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Come Sail Away – Nautical Necessities from J.Crew and…

It wouldn’t be spring without us posting our roundup of nautical necessities at least once.
For reference, see: Ships Ahoy! J.Crew Nautical Necessities & Nautical Necessities Round 2.

And this collage we made when Bazaart first launched: Nautical-Style-Blog

We also have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to our love for all things nautical:

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And several snaps on Instagram…

As you can see, we ♥ everything navy, white, striped, anchor emblazoned – especially if it screams LET’S GO SAILING!

So now that you’re fully aware of the severity of our addiction, and seeing as you’re still reading this, chances are you’re a sucker for sailing attire, too. So we bring you our favorite Nautical Necessities of late:


Saint James® for J.Crew slouchy tee / Chambray headscarf Boardwalk and Talk DressSail Through My Dreams Top in Red‘Authentic Original’ Leather Boat ShoeVintage cotton scoopneck tee in stripeInfinity Knot Ring / Anchor Bracelet

 And remember: Breton stripes and Sperrys will never go out of style!




Current Obsession (and a Giveaway!): Francesca Joy

A few weeks ago I ventured to Manhattan with my roommate KL (yes, going from Brooklyn to Manhattan is considered venturing). I had the pleasure of meeting her good friend from college, Elise. After being seated at our table at the cutest little restaurant in the West Village we started talking about her company Francesca Joy. I was so impressed and inspired with how she started her own business, the collaborations she’s done, and her amazing designs (she hand paints all of her totes and they look perfectI can barely sign my own name some days).

Well, Elise was kind enough to answer some questions about her company and the journey of building her own brand. Oh, and we also may or may not have a giveaway that will have you dreaming of spring, traveling the world, and maybe a little bit of sailing, too!

Paris & Flowers Tote


Francesca Joy for York Design Co


Q: What motivated you to start your own business? Were you always interested in art, fashion, and design? 

A: Francesca Joy as a business started accidentally. I was working as an artist, selling work, doing gallery shows and trying to network everywhere from Miami, to London, to Chelsea, NY. When I saw the response from my audience, it was a fashion response. Like, how can you put these paintings on something for us to buy? It’s amazing to see how a single idea grows into a brand, and an identity, which is now the business. I was always interested in fashion, but I knew if I was going to make my mark in the industry, I would have to develop my own concepts and ideas, linking my canvases to fashion. This would inevitably present something new. Coming up with a new way of seeing pattern, print, and design in specified, niche markets.

Q: What are some of the struggles you’ve encountered starting your own business and how have you overcome them? 

A: For me, there were no handouts: I’ve had to work for everything, and when you don’t have money starting something, you rely on your drive and your ambition. Jimmy Paige said, “I may not believe in myself, but I believe in what I am doing.” I think that sums up a lot of the ups and downs you encounter in being self-employed and starting something. When you have no other option but to succeed, you will be surprised at how far you can come and what you can accomplish.

Q: Where do you draw inspiration for your products and company? How do you stay inspired and what do you do to keep evolving as an artist and designer? 

A: We started in Palm Beach, where I was hand-painting tote bags – and that remains an ongoing theme in the color scheme and the overall vibe. The nature, the luxury, the style – that keeps a consistent timeless approach which is important today when you are styling. We’ve sort of “done it all” in our generation with fashion, so where we discover new territory is through our personal understanding of old trends and the faces of the past.

I find inspiration through America, the colors, and pop-culture history. Music is a HUGE theme for me. Sophistication is rock and roll to me. Colors should speak to you, and express something. Whimsy and youth is lively. I don’t like safe – risk is wonderful, and that’s how I keep evolving. What I sense, and what I feel is ultimately passion that is passed on to your customers and fans. Decades like the 60s and 70s are big for me. Peter Max is explosive in his themes, colors, and tales of a time… Interior design, architecture, sites like 1stdibs.com and stores like JUST ONE EYE are killing it. So amazing, so inspiring.

Q: What is the most exciting collaboration you’ve worked on?

A: I always wanted to design the ultimate resort shoe. Back in 2012, I was able to fulfill this with the help of sandal maker, Stephen Bonanno of West Palm Beach. He was the original creator of the famed Jack Roger. I’d worn those my whole life. I remember my Mum saving my first pair – I think they were purple. So this was exciting for me. At the time, I was printing my own textiles in San Francisco, and having them shipped over to my factory in Fall River, MA. I was keeping everything in the US. Very important. So, we took my hemp-silk blend textiles, and blended them into the sandal for a fresh look at the staple sandal. I was so proud of them because they came out EXACTLY as I had envisioned. It also announced to my fans and followers that this is Francesca Joy. It’s fun and whimsy, but it’s also extremely detailed and ancient in feel and vibe, with a strong sense of history.

