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Time to Get Bundled Up

Over the past couple of months, New York has offered up the most confusing weather I think I’ve ever experienced. I’ve gone from nights of layering up for bed praying my radiator turns on to cranking my AC the next day. This also entails switching up my wardrobe daily – kind of annoying. BUT…we’ve had about three days of chilly weather (the longest stretch so far!) so I think it might officially be time to bundle up! If you’re a longtime reader of the blog you know I’m extremely fond of the cold temps. Blame it on my Midwestern roots, but I can’t resist a good winter coat and think outfits are better when multiple layers are involved.

I can’t wait to share all of my favorite cold weather pieces over the next couple of weeks but let’s start with the pieces everyone will see the most – coats, hats, scarves, gloves..basically all of the best things about winter. Also, because I’m already in the holiday spirit of giving, all of the items below are ON SALE. Like..major sale (40% off at J. Crew for example. Yeah, I wasn’t lying!).

And okay – I know the holidays are all about spending time with friends and family, but why not also score a good deal on gifts for those friends and family members?! Check out the sale roundup below featuring all of the great deals you can get during the days leading up to the infamous Black Friday:

J. Crew: 40% off your purchase when you use code HOLIDAY.

Shopbop: Buy more, save more! Use code GOBIG16 to get up to 25% off.

Loft: Use code THANKS to receive 40% off site-wide.

Baublebar: 30% off on holiday collection and gift sets with code HOLIDAY30.

Tory Burch: The event of the season…use code THANKS to save 25% when you spend $250 or more.

Gap: 40% off EVERYTHING with code GIFTTIME.

Madewell: Use code THATSALE and you’ll get 25% off your entire purchase!

Nordstrom: Don’t wait until Black Friday to save…check out early savings offers (no code needed!)

Happy shopping!

Current Obsession: Catbird

I’m going to be honest here, this is actually a “by association” obsession. My roommate Britt loves Catbird (located in Williamsburg in BK) and I love everything she gets there SO… I won’t allow myself to visit the store. But I will make a trip up there soon on a day my self control is at a good level (I’m doing some conditioning for this by browsing the website regularly).

If you’ve caught midi-ring fever (it’s a thing) then this is the place to stock up. The rings really are so simple, but, if you are like me and do things like wear a midi-ring around your house to get comfortable with it, then simple is perfect. It’s also nice because then you can wear a lot of them and not give off a Liberace vibe (creepy, gaudy, etc. for those of you who don’t want to Google):

Catbird Anatomy of a Stack

Image c/o Catbird Jewelry website

You can also look really trendy whilst helping a child blow his nose:


Image c/o Catbird Jewelry website

Sorry I just had to.

Okay so…not only do they have amazing jewelry:

Catbird Collage

They also have beauty and home products, and cute cards. Please see below for the only greeting card you will ever need. I mean, this could really work for any occasion:

You're Magical card

If you ever find yourself in Williamsburg, definitely make it a point to stop into Catbird (and take me with you!). If you don’t live in New York, or if you’re just not in the mood to bob and weave through groups of dirty hipsters, check out their website here.

PS – Check out some more of our favorite midi-rings that you can mix in with the ones you are sure to purchase from Catbird:


I Heart/Hate New York: Coming Soon to the JCR Girls

I never thought my most complicated love/hate relationship would be with a city. I know the word hate sounds a little strong, but honestly, it’s how I feel sometimes. The magic of moving to a big city sadly wears off as real life takes over and you’re trying to figure out how you fit in, what you should be doing, if it’s worth it, and everything else that is just about sinking your thought canoe. I’m not trying to be depressing, but I want to share my first six months in NYC and include all of the truly amazing things but also the “this is my real life” things (which can all be happening simultaneously causing an emotional tornado within your brain).

New York

Standard day (seriously) in NYC: It’s Monday, your day actually went by pretty quickly and somehow you get to the subway station just as the train you needed was getting there (amazing). You get a seat for the whole ride home and there aren’t 500 people packed on so you aren’t sweating like a donkey in the middle of a polar vortex. OMG THIS DAY IS THE BEST. You are in great spirits and totally making it to the gym tonight, just gotta go home and change! You’re the first one home, no roommates to welcome you, sad. Fret not, there’s a mouse just hanging out by your dishwasher to keep you company (awful). Run out of your apartment and call your dad in hysterics (Dad: “I literally cannot understand one word you are saying”) while standing outside of your building to totally embarrass yourself. Actually, you’re in New York, nobody will even notice. Except the two creepy guys who walk by and feel the need to verbalize how they don’t want you, a person they have no connection with, to be sad. This would NEVER happen in Milwaukee, I need to move home. After your neighbor helps you get rid of the mouse and the cockroach you discovered shortly after…(oh did I forget to mention the cockroach in the tub? Yeah there was a cockroach in the tub) you buy enough wine to erase this night from your memory and then watch The Bachelor with your roommates (amazing).


This periodic installment (I don’t want to overwhelm people with all of my feelings in one post) will feature the good, the bad, and the ugly that I have experienced living in New York. It will probably be therapeutic for me and hopefully entertaining for you. I’ll try to share some fun stuff to, like places I like going, things I like doing, food I like eating…yeah okay, you get it.