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A J. Crew Spring Break

J. Crew Review Spring Break

Ladies, I’m sure you’re all well aware that Spring Break is right around the corner. If you are a frantic last-minute packer, like most, there is a simple solution. You guessed it, J.Crew. J.Crew has all of the necessities for a stylish, memorable week in the sun. To avoid the costly price of checking a bag, it’s important to pack light and efficiently.

J. Crew Swimwear
J. Crew Resort Collection and Swimsuits

Let’s start with the most important Spring Break item: the swimsuit. Dressing for your body type is crucial. You want to find a style that flatters. Once you figure out the correct fit, choose a bathing suit that shows off your personality. If you follow runway trends, consider a paisley-print suit. Paisley was huge on the spring 2012 runways, and has returned for the fall season. A one-piece is daring, but a ruched or draped one-piece helps to hide any flaws. Last but not least, you can never go wrong with a striped bathing suit.

J. Crew Swimsuit Cover Up Dress

Cover-ups are a necessity when packing for a warm-weather vacation. You want to wear something that is light, comfortable and breathable, like cotton or gauze. The favored nautical theme will never go away, so why not have a little fun with it? J.Crew’s cerise color, shown on the Siesta Dress above, is bright, bold, and a definite head-turner. The striped tunic dress is a classic and can double as a cover-up or a regular day dress.

J. Crew spring and summer accessories

Like any purse, you don’t want your beach bag to weigh you down. Only carry what you truly need. Inside the bag should be beach essentials (towel, sunscreen, the latest gossip magazine) but don’t forget fashionable accessories too! The Farmer’s Market Tote is a simple shape and durable for those sandy days. The Selima Sun Lou sunglasses have a retro frame and tortoise pattern that pairs with any ensemble. Protect yourself from the harsh sun rays with the Two-Tone Straw Hat, available in straw or sand dune. Rubber flip-flops are a summertime staple, but wear the Leather Capri Sandal and there’s no turning back. The quality leather will last for multiple seasons.

J. Crew Summer Color
There are a number of garments that every woman should pack for a getaway, and they won’t take up all of your suitcase space – the less bulk the better. A lightweight T-shirt, which is often underrated, can be worn to almost any occasion when styled correctly. The available colors are endless. A maxi dress is just as versatile and super easy. Pack a thin sweater for those breezy nights on the beach. Last, but not least, shorts are a must. Denim or chinos are the most weather-appropriate fabrics.

Cheers to a stylish Spring Break. Be sure to check out the Vacation Shop on J.Crew’s website!

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Image Credits: J. Crew + Ship Wheel