These Kate Spade Surprise Sales Get Me Every Time…

So Kate, she’s great, but all of these amazing sales are both a blessing and a curse. A blessing, because of the incredible deals, of course, but a curse because I simply can’t resist! While I’m trying to cut back on spending (because I have a house and wedding to pay for this spring + summer — eeek!), these sales make it really really difficult to say “No.”

So, I didn’t. But rather than buying a new handbag (I actually just had to a purge a few that I adored but knew I would not use probably ever again), I opted for some small accessories. I purchased two pairs of these Gumdrop Earrings (practical, so practical – back me up on this purchase!).

I’m actually wearing a beat up pair of Gumdrop Earrings right now. I’ve worn them every day for the past 2+ years and I ♥ them. Which is why I figured it was time for an upgrade – a shiny new set of studs, and a spare pair. I actually planned on purchasing these during the last KSNY Surprise Salebut I hesitated (you must never hesitate!) and of course they sold out.

So, here’s the skinny on the good stuff from the Kate Spade Surprise Sale – Feb 2015 (ok, it’s all good stuff, but this is some really good stuff) because it will sell out–and the sale ends in 2 days, so hustle people!

This Mod Floral Thin Bangle is absolutely adorable and while I don’t really wear bracelets, I should probably purchase and keep in my “gift closet” because everyone seems to love bracelets, and this one is cute as can be. This Striped Bangle doesn’t even require a description–just look at it!


Speaking of cute…
These Eiffel Tower earrings + necklace? STOP. Just stop. Like, I’m not even going to get upset over the fact that their product listing misspelled Eiffel (unless ‘Eiffle’ is some new trendy term I don’t know about?) because they are so freakin’ cute. As are these très chic earrings. Go ahead, put French words on your earlobes. You know you want to.

Ok, I’m really feeling ALL OF THE EARRINGS. These, titled the Gatsby Dot Huggies, are darling.

Gatsby-Dot-HuggiesI pretty much like anything with Gatsby in it’s name because it’s almost always super fancy and vintagey. And Huggies? Well, they hug your ears, I suppose. [Not to be confused with Huggies diapers.]

Scrolling though the sale, you’ll also come across some clothing with leather elbow patches (oh, how I love leather elbow patches!), polka dots (naturally), tortoise print (obviously), anchors, and bows. Lots of bows.

What’s that? You’re in search of a new satchel? I’d recommend these pretties:

1. The Charm City Ostrich Provence — Oh! Fer cute!


Why yes, I’d love this bag for Valentine’s Day, that’s so sweet of you!

2. The Alice Court Kaiya — Boxier, with a bow, and also…CUTE!



3. The Alice Court Diehl — Bigger bag, bigger bow, nice & neutral (cliff grey / bone, to be precise)


4. The Knightsbridge Constance* – It sounds posh. It looks posh. And structured. And vintagey. A+

*Not sure where they come up with these names.
Have you ever wondered how Essie names their nail polish colors? Me too. This piece of literature won’t answer your question, but it’s definitely worth a read.

Happy Shopping!




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