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5 Faves of the Week | Sept. 2014

1. Gray Malin Gift Wrap

Gray-Malin-Gift-Wrap If you’re lusting after a Gray Malin print but can’t exactly afford one…
Here’s your chance to get in on the action! Purchase a roll of Gray Malin Gift Wrap for $12.50. BOOM.

2. KitchenAid Soda Mixin’
This KitchenAid X SodaStream collab is practically perfect in every way. Love the look, and I’m already sold on the function – I’ve got the Apple-esque version which by comparison is so Holiday 2013 amiright? If you don’t already own a SodaStream, start that list for Santa and put this at the top!

3. Apple Watch
Just Kidding Apple Watch is not in our 5 Faves of the Week. But Aislinn’s
 commentary on Apple Watch made the cut:


4. Brooks Brothers Red Fleece Collabs

Is it just me, or is Brooks Brothers taking a nod from J.Crew on the collabs here?

5. Booties
Because, Fall.

P.S. My Sticky9 instagram magnets arrived and I’m in ♥ with them!