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Fall Favorites: Colors

Hello there! After a VERY long blogging hiatus I (Jocelyn) am back. I’m going to be blogging full time for now so you will be getting more regular updates from us, yay! Here we goooo……

If you’ve been reading our blog for a while, you probably know that I’m crazy and I love the cold weather months. Dressing for fall and winter has to be my favorite thing EVER. Sweaters, layering, boots, cute jackets…it really is the best! Due to this, I obviously have about a million categories of things I love for fall fashion so I’m going to share them with you because…I can! Let’s start out with the beautiful colors that you can incorporate into your wardrobe now that the temps should be dropping soon. In my opinion, wearing darker tones in the summer can be hard when its so bright and warm out. Now I take full advantage of being able to incorporate darker colors into my ensembles!


Olive Green:

Cognac (for your bags, shoes, and other assorted accessories this is my favorite!):

What are your favorite colors for fall? Tell us in the comments below!



Madewell Gift Guide – To “C” is to Believe

The Three C’s of Madewell Christmas

J. Crew Review | Madewell Christmas Gift Guide

1. Chambray

Polka Dot

2. Cognac-Colored Leather

The Transport Tote
Driving Gloves 

3. Cozy Socks

Lisa B.

…Did you know? Wigwam socks are made in WI? Jocelyn and Martha will be home for the holidays in their home state of WI. Probably cuddling up next to the fire wearing Wigwams and drinking wine.