sequin Boatneck Tee

The stripes are skinny, perfectly proportioned, and sequined! With a boatneck and 3/4 sleeves I give this top an aye, aye Captain!

Look # 2 Ok, I admit, it is very similar!

These stripes, while not sequined, bedazzled or diamond-encrusted…are magic. They are “skinny stripes,”  or a Crew puts it, “Our most superbly slimming stripe of the season,” how very alliterative of them. The skirt and ribbon belt finish off the Parisian picnic look quite nicely.

…And the ugly. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate it. BUT…

It doesn’t look great even on the gorgeous model so it won’t look good on you. There, I said it. For starters, the stripes are wide (which, in turn, will make you look wider). And, it looks cheap…the brush-stroke stripes appear “painted on” (as they originally were by an artist, so props for creativity), but do not marry the silk fabric very harmoniously.

The pocket tee detail further “cheapifies” the top…so save your $88 and buy a silk top that actually looks luxurious. Or, if you are really feeling this one, exercise your creative spirit and make your own one-of-a-kind jailbreak top. Then wear it when you feel like breaking the law and perhaps you’ll end up in a cell next to Lohan and will have a good story to tell upon her admiration of your top.

One more weird one…which could be cute if worn properly but let’s be honest, most people won’t bother to put in the effort to wear it properly and instead should avoid it like the plague.

Still not convinced?…Do you recall what Teletubbies look like? Those strange alien-creatures with the shiny silver squares on their stomachs? They were creepy and weird back in their heyday, and anything reminiscent of them brings those feelings of creepy weirdness right back. So, don’t be the creepy weirdo caught wearing this shirt. Ok, ok it’s not THAT bad…but there are many superior alternatives from which to choose when in the market for a shiny sleeveless tank. Fast-forward to February and this bad boy is still sitting on the sale rack with a $14.99 price tag begging to move. Think about it.

Friends don’t let friends enable a teletubby comeback. (Or if you must at least put a Jackie on top and button the bottom. K thanks).