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How to Do Red, White, and Blue

The Fourth of July is coming up and that means it’s time to rock one of our favorite color combos…we’ve shared our favorite red, white, and blue pieces below!




What will you be wearing for the Fourth?



Baby You’re A Firework!

This past weekend I had the pleasure of celebrating America’s Independence on a beautiful lake in Northern Iowa. (DISCLAIMER: It may sound like I make fun of Iowans for the remainder of this post. Please note that it is a very select population of fashion-offenders I am singling out, and I have nothing against Iowa, Iowans, people who enjoy Iowa, etc.)

During my visit,  we ventured to a far-off place called “Farmer’s Island,” which I was pleasantly surprised to find “not as hick” as I’d anticipated. Actually, I spotted tons of cute suits and a slight whiff of sophistication. Outside of the lakesters, however, I spotted quite the mix of characters: Cute preppy girls, Carnies, boys in boat shoes, farmers in plaid cut-offs and jhorts…

Which brings me to a short series of lessons:

1. Jhorts and Jargos (demin shorts) are unacceptable 99% of the time.
See Exhibit A:

2. Nauti vs. Naughty: Cute, nautical swimwear and accessories are not only acceptable, but encouraged. “Naughty” skanky swimsuits and low-cut spandex dresses are not.

3. Carnies are still creepy. ‘Nuff said.

Moving On…
Patriotic picnic attire is not limited to just a handful of national holidays, Americana Chic can be embraced throughout the year!

So what CAN you wear?
These Fourth-Worthy Frocks get more bang for their buck. FireWORK em before, during and after the holiday:

It was CLEARLY a good weekend! Hope all you Iowans had the best Fourth of Juliowa!
And, as we all know, #Damnitfeelsgoodtobealakester (Especially when you’re decked on in J. Crew!)