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The Spring Breakdown

With Spring Break rapidly approaching, the only thing more stressful than finalizing your tropical getaway is deciding what clothes your suitcase has room for.  Since most destinations lack laundry facilities, packing versatile pieces is key.  Luckily, J.Crew’s resort 2013 collection has an abundance of versatile pieces that are perfect for a springtime getaway! So many, in fact, you’ll likely need to sit on your suitcase to get it zipped!

Regardless of the potentially unsightly toll that winter may have taken on your physique, J.Crew swimwear is full of options for all body types. For those of you who managed to stay slender this winter, the bandeau bikinis are amazing.  Not only are they available in fun patterns and prints, but they are totally mix and match-able! Don’t be afraid to mix polka dots with solids or stripes with florals!

As for those of us who aren’t particularly thrilled for our bodies to make a…big…splash at the pool this spring break (myself included), there are still fabulous options with a bit more coverage!  I know it’s tricky to find a modest swimsuit that doesn’t scream “frumpy,” but J.Crew is here to change that mentality!  Check out the Painters Floral Tank or the Liberty Underwire Tank.  These one-piece suits are perfect for someone seeking more coverage without sacrificing style! Also, BE SURE to bring along a cover-up, like the Embroidered Rope Tunic. If you’re not on the beach or pool, a little coverage is the classier route to take.

Spring Breakdown | The JCR Girls

Spring Breakdown | The JCR Girls


The Spring Breakdown | The JCR Girls

For daily excursions, dresses are key. The Tiered Ruffle Dress has been a staple for the past few years, and continues to be a classic and simple option to throw on in the morning and wear throughout the day.  The Lightweight Washed Chambray Dress is also a great option.  It’s beachy without being too casual, so you can wear it almost anywhere during the day!

The JCR Girls | Spring Breakdown

J. Crew Chambray Shirtdress

As for nighttime, nothing screams resort dinner to me more than a flowy maxi skirt with a simple tank.  The Striped Jersey Maxi Skirt is a lightweight and breathable fabric, and with a plain tank tucked in, is perfect for dinner and cocktails.

Stripes on Stripes | The JCR Girls

Accessorizing isn’t extremely crucial on spring break, but there are a few must haves for the beach.  Firstly, a sun-protective hat.  Regardless of whether you prefer a floppy straw hat or an androgynous fedora, a hat is never a bad idea, especially for peak sunning hours (or to wear to breakfast after a night in the discoteque…).  You also need a go-to pair of sunglasses.  Aviators and Wayfarers are always a safe bet and the Ray-Bans that J.Crew carries are fantastic quality – I’ve had my Clubmasters for over 4 years and they’re in perfect condition. Throw a few bangles and some bold necklaces in a durable beach bag, too, like the Farmers Market Tote, and you’re good to go!

The Market Tote
Tortoise Ray-Bans Aviators The Spring Breakdown | The JCR Girls

Lastly, SHOES.  They are the absolute most annoying things to pack, so make your decisions wisely.  The likelihood that you’ll wear a pair of heels isn’t great, so leave those at home.

Bring three things:
1. A cute pair of sandals that can transition from day to night, like the Kira Sandal
2. A pair of beach appropriate sandals, like the Tortoise Capri Sandal
3. A pair of closed toed shoes, like the Sperry Metallic Boat Shoe

Tortoise Capri Sandal

Metallic Sperry Topsiders | J. Crew

See, it’s easy.  Once your suitcase is packed, the only thing you need to enjoy your trip is a piña colada and a chaise.  There’s no reason your packing experience should be any less relaxing than your vacation!

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J. Crew Goes Green!

Don’t worry, we don’t mean “‘go green” as in make heels out of hemp and blouses out of bamboo. Instead, we are focusing our attention on great green pieces that are perfect for St. Patrick’s Day (and beyond)!

I’m 75% Irish and 100% excited for next Saturday! Jocelyn and I will be marching up and down Michigan Ave (not literally), paying a visit to our lovely J. Crew and perhaps a few pubs.

Since I get REALLY excited for this holiday, I just might wear green all week.
These pieces are perfect:

Green with Envy

J. Crew Thomas Mason Green Checkered Perfect Shirt Thomas Mason Gingham Check Shirt

J. Crew Arabelle Dress in Silk Chiffon Arabelle Dress in Silk Chiffon

Madelene Dress in Wool Gabardine Madelene Dress in Wool Gabardine

J. Crew Viv Pumps in Topiary Viv Pumps in Topiary

J. Crew Café Capri in Warm Jade

Café Capri in Warm Jade

Save Some Green
J. Crew Factory One Shoulder Kelly Green Dress Sale Factory cotton sateen Bridget dress – Sale $44.50

J. Crew Clea Dress in Vermont Pine Clea Dress in Vermont Pine – Sale $140

J. Crew Bangle Bracelet  Green & Gold Wide Wide Hand-Enameled Bangle $24.99

Emerald Society
J. Crew Villa Dress in Light Emerald
Villa Dress in Light Emerald

J. Crew Dots & Stones Bracelet

Dots & Stones Bracelet

and just for kicks…

My Favorite Made in Ireland pieces:

Avoca Woolen Blankets
Avoca Woolen Blankets

inis Or Irish Perfume
Inis Or Perfume
Bog Standard Soap and Gift Box

Bog Standard Soaps & Candles

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