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Gift Guide: For the Homebody

I think we have all fantasized about a cozy weekend indoors.  The snow falls lightly outside being illuminated by street lights while the fire blazes indoors. Glass of red wine in hand, snuggling on the couch with your boyfriend under a thick, hand-knit blanket… Please tell me it isn’t just me who finds themselves thinking of situations like this? Being the homebody that I am, there are quite a few gift ideas sure to make everyone happy as they spend more time indoors during the winter. Here are just a few:




1. What is better than a cup of tea on a chilly day? Add in some Netflix and you have the perfect relaxing day away from the cold. 2. I’ve basically been living in my blanket scarf since October. It’s so cozy and a perfect extra layer to wear around the house. 3. Your friend will have another reason to host a fun get together for you and your girlfriends – puzzle nights are surprisingly fun! 4. The second I get home and my shoes come off, my slippers come on. No better way to complete a cozy ensemble. 5. You know how much we love Pixie pants as an alternative to leggings! Your friend will appreciate a chic alternative to their lounging gear. 6. There is nothing I like better than lighting a candle and opening a good book. These are great because the scents are very fragrant and relaxing. 7. After you’ve had too many glasses of wine at puzzle night you can break out Apples to Apples for some more fun! 8. Slow cooker meals are so easy and will allow you to focus on making sure you get as much relaxation time as possible!



This post was brought to you by one of our best friends and an honorary JCR Girl, Laura!

Holla for the Holidays Gift Guide

Being the perfectionist that I am, the HOLLA-days and the gift giving that comes along with this time is very stressful. Sometimes I over think gifts so much that I pass thoughtful and crossover into the “I don’t get why you are giving this to me” territory. That’s right, I’m SO thoughtful that people don’t even understand it. And I’m humble. Anyways, looking at the J. Crew Holiday Gift Guide is my salvation around this time of year. Mainly because it allows me to live in a fantasy world, an obvious hobby of all the JCR gals. Here are some of my fave picks for gifts to give from Crew (some may not even be featured on Crew’s official gift guide, so ya know, these ideas are pretty exclusive. Gosh, my humble attitude is coming out again, please excuse me.) All of these babies will be $25 and under for those of us who get visibly excited when there is actual money in our possession aka we are broke. Rich folks, you wait your turn and come back for the more expensive selections in some later posts.

Archie Grand for J. Crew Notebook $10

This notebook is supacute and before you give it you can pre-program J. Crew Review in there for your bestie. Muhahaha.

Horseshoe Charm Necklace $22.50

I have always wanted a horseshoe charm necklace! So if you didn’t know anyone who wanted one before you read this…now you do, hint hint. Seriously though, this necklace is just so darn cute and priced perfectly at just $22.50!

Crystal Hand-enameled Bangle $22.50

Continuing with the jewelry theme, pretty much all of the bangles from Crew are under $25! With the term “arm-party” being coined this year, stacking up sparkles is the newest and coolest thing to do. And I’m sure Crew bangle would be more than welcome at any get together happening on an arm.

Malin+Goetz® votive $16.00

Anything that smells good is an automatic hit. Done.

Okay, so it’s possible to be broke and still be an awesome gift giver. High five! Now get out there and dominate gift giving, don’t over think it, it’s easier than you think!