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Throwback Thursday: The JCR Girls do Dallas

Last April we met up in Dallas – our very first trip to this delightful city! We had so much fun meeting bloggers, exploring Uptown and enjoying the perks of Hotel Zaza. We’re extremely excited to return in a few short weeks! So as a Throwback Thursday, we felt it appropriate to revisit Dallas Trip #1 and mentally prepare ourselves for Trip #2 later this month.

First of all, Hotel Zaza is absolutely amazeballs. I mean, how cute is their backyard pool? And decor? And every aspect of this trendy boutique hotel?


Parties are fun, too.


Especially when they’re hosted by Tieks and include champagne and candy.

*It’s not a peace sign, it’s a 2 – I had to text Krueges3 a Happy 2-Year Anniversary!

We had a delicious brunch at Villa-O. Not gonna lie, the service was terrible. We got ignored and for some reason cycled thru like three waiters, but the location was adorable and once we finally received them, we didn’t complain about the bottomless Sfuzzis.

The weather is what really made us happy. Seeing as winter extends thru May in the Midwest, we were happy to soak up the sun. Even though it wasn’t bikini weather, we still managed to enjoy the poolside sunshine. {Note: That’s the Fast Company issue featuring Jenna Lyons that included a shout-out to The JCR Girls! We about died when we saw it in print – picked up a copy at the airport en route to Dallas last year!}


Suggestions for what we should see and do in Dallas this year? Comment below, or tweet us @TheJCRGirls

Speaking of Dallas, have you tried Dallas by Benefit? We’re Obsessed!