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It’s on SALE!

J. Crew Spring Sale | The JCR Girls - A J. Crew Blog

Here’s our weekly roundup of the latest & greatest of J. Crew sale items! This week we’re focusing on Women’s Sale:

Pretty Lipstuffs – in French Martini
J. Crew Lipstick - FACE - in French Martini

$10 OFF Sperrys in Pretty Pastel Colours

Sperry Top-siders for J. Crew | The JCR Girls Blog

This Pencil Wrap Skirt
(as seen on Rachel Parcell of Pink Peonies)

J. Crew Pencil Wrap Striped Skirt | The JCR Girls

Jackie Cardigan in Stripe {with Anchor Buttons}
J. Crew Striped Jackie Cardigan | The JCR Girls

No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Pinwheel Eyelet

J. Crew Pencil Skirt in Pinwheel Eyelet | The JCR Girls

Ikat Tee
J. Crew Ikat Tee | The JCR Girls

Anchor Buckle Belt {$30!} 
Oh, you like Nautical things? Check out our “Come Sail Away” Pinterest Board!
J. Crew Anchor Buckle Belt | The JCR Girls

Circle Print Chambray Popover

J. Crew Circle Print Chambray Popover | The JCR Girls

Collection Cafe Capri in Bazaar Print

Collection Cafe Capri in Bazaar Print | The JCR Girls

Crinkle City Mini
J. Crew Crinkle City Mini | The JCR Girls

Collection Cashmere Tippi Sweater
J. Crew Collection Cashmere Tippi Sweater | The JCR Girls

Collection Washed Silk Side Tie Pant

J. Crew Collection Washed Silk Side Tie Pant | The JCR Girls

Rosalind Dress in Tricotine
J. Crew Silk Rosalind Dress | The JCR Girls

And don’t forget…

Everything is 25% OFF thru May 3. USE CODE SPRINGBEST!


Color of the Month: Elephant Gray

Rather than ruminating on 50 Shades of Gray,
we shall focus on simply on shade of gray, today.
The focus? Elephant Gray.

Elephant Gray | The JCR Girls

Elephant Gray has recently become my go-to color. Moving in to a new apartment with stark white walls (lacking any personality whatsoever), I was, ironically, cautious of color. Not because I don’t need it (because I desperately do), but because I did not want any color clash. You see, I purchased my bathmat before my shower curtains. My blankets and throws, before my sofa’s slipcover, and many of my accessories, before artwork. In essence, I’ve been careful of picking the wrong colors (that will clash later when my apartment is stocked full of stuff).

Amidst the “safe” black, white and beige options, lied gray. Not just any old gray…ELEPHANT GRAY. A seemingly subtle, yet deceiving delightful hue. Elephant gray goes with just about everything – yet looks far more stylish, graceful and interesting than plain old black, white or beige (don’t get me wrong – I love black & gold and a nice glossy white lacquer, but we’ll save those for a separate post).

Hard to believe I was enchanted by a bathmat, but there I was on a Saturday night in the suburbs, shopping at Target at 10:00p.m. For reference, nobody shops at suburban Targets that late. It was eerily quiet, but at the same time provided much peace and reflection for my “big decisions,” such as, “red spatula and strainer, or stainless?”

Gray Bath Mat | The JCR Girls

I thought the bathmat part would be easy. I was thinking tan, but possibly navy–if it looked rich and nice. But alas, navy was nowhere to be seen and the lush, dare I say luxe, memory foam bathmats boasted plush foam and a silky texture, and I just could not pass one up. Only four colors from which to choose, and none of them looked quite right. Upon second thought, that gray looks pretty chic. Oh, what’s that, you’re not just gray, you’re elephant gray? Why yes, yes you are you party animal. And at that moment I knew I wanted an elephant gray bathmat. So I bought an elephant gray bathmat.

Little did I know this decision would impact the rest of my design and decor choices. Soon, I started buying elephant gray blankets (not one, but two), and wearing my J. Crew elephant gray (or did they call her charcoal?) Jackie cardigan with nearly everything. You see, elephant gray is an incredibly versatile color. It goes with everything, yet can be oh-so-chic.

