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J. Crew Holiday Attire

Some people enjoy the cheerful decorations at their favorite local coffee shop; others relish a good glass of ‘nog and having plenty of opportunities to Instagram. But my favorite part of the holiday season? Dressing up for the festive events.

J.Crew is always a safe bet when you’re in need of a great dress, skirt, or just looking for something-anything– in plaid. We know this. So without further ado, here are my choices for…

Pollyanna Exchange with Friends Your gift is wrapped with a perfectly-tied bow (thanks, Pinterest); why shouldn’t your outfit be the same?

J. Crew Holiday Outfits - The JCR Girls 1 / 2 / 3

Holiday Lights/Homes/Gardens Tour It’s cold outside, but save the Northface for cutting down the tree. Once you try on the Double Cloth Funnel Coat, you won’t even remember that tired old zip-up. You have a waist again!

J. Crew Winter Outdoor Outfits - The JCR Girls

 1 / 2 / 3

Formal Occasion  I know you’ve got at least one this season: a work function, cocktail party, or charity gala. For these events, the Kristin dress in bright poppy combined with a gold strappy sandal is an absolute classic.

The JCR Girls - J. Crew Holiday Outfit Ideas - Cocktail Party

1 / 2 / 3

Day-of-Dinner  Whatever your special day may consist of, there’s one thing for certain: you have the right to dress up as much as you’d like. Personally, I start in warm PJs and transition to a dressier outfit for dinner with the family later on. Having a neutral palette guarantees that your new holiday baubles will be the perfect accessories.

The JCR Girls - J. Crew Christmas / Holiday Dinner Outfit Ideas

1 / 2 / 3

So what do you think? What are your December plans? And most importantly, what will you wear?!

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What We’re Into Right Now

Here are a few things we’re FALLing in love with (see what I did there?)

What are some things you just won’t be able to resist this fall?

Wear This Not That: Changing Seasons Edition

Ladies, I’m just as much of a die-hard Norts (Nike Running Shorts for you unenlightened few) and sweatpants fan as the next college girl but sometimes it’s just not going to cut it.  You know those days where you choose to throw your hair up into a messy bun, don your brightest pair of running shorts, sneakers, and old t-shirt because you just can’t be bothered to put on anything else (either that, or you try to feign athleticism like I do). Then life decides to put you in sartorial purgatory by running into every mildly cute boy you’ve ever had an inkling of a crush on because, alas, you chose to look like a scrub. These awkward encounters tend to make you curse your lazy outfit choices. #ForeverAlone.

But the J.Crew muses have mercy on our lazy souls and indeed the brand offers easy solutions to looking like the bright, blossoming beauties we really are—even on our most lethargic days.  Before you think jeggings are an acceptable substitute (they’re not) on colder days for your athletic shorts or sweatpants, behold two J.Crew solutions: The Minnie Pant (I’ve seen a similar factory version called the “Winnie Pant”) and the Café Capri.  Slim fitting and stretchy, the Minnie mimics the feel of leggings yet shows the world that you actually care about your appearance.  The Café Capri offers a bit more polish and, in addition to coming in its classic cotton city-fit version, also comes in herringbone, tweed, organza, and wool that are perfect for fall.

MinniePant TweedCapri

However if you, like me, live in one of the warmer parts of the country (holla ATL), you’ll probably want to sport a pair of shorts on the hotter days.  Enter the chino short, boasting enough colors to rival the selection at a Sherwin-Williams.  If that variety isn’t enough for you, J. Crew shorts comes in varying lengths and patterns as well (paisley, stripes, animal print, and even tiki print).  Now really, was it that hard to trade your running shorts for a pair of chinos? No. It wasn’t.


As for the rest of your outfit, you really have all the choices in the world.   While the Café Capris look great with a patent skinny belt, tucked-in blouse and Jackie cardi, I understand that you were looking for an easy solution.  So throw on a casual button down or oversized sweater and call it day. If you’re donning your chino shorts, pair them with a loose tank and a chambray shirt for a laid back look.  And if it’s not too taxing on your sluggish self, throw on a few pieces of jewelry too. The five seconds it takes to do this is so worth the added style it gives to your outfit. See? That wasn’t so difficult.  Now your professor won’t scowl at you for both looking like a bum and being late. Well, maybe just being late. But at least you look cute, right?

Below you’ll find my take on a more laid-back J.Crew look.

Chambray Shirt: J.Crew Factory, Top: ZARA, Café Capris: J.Crew, Shoes: Tory Burch, Jewelry: J.Crew and Laila Rowe, Watch: Michael Kors.


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