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Trend to Try: Jumpsuits

I think everyone has a few silly things that they get hung up on and can’t let go of. I’m a little embarrassed to share that for a long time, I was obsessed with wanting to be able to wear jumpsuits. Weird I know. I love how the look is effortless and a bit quirky, but due to the jumpsuit’s one-piece nature, my one size on the top and one size on the bottom body did not get along with it. Well, thanks to some new versions of the trend being introduced (and many months of hot yoga and barre classes ;)) like wide-legged and more relaxed fits…IT HAPPENED, I could wear a jumpsuit!

Naturally, my obsession has now moved from wanting to wear them to purchasing them to wear. The great thing is that because they are so popular right now you can find them nearly everywhere at every price point.

Old Navy:

Old Navy Jumpsuits



Madewell Jumpsuits



Shopbop Jumpsuits


We will be sharing more of our favorite “trends to try” so stay tuned and share what trends have made it into your closet this summer in the comments below.



Weekend Wear

Every weekend I find myself throwing on the same outfit. Now that it’s actually starting to heat up in the Midwest I’m working on modifying my weekend wear that I’ve come to love (my biggest problem right now) to work with the higher temps. A popover, what my friends and I have deemed the “suburban mom pants,”and Sperry’s, and I’m ready to go.


Chambray Popover


Broken in Khakis via The JCR Girls


Sperry Topsiders via The JCR Girls

Add in a few cute accessories (check out the scrolling widget below!) to finish everything off and you have the perfect outfit to brunch, snuggle, shop, or drink margs in. I mean you could do other things outside of those four activities, but why would you want to?

Madewell Gift Guide – To “C” is to Believe

The Three C’s of Madewell Christmas

J. Crew Review | Madewell Christmas Gift Guide

1. Chambray

Polka Dot

2. Cognac-Colored Leather

The Transport Tote
Driving Gloves 

3. Cozy Socks

Lisa B.

…Did you know? Wigwam socks are made in WI? Jocelyn and Martha will be home for the holidays in their home state of WI. Probably cuddling up next to the fire wearing Wigwams and drinking wine.