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J. Crew Spring Sneak Part One: Vintage Chic

Living in the soon-to-be-freezing Midwest, I fully realize that spring is far, far away. Being of sound mind, however,  does not inhibit my use of imagination. All I had to do was click my J. Crew heels three times and I was transplanted into the future. Join me as we travel to Spring 2011. But first, I must warn you: looks may be deceiving. While we are fast-forwarding into the future it may seem as though we are traveling to decades past. Both the clothes and the styling of these new looks have a distinctly vintage aura about them.

Here are my favorite Vintage Chic Looks For Spring:

The Irish Angel

We have a young, Irish, Joan Harris dressed simple and chic. A crisp white dress and white scarf are topped with an oatmeal cable-knit, extra-long grandpa cardigan. While I am not wild about the shoes, I am wild about the pieces that make up this outfit and the simplistic styling that magically makes this very noteworthy look. Her neutral outfit is perfectly accentuated by her red hair and lipstick.  The sweater is perfectly proportioned just above the dress hem. The ethereal Irish countryside princess is a spring style star!

Lady in Lace

This adorable lady in lace looks as if she just stepped off a 1940s train platform. Coming out of a first-class cabin (note the lace jacket), but ready for a leisurely vacation. Again, the hues coordinate nicely: the shorts are a few shades darker than the top in the same color family. The cuffs of the shirt roll up to coordinate and, along with the skinny brown belt, pull the whole look together. The lady in lace is slightly “fussed” but remains regal with her tailored modern-Marie Antoinette blazer.

The Studious Skater

The pale pink color palette is a fresh, unexpected take. The fishnet sweater with it’s chunky texture and in-between sleeve length channel a much different decade. While it does work in this outfit, I cannot help but associate it with those hideous ponchos on the sale racks of A&F not many years ago. The styling: combining “Fisherman’s wharf” with “Spring break in Morocco” is an interesting take, especially with the addition of the cross-body bag (art student) and substantial boots (that for whatever reason remind me of roller skates, perhaps in combination with the flouncy skirt). At any rate, I’d never guess it’s Crew!

Green Tea

This jade silk bateau romper is another unexpected surprise! Quite a gem, this vintage piece features both a unique sleeve length and hem length. On this model, the proportions work perfectly. The styling, on the other hand, is a different story. The hairstyle looks like a sloppy mop, the army bag is not doing anything for me and the green socks are very unnecessary. The braided brown belt, however, is vital to the success of this rowdy romper. Without it, I’d imagine it would be far too boxy.


Overall, these looks blend unique styling, vintage elements, and worldly pieces in a color-coordinated fashion. This is a bold step for J. Crew– they are venturing into new (and old) territory including uncharted waters. These looks are so very unique they all beg the question, “Where’d you get that?” I am looking forward to spring and infusing vintage worldly pieces into my wardrobe while spinning the color wheel and getting creative with mix-n-match.

Stay tuned for J. Crew Spring Sneak: Part Two for more chic critiques!