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Friday Favorites: Piperlime

I always enjoy popping over to the Piperlime site (every time I visit the site I tend to have about 50 tabs open of things I need to have). I love that they offer something for everyone, style and budget wise (Um, Girl on a Budget is the best thing ever). Also, isn’t it kind of fun to scroll through and see the celebrity favorites and put together your dream life closet? It’s the best!

On a side note, another reason I’m excited to be living in NYC is that now I can actually GO to Piperlime and visit their brick and mortar store in Soho! Here are some of my favorites that just might be making their way into my shopping cart this weekend:

These are the perfect shoes for fall. A nod to the cooler weather with the suede but with cut-out sides and a peep toe they aren’t forcing you to transition to winter quite yet.

Chinese Laundry Jolt Sandal via The JCR Girls

Chinese Laundry Jolt

I don’t know if I’m alone on this one, but I have really been wanting a pair of these comfy/dress hybrid pants. I don’t know what it is but I love them. Also, for some reason a huge rationalization for me when I’m shopping is “those would be great to fly in!”. (I don’t travel enough for that to be a valid reason for purchase).

Hive & Honey Military Twill Slouchy Pant via The JCR Girls

Hive & Honey Military Twill Slouchy Pant

This dress. With boots and tights. And it has the little pop of color I love. Dress, I already have a hanger reserved for you in my closet.

Collective Concepts Mara Dress via The JCR Girls

Collective Concepts Mara Dress

I’ve wanted a leather jacket for forever, but especially since my friend Laura got one. I’m jealous of how cool she looks in it. But seriously, it totally transforms any outfit and makes it seem just….cooler. I don’t know what else to say.

Tatami Leather Jacket via The JCR Girls

Tatami Leather Jacket

This one is really perfect, but it’s also $970 so I’m like…I’ll put that on my list of things my rich husband can buy me and I’ll buy this one instead:

Blank Denim Leather Jacket via The JCR Girls

Blank Denim Leather Jacket

What are you favorite pieces from Piperlime? Share with us on Twitter @TheJCRGirls!