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When in Rome…

It’s the hometown of Jackie Kennedy, lobster rolls, and Nantucket reds- trust me, I could go on forever.

In spite of the horrific events at this year’s Boston Marathon, I have never been more proud of my hometown than I am today. It is such a beautiful place, and truly has something for everyone in the summer: sailing on the Charles, meandering the historic cobblestone streets of Beacon Hill, grabbing a patio lunch on Newbury Street (Boston’s own version of Fifth Avenue, but significantly more charming, in my humble, unbiased opinion).

Have I convinced you to start planning a weekend getaway?

Bostonians are friendly people (once we’ve had our obligatory morning iced coffee), but no one likes a tourist. Keeping with a less-is-more, just off the harbor, homage-to-the-classics philosophy, the quintessential Bostonian keeps her wardrobe in a careful balance between functional and fashionable.

J.Crew Cashmere + Jackie O Style

A luxurious cashmere tee (part of the J.Crew Collection), bringing one of the best parts of your fall wardrobe into summer (and who’s to say this piece can’t roll over into fall?) It’s also Jenna’s homage to one of Boston’s best dressed.



  Sea Bags for J.Crew

Sea Bags, made from retired sails (some of which likely floated up the Charles a time or two), are found all over Boston, tucked away in tiny shops, like these ones I found last week in the trendy neighborhood of Beacon Hill. Luckily, J.Crew’s taken the hard work out of the search!


Collection Cashmere Anchor Sweater

More cashmere for impromptu, breezy dinners on the harbor. This model has even got the right idea- a baseball cap with your alma mater or favorite team is great for covering up unwanted summer flyaways (Yankees fans need not partake).

  J.Crew Cafe Capri in Seersucker


I just added these to my vast collection of Café Capris last year, and I guarantee they work with almost anything.




Black may be the way to go for summers in New York, but save your tortoise for Boston. These A.R. Trapp sunglasses, even though they’re made in New York, are Bostonian in every respect.


-Brought to you by Stephanie

About Stephanie: I am an Economics and Art History student at Boston College, former J.Crew employee, life-long J.Crew enthusiast, and currently a Marketing Assistant at Argopoint LLC, a management consulting firm in Beacon Hill that works to improve in-house corporate legal department performance and efficiency at Fortune 500 companies. For more information, visit http://www.argopoint.com