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People on Pinterest Love J. Crew!

It’s true…people on Pinterest love J. Crew.
Or perhaps it relates to the fact that I love Pinterest and J. Crew and the tendency of those I am following to also love J. Crew is extremely high…

But I am gonna go with my gut reaction: People Who Pin Love Their Loafers, Jackies and Matchsticks.

A simple keyword search for “J. Crew” on Pinterest yields thousands of results. And the best part? You get a free trip. An exclusive, all-expense-paid trip down memory lane! A Pinterest search like this can blast you right back to the past, no time travel machine needed.

As a true Crew lover, you will instantly recognize catalog covers from years past. You will relish in the memories of a predominately preppy J. Crew line, you will laugh at the loads of argyle and the waif-thin models frolicking in fields. The skirts that are far too long and the wedding dress disasters. The first cast of Crewcut models and the men standing on sailboats looking not-so-confidently into the distance.

Yep…keep scrolling through…

Sure, there is tons of new stuff featured on Pinterest too (sometimes you even get a sneak peek at future lines)…but that will just make you want to spend money. This free, {you heard me right, folks} all-expense-paid trip back in J. Crew time won’t cost you a dime. Plus, you will lust after articles of clothing you can no longer purchase, which will really save you money. Pin them instead and you won’t get upset over it!

…wait, stop scrolling…I dare you to stop…

I bet you don’t have your fill of colorful Crew pics yet! Time to head over to JCrewing for more!

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