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Current Obsession: #DesignerJustin

Project Runway is one of my all time favorite shows. Having my boss say “Where’s Santino?” in Tim Gunn’s voice when I started my job last year is one of my favorite life moments. My sister and I typically settle on the same favorite designer which results in many text convos consisting of “WHAT” “WHY” “NO. JUST NO.” when we don’t agree with what the judges are saying to them.

This season we fell in love with Justin LeBlanc, and how could you not? Not only is he an amazing designer, but he exudes passion for what he does, takes risks, and totally embodies not letting anything get in the way of your dreams. Of course I love the show for the fashion, but I think it offers valuable lessons in having confidence in the choices you make, standing behind your work, and the value of hard work and persistence.

Designer Justin

This season Tim Gunn got a “save” if he didn’t agree with who the judges eliminated. He used it on Justin and obviously made the right choice because now he is in the finals headed to New York Fashion Week! See some of our favorite #DesignerJustin looks below and be sure to tune in tonight for the final runway – all of the designers who are left have amazing work, I can’t wait to see what they’ve come up with!


Image c/o the NCSU Alumni Blog


Image c/o the NCSU Alumni Blog


Image c/o Zap2It Blog

Have you been watching Project Runway? Who was your favorite designer this season?




27 Dresses…Give or Take

The Weddings & Parties section of the J. Crew site is fun to explore. So many beautiful dresses to choose from in a multitude of colors, fabrics and cuts. Some stunning…some strange…let’s take a look!

Oh Christmas Tree

This festive frock is the brainchild of Crew designers who reimagined a vintage 1950s cocktail gown, giving it a clean, expertly tailored feel, a seamed bustier top, a peplum-inspired overlay and a fitted, double-hemmed skirt. It’s fun…but the monterey pine color + apron overlay reminds me of a Christmas Tree! (This would be darling for a December wedding…but be mindful that the playful shape does not work on all body types.)

Little Bow Peep

If you saw the Project Runway “You Can Totally Wear That Again” episode this dress may look familiar. If not, here’s a recap on how Little Bo Peep wasn’t feeling the love¬† http://ow.ly/2K77A.

I must agree, this dress would be so much better without the ridiculous bow.

The Tarzan

I’ve seen some great asymmetrical dresses before, and I am a big fan of showing off “the cold shoulder,” but this looks like a sloppy bag. And, if it were green like “Oh Christmas Tree” it would be totally Tarzan, which I suppose could work for 1 in 108,999,440 weddings, but then again those who adhere to that theme probably aren’t shopping at J. Crew.

The Flapper

I love vintage, and I love inspiration drawn from the 1930s, but I would not call this an acceptable bridesmaid dress.

A. The style is very unique and probably only 1 in 28 people can pull it off. (Yes, I am known to use fake statistics).

B. It is short and a bit of a scandalmaker…and no one wants to invite a scandalmaker to their wedding.

C. Obviously. See A & B.

Also…I still want to buy this flapper frock in black and wear it with a gorgeous stand of long white pearls because I am clearly a “1” in the “1 in 28” and prone to scandal. Just kidding. But seriously…

Now that I have poked sufficient fun at “the strange ones” let’s take a looksie at the stunning ones.

Luck be a Lady

This pretty little thing features a deep V in front and back attached to a traditional pencil skirt. It comes in some gorgeous hues including spiced wine, matisse blue and chocolate.

The Blakely

The Blakely…Blake Lively approved…just kidding I’m not Blake Lively, sorry to disappoint. This dress is sophisticated and regal. The ruffled collar commands attention in a slightly-Victorian queen kind of way. I love it as an LBD (for modest occasions as hem is technically medium, MBD), or a bridesmaid dress. It is a perfect canvas for some small accessories!

Grecian Goddess Gets a Hem

Strapless, romantic, floaty, drapes beautifully. Nuff said.

Like a Grecian Goddess Gown, but shorter!

Simple Seafoam

And for my Cape Cod wedding…just add shells and sand.

The Clover Cutie

Is only $60! And what a cutie it is! A perennial favorite, Cotton cady Erica dress.

Did I mention it is only $60? ShamROCK on!

…other Easter-egg resembling colours are also on sale for $60…for all you April brides!