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New Apt Design & Decor Part Deux

Things have been slowly but surely coming together in the new place! (Did I tell you I moved into a new apt? One with 325 extra sq feet and a whole bunch of closets?!)

Although I didn’t plan to move so quickly (thanks, leaky ceiling), it really did work out for the better: nicer neighborhood, copious closets and NATURE. Still close to the city, but look at that view – still getting over the fact that’s it’s not a parking lot!
The New Apt

Even though the new place is practically perfect (well, minus the lack of crown molding, carerra marble countertops, chandeliers and hardwood floors), some aspects of furnishing it weren’t as easy as I thought they’d be….

Sofa Shopping is Stressful
Take sofa shopping – should be easy, right? Plenty of pinboards full of em. Ample online reviews from people just like me. That plus…a discerning eye that immediately blocks out 95% of sofas for not passing the “pretty” test and a bank account that’s well, not unlimited. This should leave me with a pretty direct path to the perfect new sofa, right?

Well…after sitting on couches for three weekends in a row, I finally found this nautical thing that suited my style and my budget. Unfortunately, it was on backorder, but I waited patiently until the delivery truck showed up weeks later. I was giddy.
Martha's New Couch!

Giddy up until they convinced me that there was no way it was going to fit in the elevator or up the stairs because “It’s just too tall for this apartment building.” Ummm, excuse me, what??

**PS don’t worry, I was going to recover those pillows that look like they’re covered in French graffiti

So I was back to square one. Luckily, a trip to Macy’s Furniture showroom made everything better. As it so happens, Martha is My Homegirl. I set my eyes on this Martha Stewart Chesterfield in “Saybridge Storm” (or as I like to say, “Elephant Gray,”) and I was in love. What’s better? A surprise sale boasting the best prices of the year!
Martha Stewart Chesterfield Sofa


Maybe it’s because Martha and I share a name. Or maybe it’s because I’ve always wanted a Chesterfield and this one actually fit in my building. (Side story: the guy selling me the warranty plan asked if I owned any of them “bedazzled butt jeans.” Ummmm no, J. Crew doesn’t sell those! And also, I’m not a 45-year-old divorcee.)
JCR Jeans

Too Dainty for DIY
Story number two is stressful, too. I can’t be the only one who’s been giddily pinning things to a board titled “DIY” under the notion that this will be so “cheap and quick and easy and fun!” Because in reality, DIY projects (like the ones I’ve gotten myself into recently) have been the exact opposite.

They make it look so easy, but sanding? Sanding takes strength. And that brown desk is gonna take about 18 coats of primer and paint until it turns white. Which isn’t even that big of an exaggeration. My index finger was numb from pressing on the spray paint can for so long. And it didn’t regain feeling for 3 days. The boyfriend says I’m “too dainty for DIY,” and it’s sad, but totally true. That, and I really just don’t have the patience for it.

But, despite the battle scars, here’s what I was able to accomplish:

Picked up at the Blu Dot warehouse sale for $19. Put 2x that in paint, primer, lacquer and sanding supplies into it, along with a whole bunch of elbow grease, and VOILA!

Bar Cart
Little Table

Apt DIY Projects | The JCR Girls

Red Coral Bowl Thing
DIY Projects | The JCR Girls

Apt Decor | The JCR Girls Little White Table + Red Coral Bowl Thing


The inspiration – This Pottery Barn Pillow:
Pottery Barn Throw Pillow

Thanks for listening to my whining. Now, I’m off to pour myself another glass of Merlot.



Color of the Month: Elephant Gray

Rather than ruminating on 50 Shades of Gray,
we shall focus on simply on shade of gray, today.
The focus? Elephant Gray.

Elephant Gray | The JCR Girls

Elephant Gray has recently become my go-to color. Moving in to a new apartment with stark white walls (lacking any personality whatsoever), I was, ironically, cautious of color. Not because I don’t need it (because I desperately do), but because I did not want any color clash. You see, I purchased my bathmat before my shower curtains. My blankets and throws, before my sofa’s slipcover, and many of my accessories, before artwork. In essence, I’ve been careful of picking the wrong colors (that will clash later when my apartment is stocked full of stuff).

Amidst the “safe” black, white and beige options, lied gray. Not just any old gray…ELEPHANT GRAY. A seemingly subtle, yet deceiving delightful hue. Elephant gray goes with just about everything – yet looks far more stylish, graceful and interesting than plain old black, white or beige (don’t get me wrong – I love black & gold and a nice glossy white lacquer, but we’ll save those for a separate post).

Hard to believe I was enchanted by a bathmat, but there I was on a Saturday night in the suburbs, shopping at Target at 10:00p.m. For reference, nobody shops at suburban Targets that late. It was eerily quiet, but at the same time provided much peace and reflection for my “big decisions,” such as, “red spatula and strainer, or stainless?”

Gray Bath Mat | The JCR Girls

I thought the bathmat part would be easy. I was thinking tan, but possibly navy–if it looked rich and nice. But alas, navy was nowhere to be seen and the lush, dare I say luxe, memory foam bathmats boasted plush foam and a silky texture, and I just could not pass one up. Only four colors from which to choose, and none of them looked quite right. Upon second thought, that gray looks pretty chic. Oh, what’s that, you’re not just gray, you’re elephant gray? Why yes, yes you are you party animal. And at that moment I knew I wanted an elephant gray bathmat. So I bought an elephant gray bathmat.

Little did I know this decision would impact the rest of my design and decor choices. Soon, I started buying elephant gray blankets (not one, but two), and wearing my J. Crew elephant gray (or did they call her charcoal?) Jackie cardigan with nearly everything. You see, elephant gray is an incredibly versatile color. It goes with everything, yet can be oh-so-chic.

So enjoy October’s color of the month, Elephant Gray. Tweet us your favorite Elephant Gray pieces @JCrewReview!


…Speaking of elephants, this guy is pretty cute:

J. Crew Elephant Necklace | The JCR Girls Blog