So enjoy October’s color of the month, Elephant Gray. Tweet us your favorite Elephant Gray pieces @JCrewReview!


…Speaking of elephants, this guy is pretty cute:

J. Crew Elephant Necklace | The JCR Girls Blog

Back to Crew

Fall is, in my opinion, one of the most stylish seasons. With temperatures comfortable enough to layer pieces without being hidden by outerwear, you can really let your personality come through. Although it’s bittersweet to see sweaters in store windows already, back-to-school time is the best excuse to stock up for a fresh start. J.Crew’s fall arrivals started trickling in in mid-July, teasing customers with perfectly preppy looks that it’s not quite time for yet.

J. Crew Review Blog - Fall Back to School Shopping

The most versatile must-have? A cozy cardigan in a neutral shade. Whether you layer it over a dress, pair it with a flirty blouse, or just slip it over a cami and Minnies for a comfy day in the library, you can’t go wrong!

J. Crew Review Blog - Fall Back to School Shopping

Next, let’s talk cashmere… specifically, the cashmere Tippi sweater. With a myriad color choices (seriously, we’re talking 5 shades of pink/purple) you can easily pair this with a fun necklace to stand out and still have your professor take you seriously (I’m talking to you, tube-top-in-class girl).

J. Crew Review Blog - Fall Back to School Shopping

What better way to show off the remnants of your bronzy summer skin than a pale pink popover? Tucked into rolled-up jeans and complemented by a neutral shoe, it’s a great casual look for running around campus. Add some stand-out earrings or switch the flats for heels to meet up with friends for dinner!

J. Crew Review Blog - Fall Back to School Shopping

A perfect all-American look for a chilly fall day: plaid shirt, jeans, boots, and a field jacket (a vest would be great, too!). Just grab your books and a latte and you’re ready to go!

J. Crew Review Blog - Fall Back to School Shopping

Here is another great outfit made up by three staples you can get a ton of wear from individually. If I ever have to meet with an advisor, a professor, or anyone else that I’d like to see me in a professional light, I like to dress up a little bit – but by mixing up a schoolboy blazer with a feminine top, the look is still young and fresh.

So, tell me, what’s on your list for back-to-school?



You Know You’re a JCR Girl When…

You know you’re a JCR Girl when…

Your best friend shows up to your lunch date wearing the exact same outfit.

When you hear there’s an extra 30% off sale at J. Crew, you’re like:

And when you can’t make it to the major sale ASAP, you get really anxious.

You constantly complain about the quality of Factory Store items, but you continue to shop there anyway.

You don’t have kids. You wish you had one or two to deck out in Crewcuts.

You always carry a spare Jackie in your purse.

You can spot a J. Crew outfit a mile away.

The J. Crew employees know you by name.

The seasonal employees tell you where the new styles are and what the current sales are…you get annoyed because you clearly already know.

When less-than-stylish ladies hog the sale section, you’re like:
Hogging the sale section at J. Crew

When you try on a dress that looks like a box, you don’t proclaim, “I look fat,” or “why did they design it like this?” Instead, you ask the sales associate to bring you a series of belts and you Belt that Shit. {Pardon my French}.

You take the latest J Crew “Style Guide” (said without a bit of irony) to bed with you every night to peruse it carefully before you fall asleep, dreaming of J Crew.

Someone has said, “You look like you stepped out of a J. Crew catalog,” or called your university “J. Crew U” at some point.

When someone asks, “What’s J. Crew?”
J. Crew Review + FRIENDS

Hmmmmm what are we forgetting? Tweet us @JCrewReview answering the question, “You Know You’re a JCR Girl when….”


Martha McCarthy meticulously makes lists, drinks coffee like water, and at any given time can be wearing 60-100% J. Crew attire. She likes spending Saturdays antiquing, J. Crewing or biking, and enjoys the company of quick-witted people. She once fashioned a purse out of a box of wine. Why yes, it was both fashionable and functional.