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Friday Favorites: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Edition!

The Nordstrom Anniversary Salethe only thing that could make a Friday more amazing. This is the perfect time to pull the trigger on all of those things you spend the rest of the year lusting after, and to get your wardrobe ready for fall. We’ve tried to pick our favorites to share with you, but it was hard so bear with us.

I always think BOOTS when this sale rolls around. My closet is going to be well stocked for Autumn.

And then there’s the clothes. I need all of them. Yes, ALL of the clothes.


Let’s just throw some purses and jackets in the cart for good measure 🙂


Okay, so let that all sink in. There are plenty more things I can’t wait to buy from accessories, jewelry, and makeup – but in an effort to not overwhelm you I’ll save that for another post!

What will you be buying from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?! Tell us in the comments below!



Fast Forward to Fall

Okay. I know there are countless occasions where I am crying about the Midwest winters and how I just want it to be summer. Secretly though, I love the cooler temps and the fashion that comes with them. I walk around the house wearing wool sweaters, in denial that it is 90 degrees out. I’m crazy. I know. Let’s fast forward to fall when my layered looks won’t have to be thrown back in the closet once I have to leave the air conditioning.

Merino Swing Sweater:

J. Crew Swing Sweater via The JCR Girls

Oh I can just picture snuggling up with a good book and some coffee in this sweater. It would also be perfect for a flight home during the holidays. Comfy and stylish, I’ll take one in each color please, thank you.

Tippi Sweater:

Merino Tippi Sweater in embroidered florals via The JCR Girls

Floral without being over the top. Perfect for adding a little color to your wardrobe when you get in the habit of head to toe black.


Rag & Bone Charcoal Corduroys via The JCR Girls

Or as I like to call them teddy bear pants. Because all teddy bears I know wear them. Obviously.


Tory Burch Brita Riding Boots via The JCR Girls

These Tory Burch boots are amazing and nearly impossible to pass up since they are part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It would be a mistake not to buy them.

Is anyone else looking forward to fall as much as I am?




Chomping at the Bit

These boots were made for walking, men, manual labor. More specially, pioneers engaging in log-cabin improvement projects and/or brick laying and axe-swinging. Just fashion some scrap metal over the toe to create “steel toes” for the latter. To complete the outfit, you could wear them with a silk dress and hiking socks for a night on the town. You know, for post coon-skinnin celebrations with the libations.

Actually, scratch that, this boots are horrible. Horrendous. They make me wanna throw up a little bit.

Be like a penguin and keep your feet happy. The Langford platform high-heel  oxfords will have you tap dancing in delight. These retro-chic renditions channel daddy’s Allen Edmonds, but with 3.75 inches of feminity. Like the camden leather brogues that are a toned-down bowling chic treat, but taller! They look ravishing with cropped skinnys.

The metropolitian shoe boot. The go-to shoe for fall. I must have! Yes, I MUST have them. (in every color!) But these black beauties are mah fahhvorite. I can picture them now with opaque black tights, a colorful A-line skirt and fabulous coat….they already make up my favorite outfit I have yet to own!

One more to get you pumped for fall…the brown perfect pump. Work it girl. Or, if they are not your style and do not match your job do go for the pioneer lace-ups and you’ll make a great pioneer village reenactor or cement-mixer lady.

Or, if you aren’t smitten with these, why don’t you go for the Arrest Me Red version, especially if you aren’t a cop or robber!

Ahhh you’re still lusting after a pair of tall boots are ya? Well here are the winners. Yes, I searched high and low for the perfect pair of fall riding boots (my absolute hands-down favorite boot sytle for fall) and found them here. The Audrey boot in whiskey. Look at that gorgeous hardware! I’m chomping at the bit for these.

Wisegeek.com shares, “The expression chomping at the bit can be traced back to the equestrian world. In the world of horses, a bit is a small metal rod attached to a harness or bridle. This metal bit fits inside a natural space within the horse’s mouth. The bit serves several purposes, from discouraging the horse from eating wild grasses to guiding his or her head while connected to the reins. A horse will instinctively chew and bite at the metallic bit as long as it remains inside his or her mouth. The words champ or chomp both refer to the distinctive sound of a horse chewing and biting on the bit.”

Thank you, Wise Geek, you are both wise and geeky indeed. But, fear not, I have no intention to chew or bite on this gawgous hardware. I’ll just admire it and maybe polish it every now and again because I take better care of my boots than my car.