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Decorating: Small Spaces

Thankfully, I’ve never had the opportunity to decorate a huge space, so furnishing a small space isn’t too much of a mood ruiner for me. The fact that my small space includes an exposed brick wall didn’t hurt the situation either. My one challenge: I’m a knickknackaholic and I will never give that up, so I have to force myself to get creative fitting everything in without looking crammed. So I’m an expert decorator. Call me if you want my help, you can find me in the phone book under “People who think they are expert decorators”. Here are the things I do to keep things organized and (hopefully) stylish AND budget friendly.

Shelves. Bookshelves. Wall Shelves. Cubby Shelves.

Knick knacks. Books. Clothes. Pictures. A shelf doesn’t discriminate. Plus they are the perfect place to begin your collection for the Beauty and the Beast style library you dream of one day having (I’m lookin’ at you Britt!). I just picked up a 3-shelf bookcase from Target’s Room Essentials (RE) brand.

Room Essentials 3 Shelf Bookcase via The JCR Girls

I also picked up a cubby style shelf because my room doesn’t really allow for a huge dresser. This was the perfect compromise because there are little drawers you can buy that fit right in the square spaces, so you can still store just as much but with taking up MUCH less space.

ClosetMaid Cubeicals® 6 Cube Organizer White via The JCR Girls

Baskets. To hide stuff.

I really don’t hide things in baskets. Well, maybe my student loan bills because those are depressing. But seriously. Baskets are great for socks, pajamas, t-shirts. Really anything you don’t need fully visible or on display to chose from. Plus they are easy to slide under your bed or keep multiple on a shelf in your closet. I especially like baskets with liners because the look more put together (and are easy to clean!).

Threshold™ Rattan Large Tapered Bin with Liner via The JCR Girls

Real life Pinterest.

I once gave someone a legitimate hard time when they told me why they weren’t hanging their pictures up in their new place yet. They wanted to do a gallery wall but claimed it was overwhelming/intimidating. I pretty much told them I could do a gallery wall in my sleep. Well I lied. I can’t. It is overwhelming. So, quick apology to that person for being a brat. But, I think a good (and easier) alternative is what I have deemed a real life Pinterest. I throw all the things I love and that inspire me up on some fabric cork boards (super easy DIY) and call it a day.

Real Life Pinterest via The JCR Girls


Stay tuned for more decorating tips coming your way! Until then, what ways have you found best to stay organized but still display all of your favorite things?



What I’m Into Right Now: Design & Decor

Having just moved from a 700 sq. ft apt into a 1,000 sq. ft apt,  I’m quite delighted by the amount of closet space I now have (not that there’s that much extra closet space, but you know, when J. Crew calls…)

This also explains the reason why I haven’t been blogging for a really long time. You see, I’ve been apt hunting and packing and moving and cleaning and finally…the fun part: Designing and Decorating!

Thought I’d share some of my design inspiration and new decor ideas!
I bring you, What I’m Into Right Now:

Crane & Canopy Bedding

I especially LOVE that it’s a startup and a husband + wife duo!

Crane & Canopy Bedding

Crane & Canopy Bedding Crane & Canopy Bedding

Marble Top Tables

Room and Board | Marble Tables
Room and Board | Marble Tables
Room and Board | Marble Tables
Sometimes I wish I didn’t have such expensive taste…

But to combat this issue, I’ve been doing things like:

Getting up at the crack of dawn on Saturday mornings in an attempt to score some fancy furniture at 70% off;
Scouring Craigslist for designer finds in great condition,
Keeping my eye on estate sales in key zip codes,

And Spray Painting Things Gold.

In order to make things look EXTRA LUXE, I’ve gotten really into spray painting things gold. I think the bf is getting really sick of me saying, “But what if I painted it gold?! Then it would look totally fab…”
Although I think it’s growing on him because just tonight I caught him reading Glitter & Goat Cheese

This IKEA Hack is at the top of my list:
IKEA Hack | Gold Bookshelf
IKEA Hack Gold Bookshelf

And to Accessorize…

Apothocary Jars!

I mean, they’re just so versatile. You can keep your soap collection OR your fruit collection in them.
But seriously…look at these beautes:

Apothecary Jars
Apothocary Jars
{Hint: they are like dirt cheap at Home Goods}


Throw Pillows

Throw Pillows

and just to throw myself a curveball…I actually bought a couch that comes with throw pillows.
Probably a wise decision considering I could easily spend $250+ on throw pillows alone…
Martha's New Couch! Editor’s Note: I’ll be recovering the front two pillows that look like they have French graffiti handwriting all over them. I’ll opt for a POP of color instead. Suggestions? Tweet me!

{Nautical} Vinyl Wall Decals

I know what you’re thinking…they’re tacky and I hate them! I was totally with you until I saw these…

Nautical Anchor Wall Decals
and I knew I absolutely had to have them.

…Are you sensing a nautical theme yet? Come Sail Away

And for finishing touches…

Quirky Knobs & Hooks!
Anthro Knobs | The JCR Girls via Anthro

Now back to oogling Houzz, Pinterest HouseBeautiful for more inspiration…

I’m getting the itch to try a few new DIY projects, including some of these. I’ll throw them up on the blog when they’re done!

In the meantime…what are your favorite sources for design + decor ideas? Have any ideas for making your living space more like a J. Crew store? Tell us!



People on Pinterest Love J. Crew!

It’s true…people on Pinterest love J. Crew.
Or perhaps it relates to the fact that I love Pinterest and J. Crew and the tendency of those I am following to also love J. Crew is extremely high…

But I am gonna go with my gut reaction: People Who Pin Love Their Loafers, Jackies and Matchsticks.

A simple keyword search for “J. Crew” on Pinterest yields thousands of results. And the best part? You get a free trip. An exclusive, all-expense-paid trip down memory lane! A Pinterest search like this can blast you right back to the past, no time travel machine needed.

As a true Crew lover, you will instantly recognize catalog covers from years past. You will relish in the memories of a predominately preppy J. Crew line, you will laugh at the loads of argyle and the waif-thin models frolicking in fields. The skirts that are far too long and the wedding dress disasters. The first cast of Crewcut models and the men standing on sailboats looking not-so-confidently into the distance.

Yep…keep scrolling through…

Sure, there is tons of new stuff featured on Pinterest too (sometimes you even get a sneak peek at future lines)…but that will just make you want to spend money. This free, {you heard me right, folks} all-expense-paid trip back in J. Crew time won’t cost you a dime. Plus, you will lust after articles of clothing you can no longer purchase, which will really save you money. Pin them instead and you won’t get upset over it!

…wait, stop scrolling…I dare you to stop…

I bet you don’t have your fill of colorful Crew pics yet! Time to head over to JCrewing for more!

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