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Spa Day with VMV Hypoallergenics

I’ve always been completely content doing at-home masks, exfoliating, manis/pedis…all of that fun stuff…but, when I had the opportunity to go to VMV Hypoallergenics in Soho I couldn’t say no. A good friend of mine introduced me to the brand last year and I’ve gone to several events that they host at their shop on Mott Street. Last fall, I won a 90-minute treatment so I finally carved some time out of my weekend to go and see what it was all about.

VMV Hypoallergenics

First of all, I really love the brand. I have pretty sensitive skin that I’m always so nervous about agitating. With VMV I don’t have to worry about that because all of their products are free of all the things that could irritate your skin (regardless of the type)…parabens, preservatives, fragrances, and dyes. I was happy I didn’t have to stress about what was going on my skin which helped me to relax even more!


My aesthetician  talked to me about my skin and problem areas before diving in. She gave me some suggestions based on the issues I was experiencing and then explained how she would address them in the session that day. Honestly, I thought I was doing a pretty good job taking care of my skin but after my appointment I walked away with a lot of ways I could be doing better. It can be overwhelming to know the best way to take care of your skin or the best products to use so it felt good to walk out with a more focused plan. I need to exfoliate more and make sure to wear sunscreen everyday – even if I’ll only be outside to walk to and from work (news to me!).

From there, the most relaxing 90 minutes of my life (okay, maybe a little extreme but at least of my year) began. The spa treatment I won was the 90-min “Let Down Your Stresses” so it included a facial but also a full body massage (amazing!). Everything felt so soothing, and I was warned by some friends ahead of time that facials can really swell your face or even flare up acne. None of that was an issue for me even immediately after my treatment. I felt like I was glowing and fresh walking out of the treatment room and it just got better over time!

VMV Makeup

If you live in NYC I would definitely recommend making a trip to their storefront in Soho and if you’re not local – check out their website! Not only is their skincare great, they also have a makeup line that is hypoallergenic as well. Personally, I’m a big fan of their boo boo balm (so good for lips and patchy areas on my face), sunscreens, and this eyebrow powder.



I Heart/Hate New York: Coming Soon to the JCR Girls

I never thought my most complicated love/hate relationship would be with a city. I know the word hate sounds a little strong, but honestly, it’s how I feel sometimes. The magic of moving to a big city sadly wears off as real life takes over and you’re trying to figure out how you fit in, what you should be doing, if it’s worth it, and everything else that is just about sinking your thought canoe. I’m not trying to be depressing, but I want to share my first six months in NYC and include all of the truly amazing things but also the “this is my real life” things (which can all be happening simultaneously causing an emotional tornado within your brain).

New York

Standard day (seriously) in NYC: It’s Monday, your day actually went by pretty quickly and somehow you get to the subway station just as the train you needed was getting there (amazing). You get a seat for the whole ride home and there aren’t 500 people packed on so you aren’t sweating like a donkey in the middle of a polar vortex. OMG THIS DAY IS THE BEST. You are in great spirits and totally making it to the gym tonight, just gotta go home and change! You’re the first one home, no roommates to welcome you, sad. Fret not, there’s a mouse just hanging out by your dishwasher to keep you company (awful). Run out of your apartment and call your dad in hysterics (Dad: “I literally cannot understand one word you are saying”) while standing outside of your building to totally embarrass yourself. Actually, you’re in New York, nobody will even notice. Except the two creepy guys who walk by and feel the need to verbalize how they don’t want you, a person they have no connection with, to be sad. This would NEVER happen in Milwaukee, I need to move home. After your neighbor helps you get rid of the mouse and the cockroach you discovered shortly after…(oh did I forget to mention the cockroach in the tub? Yeah there was a cockroach in the tub) you buy enough wine to erase this night from your memory and then watch The Bachelor with your roommates (amazing).


