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Brighter Days Ahead

So my black, grey, and navy wardrobe is really starting to get me down. Despite the fact that the temps for most of this week were in the 20’s and 30’s…it’s technically Spring so I can start really thinking about what to stock my closet with to brighten it up! Here are the pieces I’m absolutely loving for the brighter days ahead…

Oh, and make sure to check out Gap like NOW! They are having 40% off site/store-wide through today. What better time to scoop up some of their cute pieces like this (could the back be any more perfect?!)


Ringing in Spring

Just in case you haven’t heard, it’s still wintertime in the Midwest. The calendar says April. In reality I’m still getting smacked in the face by December worthy temps as I leave work. This hasn’t stopped the JCR Girls from ringing in Spring (in our minds at least). With all the bright jewels that J. Crew has to offer, we just pop over there whenever we need a dose of color. Here are some of the spahkles we just can’t live without (PS my birthday is May 17, wink wink).




Color Mix Statement Necklace

Fan Fringe Necklace

Fan Fringe Necklace 

Water Lily Bracelet

Water Lily Bracelet

Color Collage Earrings

Color Collage Earrings

What are your favorite sparkles for Spring? Will you be going with the statement pieces or sticking with the classics?



Spring Fever Shopping List.

Is it spring yet?

J. Crew Marla Dress in Printed Silk
J. Crew Marla Dress in Printed Silk

Saint James® unisex Meridien II nautical tee

J. Crew Women's White Denim Toothpick Jeans
J. Crew White Denim

Jack Rogers Gold Classic Flats Jack Rogers Hamptons Classic Navajo Flat

J. Crew Review Ray-Ban Folding WayfarersRay-Ban Folding Wayfarer

J. Crew Panama Hat J. Crew Panama Hat

J. Crew Sea Bags Tote Sea Bags Totes

J. Crew Menara High Heel Sandals J. Crew Menara High Heel Sandals

Essie Polish in Pink Sangria Essie Nail Polish in Pink Sangria

J. Who? Stop Teesin’ Me.

Many of these looks beg the question: “J. Who?”
As in: J. Crew, do you REALLY sell these things? No teasin’?
Or “Teesin’ ” as we will refer to it here on out as many of the “J. Who? Whaa?” questions refer to totally wack t-shirts.

That’s HOT!

Literally, you will be so hot in this top. $795 for a leather tee? Wait, did you say leather tee? Is it just me or do short sleeves = warm weather and leather = cold weather and/or bikers that don’t want their skin torn off?

Shimmering  Silk and Lurex Jacquard

…T-shirt? Say Whaaa?

The Dulcie Mini is pretty fly though (Imagine with a fancy white sleeveless collared shirt? So CHIC!)

Shimmerveil Tee: Silk/Lurex® plus the Midas Touch

Yes, it is veiled in shimmer. Which is kinda cool, but at the same time feels a bit like a short-sleeved swimsuit. “The brilliant fabric, a mix of silk and metallic threading, comes to us from a venerable Italian mill..Our designer crafted this smoldering beauty in a universally flattering silhouette with a drape so fluid, it’s like wearing liquid gold

I made need some liquid courage to sport this liquid gold thing!

You can also get the Shimmerveil Dress, which is equally stunning and startling. GLitz. Glam. Dare I say Gaudiness?

Spahkle at Sea
J. Crew shimmer striped dress
A Mariner’s Stripe Sprinkled with Confetti? Bringing a whole new meaning to yacht party.

For the do-it-yourselfer: Shower in glitter KE$HA style!

Marled Sweatshirt Tee
J. Crew Marled Sweatshirt Tee

Save $55 and Do-It-Yourself:
Take old sweatshirt. Make long sleeves short sleeves by way of scissors. Keep edges raw. If you have some leftover material you can Make Matching Shorts!

Well there you have it! Some tee-rific ideas for DIY projects. Check the J. Crew website for the 95% of new arrivals I did not make fun of in this post. Mostly because the did not make me say: “J. Who?” and instead simply tempted me to drop em in my shopping cart…

What are your New Arrival Favs? Let us know via Twitter @JCrewReview!