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Trend to Try: Jumpsuits

I think everyone has a few silly things that they get hung up on and can’t let go of. I’m a little embarrassed to share that for a long time, I was obsessed with wanting to be able to wear jumpsuits. Weird I know. I love how the look is effortless and a bit quirky, but due to the jumpsuit’s one-piece nature, my one size on the top and one size on the bottom body did not get along with it. Well, thanks to some new versions of the trend being introduced (and many months of hot yoga and barre classes ;)) like wide-legged and more relaxed fits…IT HAPPENED, I could wear a jumpsuit!

Naturally, my obsession has now moved from wanting to wear them to purchasing them to wear. The great thing is that because they are so popular right now you can find them nearly everywhere at every price point.

Old Navy:

Old Navy Jumpsuits



Madewell Jumpsuits



Shopbop Jumpsuits


We will be sharing more of our favorite “trends to try” so stay tuned and share what trends have made it into your closet this summer in the comments below.



I Can’t Believe That’s From…: Old Navy

One of my favorite things to do with my outfits is surprise people. Not necessarily with what I’m wearing (my style is pretty tame), but with where what I am wearing was purchased. It gives you a little sense of validation as far as your shopping skills go to hear someone say “I can’t believe you found that THERE!”.

I decided to do a post on this because the above reaction has been occurring more and more frequently when I’m wearing pieces from (drum roll please)…OLD NAVY. My roommate has actually said to me “please do not tell me that you bought that at Old Navy” because she really can’t believe that I’m finding all of these super cute pieces there. If you are looking to stay on trend on a budget and haven’t taken a look at what they have in awhile, make a trip there ASAP. Check out some of my faves below (apologies in advance for the number of items, but really I love pretty much everything):

After all of that, I didn’t even include workout or swim items. Which are also amazing and you should check out.

Let us know if you find any fun new pieces for your wardrobe at Old Navy in the comments below!



Seeing Spots

If you’re seeing spots while looking at trends for this autumn, don’t go to the doctor- it’s a good thing! Polka dots are taking over and we love it. If you are having trouble finding some dotted goodies to fill your closet with…you’re not looking hard enough, or at all! Whether you want to deck yourself out, protect your tech, or add a pop of fun to an ensemble, there are plenty of options for you to choose from.


Seeing Spots Tops


Casual tops for a relaxing Sunday, cozy sweaters for crisp Fall nights and silky blouses for the office- J. Crew is dominating in the realm of spotted shirts. Love/need them all.


Seeing Spots Bottoms


I think polka dot pants are so cute. I’m just not sure I could wear them- they are definitely the biggest statement when it comes to this classic trend. What are your thoughts? Styling suggestions? I would, however, feel completely comfortable wearing a cute dotted skirt to a family outing or the office while it’s still pre-tights season.


Seeing Spots Dresses


The best thing about the polka dot invasion is that everyone is taking part! The first and third dresses are both from Old Navy, believe it or not! If you’re looking for a piece that will last you for seasons and seasons (see the Kate Spade dress in the middle), it might not be the right place to go, but if you’re just looking to get in on the trend then the price is right!


Seeing Spots Accessories


If you’re not ready to fully commit yourself to the dot, why not just add a pop for some fun? Purses and scarves can add some visual interest to any ensemble, while a cute pair of socks or a fun pouch in your handbag are more of an undercover statement!


Seeing Spots Tech


Where Crew owns the world of shirts, Kate takes the cake in tech protection. The JCR girls believe that covering your computer doesn’t have to be boring! These options are great because they will go with any outfit thanks to their black, white, and gold color schemes!


Seeing Spots Shoes


Family trip, running errands or dinner with the girls– any of the events packing your planner can be graced with pretty, polished touches leaving people thinking “how does she always look so good?”

What are your favorite polka dot pieces for (sadly) the end of summer and start of fall? Let us know on Twitter (@JCrewReview), or tag us on Instagram using the hashtag #CurrentlyCrewing to show us how you are wearing them!