This periodic installment (I don’t want to overwhelm people with all of my feelings in one post) will feature the good, the bad, and the ugly that I have experienced living in New York. It will probably be therapeutic for me and hopefully entertaining for you. I’ll try to share some fun stuff to, like places I like going, things I like doing, food I like eating…yeah okay, you get it.



New York Necessities

After a long break from blogging and a big move out to Brooklyn, I’m finally back. I’ve been out here for almost three weeks, but only a little over a week on my own. I know it’s going to take awhile to catch on to the way things are done in NY, but I’ve already found a few things you can’t live without here. Whether your visiting or relocating here, I think anyone would benefit from making sure they have these few basic things.

Walking shoes.

I walked everywhere living in Chicago for four years. Then I moved to Milwaukee and only drove. As I’m getting used to my feet being my main form of transportation and being judged by my past Chicago self, I’m accepting that a good pair of walking shoes is required. (Maybe someday I’ll be able to prance around in heels. Today is not that day, tomorrow isn’t either).

These have been the ones saving me the past couple of weeks:

Superga Cotu Classic Sneakers via The JCR Girls

Superga Cotu Classic Sneakers

Sperry Top Siders via The JCR Girls


Navigation Apps

In the time that my mom was here helping me move in I lost complete faith in GoogleMaps. Thank goodness we were driving the several times it pointed us in the wrong direction. Per the tips of a few real New Yorkers, I’ve downloaded some more helpful apps to help me find my way.



City Transit

City Transit

Reusable Bag and Hand Sanitizer

For the days you’re on the go and picking lots of things up, it’s much easier to throw things in a cute, reusable bag rather than toting plastic bags around. Oh and hand sanitizer because I love New York, but it’s not clean.

Baggu Canvas Bag via The JCR Girls


Baggu Canvas Tote

So that’s all I’ve got for only being here two weeks. Any real New Yorkers are welcome to comment and share the necessities you can’t live without in the city day-to-day.

Oh, and you need hipster glasses. Well, not really, but yeah actually you really do.

Friday Favorites: Piperlime

I always enjoy popping over to the Piperlime site (every time I visit the site I tend to have about 50 tabs open of things I need to have). I love that they offer something for everyone, style and budget wise (Um, Girl on a Budget is the best thing ever). Also, isn’t it kind of fun to scroll through and see the celebrity favorites and put together your dream life closet? It’s the best!

On a side note, another reason I’m excited to be living in NYC is that now I can actually GO to Piperlime and visit their brick and mortar store in Soho! Here are some of my favorites that just might be making their way into my shopping cart this weekend:

These are the perfect shoes for fall. A nod to the cooler weather with the suede but with cut-out sides and a peep toe they aren’t forcing you to transition to winter quite yet.

Chinese Laundry Jolt Sandal via The JCR Girls

Chinese Laundry Jolt

I don’t know if I’m alone on this one, but I have really been wanting a pair of these comfy/dress hybrid pants. I don’t know what it is but I love them. Also, for some reason a huge rationalization for me when I’m shopping is “those would be great to fly in!”. (I don’t travel enough for that to be a valid reason for purchase).

Hive & Honey Military Twill Slouchy Pant via The JCR Girls

Hive & Honey Military Twill Slouchy Pant

This dress. With boots and tights. And it has the little pop of color I love. Dress, I already have a hanger reserved for you in my closet.

Collective Concepts Mara Dress via The JCR Girls

Collective Concepts Mara Dress

I’ve wanted a leather jacket for forever, but especially since my friend Laura got one. I’m jealous of how cool she looks in it. But seriously, it totally transforms any outfit and makes it seem just….cooler. I don’t know what else to say.

Tatami Leather Jacket via The JCR Girls

Tatami Leather Jacket

This one is really perfect, but it’s also $970 so I’m like…I’ll put that on my list of things my rich husband can buy me and I’ll buy this one instead:

Blank Denim Leather Jacket via The JCR Girls

Blank Denim Leather Jacket

What are you favorite pieces from Piperlime? Share with us on Twitter @TheJCRGirls!