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I Think You’d Like to Take a Hike

Take a hike! Seriously. Because before you know it we (those of us that bravely reside in the Midwest, at least,) will be covered in snow. For this very reason I knew I had to get out and hike before the blizzards blew in and ruined my chances.

So last weekend Matt and I did just that. Although we missed the peak of fall autumnal elegance, it was a beautiful day and we happened to stumble upon some nice fall foliage and naturey goodness:

The-JCR-Girls-Hike-1 Pike Island | St. Paul, MN





Minnehaha Falls | Minneapolis, MN (Or as my GPS likes to call it MinneHaHA!)

So now that you can’t wait to get out and hike, what’s a girl to wear?

Because fancy boots (although I’m in LOVE with these) might very well get muddy, a pair like this is practical:

Affordable Riding Boots *I wore a pair just like this all over Ireland during my semester abroad. Trashed them in the end, but the faux-leather lasted thru many a hike!

Because when it’s on the brink of winter in MN, you really don’t know what you’re gonna get! Any combination of these will do:

Go for something cozy and cashmere like this infinity scarf, or a chunky cable knit.

The name windbreaker cracks me up for no apparent reason, but I’ve got this bad boy and approve of it. And this one is nice, too.

Because it’s fun! We (boyfriend R3dline Photo and I) shot the photos above with a Canon EOS Rebel.



Outerwear Obsession: Capes

I remember when I was little my grandma made me a cape. I got to pick out the fabric and the antique button for the top snap. It was (and still is) very special to me. I remember how excited I would get when an occasion would arise that was appropriate for my cape. Despite the fact that the it still has a home in my parents’ coat closet in Milwaukee, I have obviously outgrown it. A few winters ago I fell in love with the look again and was on a mission to find the perfect cape for my 20-something self. It seems it wasn’t just a trend because capes are still everywhere, and I’m totally fine with it.

Capes via The JCR Girls



Oh, and this one is my absolute favorite! Toggle buttons, plaid lining, and a hood. Its pretty much perfect!

ASOS Bonded Check Cape via The JCR Girls

How do you feel about capes (and if you love them as much as we do, which one is your favorite?!)



Outerwear Obsession

Staple or Statement

Sometimes Crew makes it really hard on us when it comes to decision making. Like all good fashionistas, we want to stock our closets with the staples. Those items that will get us through countless seasons yet remain timeless. But I think I speak for everyone when I say that sometimes you just want something that has that “wow factor”. A piece that will stand out and, I don’t know, make you feel like Carrie Bradshaw going to meet your girlfriends for drinks. But let’s be serious, life isn’t Sex and the City and (most of us) can’t have it all.

What would you pick? The staple or the statement?

Double Cloth Metro Coat in Oasis Green $298


Majesty Peacoat in Black $258

Vintage Matchstick Cord in Vintage Violet $79.50


The same pants in dark charcoal, cloudy grey or bristol blue?

Suzette Blouse in Nightfall Floral $138


Talia Top in Silk $110

In my opinion, real decisions can really only be made when standing in front of the racks, wallet in hand, post-slap in the face from reality. And today my November Crew catalog arrives. I need a #fantasylifebudget like….NOW.