Francesca Joy/Stephen Bonanno Collab

The other exciting, more recent collaboration, is the Sorority collection with FASHION GREEK. It’s amazing to see the prints on college campuses and to take our signature look into Greek life.

Q: What advice do you have for anyone who wants to start their own business? 

If you have a gut instinct in you to start something, follow that instinct. Do not ignore it. Don’t listen to everyone who follows the crowd. Good for them – that’s not you. When you start to part from the crowd, and develop your own visions, that is when you know you were supposed to lead and create. There’s no sense in starting your own business if it doesn’t give back in some way – if it doesn’t inspire others to create, think, and progress. So, giving back is my big advice. Spread knowledge and passion. You will help your world in a big way.

We love Elise’s passion and are so grateful to her for sharing more about her company and inspirations! We are also excited to announce our giveaway. We have the cutest tote that will make you want to hop on a plane for a spring getaway in ParisAND (because what do The JCR Girls love more than anything nautical?!) a cuff from Francesca Joy’s collection for York Design Company. Use the Rafflecopter widgets below to enter!

A Rafflecopter giveaway
A Rafflecopter giveaway

What We’re Into Right Now

Watches. Riding Boots. Chandeliers and Stripes.
What are you into? Tweet us @JCrewReview!

Forward Thinking Fashionista

School is officially back in session. As if spring semester being in full swing isn’t depressing enough,  add in some too cold to even be called frigid temperatures to make matters worse. Well, as part of my New Years resolution I am not going to think negatively, and I won’t let you either- we are forward thinking fashionistas! So get your mind off of papers and projects and instead look to the future and imagine the fabulousness that is spring fashion! So, to keep our thoughts sunny and positive, I did some research…I headed to fashionising.com and picked out the top trends (in my opinion) from the great list they have compiled! Pop over to their site for more extensive information and even more wants, needs, and must haves for the approaching months.

Ahoy, matey!

Stripes and wide leg pants are topping the lists for the “must-have” clothing pieces this spring. Can you say SAILOR?! I refuse to call this a trend, a good nautical stripe never goes out of style! However, I would suggest limiting the sailor gear to one piece per outfit, you don’t want to be prancing around looking like a mannequin from the most recent Forever 21 floor set.

Banana Republic, Striped Jacket- $198

Image Credit: http://www.fashionising.com/trends/b--bell-bottoms-flared-jeans-flared-trousers-5343.html

I want to go sailing…now. However, sans the wedges, throw in some Sperrys and I’ll be good to go!

Time Traveler:

In this case we’re going to have to look back to see the future- the 70’s are making a comeback this year. Silky tops with billowing arms, high waisted pants, vibrant colors and accessories that make a statement (leather satchels, bold jewels…aka all the things we already love.) It seems that anything and everything from this era is in- from boho to glamor work this trend however you like with big leather belts or a flowing maxi-dress. Whats the key to pulling it off according to the lovely folks over at Fashionising? Be bold, be confident.

Image Credit: http://www.stylebakery.com/style-recipes/images/16.jpg

Straight out of the 70’s

(You don’t have to take the trend to this extreme, but get inspired! Fun prints, bright colors, and is that a snood she is holding in her hand? I find it totally acceptable to wear one for all seasons, I am very pleased!)

Image Credit: http://neteral.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/tejusleathersatchel.jpg

Minimize to Maximize!:

It really does make sense when you think about it- reference my previous post “Back to Basics” if you don’t believe me! Maybe I’m  a fortune teller of sorts, but I knew that my second New Years resolution to showcase the basics in my wardrobe felt right for this year! Fashion magazines and websites like ELLE and REFINERY29 are encouraging all of us to appreciate the beauty that minimalism offers…and hey, in between running back and forth to internships, the gym and classes…we could all use a little simplicity thrown into our lives. Here’s a little peak at looks from the runway:

Image credit: http://www.refinery29.com/img/2011-fashion-trends-minimalism.jpg

Another absolutely wonderful site to check out for some fashion ideas and tips for trends is www.polyvore.com! Anyone can set up an account and then you are free to browse about other fashion lovers collages and see what is buzzing around the fashion world.

So my fellow fashionistas, get inspired and get ready for spring! And remember, keep your mood #positivepolly- but when in doubt, look to the sensational styles for next season to keep you blissful! (PS- This was my first post for my new writing class, hope you all liked it just as much as the Crew Reviews XOXO).