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Anthropologie New Arrivals

Anthropologie is always one of my favorites and their new arrivals for fall aren’t making it any easier for me to keep my credit card in my wallet. Here are just a few of the pieces I’m dreaming of having in my closet…(key word is dreaming because I’m going to have to wait for all of these things to go on sale, let’s be real).

Anthro Risen Sun Sweater

Risen Sun Sweater Dress

Anthro really has a spell cast on me, I think. When I’m on the website I really believe, “yes I can wear this sweater dress and look like a chic hippie free spirit just like the model. I need this.” So I might try this on and it won’t look good because my free spirit status is pretty low, but that doesn’t change the fact that I’m still obsessed with it.

Anthro Camofloral Neoprene Skirt

Camofloral Neoprene Skirt

I need this skirt. NEED. Imagine this in my family Christmas picture. Actually don’t…because if you can imagine my family’s Christmas picture that’s kind of creepy. But trust me, it would look really cute.

Anthro Domino Deco Cape

Domino Deco Cape

This cape could not be any more perfect. Definitely makes a statement but I don’t think its over the top. Love, love, LOVE.

Lumi Pullover

Lumi Pullover

You can never have too many basic t’s – but this one is so much fun with the trim and crossover detail. The perfect piece to spice up your errand running outfit a little (and it comes in lots of colors)!

And we can’t forget about shoes! Mostly boots which I am on the hunt for now that it is starting to get cooler out and my sandals are being put away:

I have about a million other favorite pieces that I just couldn’t include here for the sake of the post’s length, but be sure to check out our Pinterest for all of our fall fashion picks!



The JCR Girls: Holiday 2013 Gift Guides


Take the stress out of holiday gifting by staying inside and shopping online:

Stocking Stuffers

Sparkly Gifts

Gold Gifts

Tartan / Plaid for the Holidays

Gifts for Guys

Gadgets for Gals

And of course we can’t forget the glitz. Here are our favorite jewelry items:

All That Glitters is Gold

only shooting stars break the, moooOOOoooold.

Ok enough Smash Mouth.

Let’s focus instead on some glitzy gold holiday gift ideas that are bound to be a smashing success!

Christmas-Wish-List-2013-Gift-Ideas 1. Gramercy Dress – Hunter Dixon by Hunter Bell because sometimes polyester + metallic = AMAZEBALLS // 2. Small Square Stud Earrings by Kate Spade New York — I mean, look at them! // 3. Golden Monogram Mug – Limited Edition at Anthropologie // 4. Layton Chronograph Watch by Michael Kors — Fashion meets function. // 5. Classic Link Bracelet by J.Crew — shiny gold sophistication. // 6. Girls’ Graphic Notebook by J.Crew — perfect for girls of all ages. // 7. Collection Etta Sequin Pumps for J.Crew — or as Jenna calls em, Shiny Poines! // 8. Stroke of Midnight – Gold’ Eye Kit by MAC // 9. Classique D Ring Bracelet by Fallon Jewelry — equestrian chic with a hint of glam never hurt no one.

Which items are your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!