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Week in Review: Summertime Gladness

Hard to believe we’re over halfway through August! Here’s what we’ve been up to lately…

Summer may be fleeting, but there’s no better time than the present to purchase a new pair of sandals (that’s what I told myself, at least). This time, I went with the Jack Rogers Capri Sandal in Platinum. Super comfortable + great for narrow feet! Rumor has it, there’s an “End of the Season” sale on now at jackrogers.com with savings up to 60% off!

In addition to my go-to summer sandals, I’ve been getting a ton of use out of my @seabagsmaine tote this season. Many of you asked [something along the lines of…]
Q: Would you recommend this oversized, excessively nautical tote bag?
A: Oh for shore! (Aren’t you relieved I didn’t say tote-ally?)

In all seriousness, I do really like it. The bag fits multiple beach towels, beverages, sunscreen – you name it! Also pretty cool that it’s made of recycled sails. ♻️ I went with the Large Navy Zip Top Anchor Tote + Hanging Pocket (I’d recommend both the zipper + pocket upgrades!).

Minnesota-Summer-Lake-Minnetonka-SailboatSo, I’m still saving up for that boat, but until then I’ll continue to snap photos like this and live vicariously though them. Follow along on Instagram @TheJCRGirls for more where this came from!


The title of this post isn’t entirely accurate. While I’m trying my best to embrace “Summertime Gladness,” the end-of-summer blues is really starting to hit home. To combat this, I’ve been spending tons of time outside – running, biking, festival-going and dining al fresco (that is, in addition to yard work, but I doubt you want to hear about that…).

P.S. – Still getting plenty of wear out of this Ratti “Into the Wild” print – as seen in our recent #JCrewChallenge series!

In the spirit of back-to-school season, I’ve rounded up some of our favorite geek chic accessories including: “You Got This” Trinket Dish, Gold & Acrylic StaplerShop Sonix Palm Print Case, Rose Gold Scissors, Rifle Paper Legal Notepad & Warby Parker Tortoise Glasses!


You know we can’t resist a good nautical motif, so this new necklace from LK Meyer (handcrafted in Rhode Island) and “Sail Away” notebook needed to join the collection of nautical necessities.

Back-to-School-Desk-Accessories We stretched the “back-to-school” theme even further and decided it was a great opportunity to refresh both desk and bar cart accessories.

From L to R: Mariposa Napkin Holder + Boat Shoe Weight / Moleskin Notebook / Papyrus “Dress Your Desk” Accessories / Target Scissors / Hair Tie Holder Bracelets Cuffs / Leatherology Envelope / Monogrammed Mariposa Wine Coaster.

And in true JCR girl fashion, we’d be remiss not to mention that the latest J.Crew Style Guide IS THE BEST ONE IN YEARS. Back us up on this, will you?

We started parsing through the pages and familiarizing ourselves with the 226 shades of pink (not a typo!) to bring you some a roundup of our favorite new blush tones in the form of:

Tune in next week, as we share details of our recent travels AND an exciting announcement!


Red, White & J.Crew

Uncle Sam is all tuckered out, which can only mean one thing…
It was a successful 4th of July weekend!


Hope you enjoyed it! I had a relaxing weekend at a friend’s cabin on the lake and wore nothing but red, white and blue. Which reminded me… I really love this color combo–it’s surely influenced by my nautical obsession, too!



So even though the bunting and star-spangled beach towels are no longer necessary, sporting red, white, and blue (at least thru September) is acceptable in my book!

Here are my Red, White & J.Crew picks:


Arabelle Dress in Silk Chiffon / Jeweled Arrows Necklace / Stripe Leather Passport Case


J.Crew Factory Stripe Linen-Cotton Sundress / J.Crew Factory Twisted Rope Short
Factory Pleated Stripe Short


Collection Featherweight Cashmere Shell / J.Crew Stretch Matchstick Jean in White
Collection Cashmere Zip-Front Hoodie


 Let’s ride this patriotic wave a little bit longer, shall we?




Fall Five

We all have that brother or guy friend who claim they don’t care what they wear but want some sort of approval before heading out the door. It was my brother’s 21st birthday and he said, “how does this look?” slightly arrogantly. So, naturally, I assumed it was an outfit I had taught him. You know, a polo, khakis and some Sperrys.  I almost fell off my chair when I saw him wearing plaid shorts and a striped button down. “Just because the blue on your shirt matches the blue on your shorts does not make the outfit match, Michael.” In order to avoid more of these sad situations, I present you with the list of Fall 5’s to secretly (or not so secretly) pound into every guy’s head you know.

The Fall Five

  1. Plaid is always in. Pair it with a neutral and you’re ready to go. (Examples: Plaid shirt = neutral shorts/pants. Plaid shorts = neutral shirt. Plaid pants = you’d better be on your way to the golfing range, in which case I fully support the pant choice).
  2. Let me introduce you to one of my favorite acronyms – QZ. Also known as the quarter zip. And we don’t want to forget his brother QB, the quarter button. The only time I have sprained my neck was when I heard, “Guy to your left, 10 o’clock, QZ.” True story. Trust me on this one, you can thank me later.
  3. There is a difference between fitted and too tight. The only thing I allow to be too tight is a henley and you better have the body to pull that off. If you are questioning it right now, then the answer is no. But seriously, I am all for fitted jeans and pants in general, but unless you are in your hipster phase (which nobody should be, so automatically not an excuse), don’t let them be too tight. Leave the skinny jeans to the girls, please.  We pull it off better than you – no arguments there, am I right?
  4. If you’re going to own one pair of shoes, let them be Sperrys. They work year-round and can be a great conversation starter (No, seriously). And for all those guys who love comfort over style, this shoe is a win-win. Comfortable and stylish.
  5. Fake it till you make it. Argyle socks are totally underrated. Stylish socks make it seem like you are really put together. Not that I condone it, but if your outfit is questionable, throwing on those socks will instantly make it better!
Meet Laura. A JCR girl by association, one of our best friends, and professional hashtagger:
Laura is a Midwestern city girl living in Lincoln Park. She is a marketing graduate of Loyola Chicago who loves all things social media, business, and analytics. You’ll find her at a cozy café next to the fireplace sipping her hazelnut latte while reminiscing of living in Italy. She explores her artsy side by painting, Instagramming, and pinning her dream life. “Do more of what makes you happy” guides how she lives her life, and it just so happens that J.Crew makes her very happy. Follow her on Twitter at @lfaerber.