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Current Obsession: Catbird

I’m going to be honest here, this is actually a “by association” obsession. My roommate Britt loves Catbird (located in Williamsburg in BK) and I love everything she gets there SO… I won’t allow myself to visit the store. But I will make a trip up there soon on a day my self control is at a good level (I’m doing some conditioning for this by browsing the website regularly).

If you’ve caught midi-ring fever (it’s a thing) then this is the place to stock up. The rings really are so simple, but, if you are like me and do things like wear a midi-ring around your house to get comfortable with it, then simple is perfect. It’s also nice because then you can wear a lot of them and not give off a Liberace vibe (creepy, gaudy, etc. for those of you who don’t want to Google):

Catbird Anatomy of a Stack

Image c/o Catbird Jewelry website

You can also look really trendy whilst helping a child blow his nose:


Image c/o Catbird Jewelry website

Sorry I just had to.

Okay so…not only do they have amazing jewelry:

Catbird Collage

They also have beauty and home products, and cute cards. Please see below for the only greeting card you will ever need. I mean, this could really work for any occasion:

You're Magical card

If you ever find yourself in Williamsburg, definitely make it a point to stop into Catbird (and take me with you!). If you don’t live in New York, or if you’re just not in the mood to bob and weave through groups of dirty hipsters, check out their website here.

PS – Check out some more of our favorite midi-rings that you can mix in with the ones you are sure to purchase from Catbird:


Current Obsession: Loren Hope

I tend to stock my wardrobe with pretty basic pieces. I find a statement piece every now and then that I feel comfortable with, but the main way I try to spice up my outfits is with accessories. Well, while scrolling through Pinterest the other day, I found my new favorite place for statement sparkles, Loren Hope. Finding something I don’t love while browsing the site is a challenge. My favorite thing is how they will really stand out but they still have a classic feel about them, which is something that is hard to find (I think) when shopping for statement jewelry. Flip through the look book to see just a few of my favorites!


What are you favorite pieces?


Nautical Necessities Round 2!

Because you can never have enough nautical items in your life…

Here are a few of our latest faves:

Stripes Nautical Necessities | The JCR Girls


Accessories Nautical Necessities | The JCR Girls
Nautical Necessities | The JCR Girls


The JCR Girls Blog | Nautical Neccessities

Handbags The JCR Girls Blog | Nautical Neccessities

Lilly Loves Nautical Necessities | The JCR Girls The JCR Girls Blog | Nautical Necessities

You Like? Follow our “Come Sail Away” board on Pinterest for more of this merriment!

P.S. I’m wearing last year’s striped anchor dress with my anchor print phone case and anchor umbrella by my side as I type this. Judge me.

P.P.S. When The JCR Girls make it big we’ll invite ya’ll out on our Hot Tug and sip Chandon (limited edition nautical collection, of course)!

The JCR Girls | Hot Tub Party Boat
via Fancy
The JCR Girls | Sippin Champagne on a Hot Tug via Chandon


The nautically inclined JCR Girls!
The JCR Girls - Martha McCarthy and Jocelyn Dorszynski

Time to Get Nauti!

It’s a Sample Sale…Full of Sequins!

That’s right JCR Girls,
Sequin NYC is having a Minneapolis Sample Sale this weekend!
And all of us Minneapolites know how exciting this is (especially considering the lack of sample sales that make their way to the heartland)!

60% to 80% OFF jewelry sold at:
Henri Bendel
Neiman Marcus
& other fine retailers

Time to Stack Up!
Sequin NYC Bangle Bracelets Neon Stack Bangle Bracelets - Sequin NYC
If you’re going, tweet me personally @MissMarthaMae! I’d love to meet up and gush over J. Crew with you whilst perusing the goods.

P.S. Did I mention Blake Lively will be there?
Ok, maybe she’ll be sitting this one out, but her gorgeous necklace might be there!

Blake Lively Gossip Girl wearing a Sequin NYC necklace

More info: Sequin Sample Sale – Minneapolis
Stalk Sequin on Social: Facebook / Twitter