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It’s Tartan Time

Throughout the years J.Crew has debuted hundreds of plaid pieces – in a variety of colors, textures and patterns. This catalog cover from August 2007 was part of JCrew’s preppier set, but it’s great to see the retailer is still featuring quite a bit of ‘borrowed from the boys with a feminine fit’ styles.

J.Crew Catalog-Fall-2007

I know WAY too much about tartan (plaid) from having worked at a school uniform store during my summers before college. Many private school uniforms require plaid jumpers or skirts (multi-pleat or box pleat). Having worn the same red, white & navy blue plaid pattern from kindergarten through 8th grade, you’d think I’d think I’d want to steer clear of criss-cross stripe patterns for life.

Maybe it’s because I live in Minnesota now and just about every MN man’s closet is dominated by flannel (some of which are actually, quite stylish). Or maybe it’s the holidays that bring on the ‘Mad about Plaid’ vibes, but whatever the case, we can rejoice because retailers have a great selection of tartan shirts, scarves, and throws again this year!

Traditional tartan patterns each have a name and a purpose (in Scotland they were to represent your clan and/or your occupation). Learn all about the History of Tartan on good ol’ Wikipedia.

I plan on wearing this J.Crew plaid ‘kilt’ (from Holiday ’12) again this year:


…but maybe with tights now that it’s ten degrees in MN.