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Give the Gift of Wine

There really isn’t anything more special than a DIY’d gift. But let’s be honest, it can be hard to find classy, adult DIY options. Enter the Craft A Brew Wine Kit. Yep, you can make your own wine – what’s more adult and classy than that?! As someone who will never say no to a glass of wine, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make my own!


The kits (which retail for $60 USD) make five bottles of wine so you’re getting a pretty good price per bottle! So, the economics of it check out. Now I’ll share some overall takeaways I have from the process itself:

  • This is not a solo project – but I think part of the fun of it is sharing the experience with someone else!
  • It was really cool to see the science behind wine making! Because you are turning juice into wine it’s going to go through a lot of chemical changes so don’t be alarmed if it looks a little weird or things are moving around.
  • After phase one you have to get the wine out of the jug and into a pan to add some more components to get your wine to the finish line. I gotta be honest, this step wasn’t fun for me. It was a little frustrating but ultimately we (my boyfriend was so kind and acted as my wine making assistant) figured it out!
  • Be sure to read the instruction manual in its entirety before starting the process. I was super excited to get to making my wine and I think if I would have read through every step it would have been beneficial.

CAB2 In the end, the wine tasted pretty good but for me it was just cool to know that I made it! I loved checking in on my wine every day to see how things were changing with it.


The whole process takes a month so if you start soon you’ll have wine ready to go for Mother’s Day to celebrate all of the special ladies in your life and National Wine Day to celebrate well…your special love of wine. I also think it would be so fun to buy the kit and go through the wine making process with your mom or girlfriends! Here are some more of our favorite wine-centric items to mix in with your gift or girls night:

PS – thanks to Craft A Brew for sending me the pinot grigio wine making kit. All opinions are my own!

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Moms can never get enough credit.

As kids, they taught us how to make our beds, brush our teeth, and wear something that matches. As we grow older, they help us pick new bedspreads for college, keep extra toothbrushes on hand for our friends, and, well, shop with us for something that matches.

With everything our mothers do for us over the years, it’s only fair that they get a day completely dedicated to spoiling them right back. Spending time with your mom and letting her know you care is by far the best gift; however, you did get your sense of style and love of shopping from somewhere. Show her what excellent taste you inherited – I don’t think she’ll mind a little something all wrapped up!

J. Crew Liberty Vintage Floral PJ | J. Crew Blog C. Wonder Ikat Dinnerware | C. Wonder Blog

There isn’t anyone (mom or otherwise) who wouldn’t love a new summer PJ set, kicked off on Sunday with breakfast in bed. I can say with no shame that I make a terrible cup of coffee, but I buy cute mugs to make up for it. #distractionbyikat Also, the coordinating colors? That was no accident.

J. Crew Translucent Stone Necklace | J. Crew Review



J. Crew Translucent Stone Necklace

J. Crew Factory Summerweight Cashmere Cardigan

J. Crew Factory Summerweight Cashmere Cardigan JCrew-Havana-Clutch  J. Crew Havana Clutch

I always like to pair a few things when gifting clothing. Whether she wears them independently or altogether with her favorite outfit, your mom is guaranteed to get a lot of use from these pieces as well as plenty of compliments. Plus, you can always borrow them. Didn’t they warn us when we were younger about dressing like our mothers?
Anthropologie Apron | Anthropologie Blog

  Anthropologie Cookbook | Anthro Blog

If you have Instagram and/or don’t live under a rock, you know how trendy (and delicious!) macarons are right now. Why not try making them with your mom? I’ve heard they can be difficult – although this is coming from a girl who can’t make coffee – so pair this cookbook with a sweet summery apron in case things get messy.

If all else fails, take her out to lunch, buy her some flowers, and let her forget all her responsibilities for the day. You can make macarons or terrible coffee anytime, but there’s only one day a year when your mom knows the real reason why you’re doing it!