True Life: I’m Obsessed With Office Supplies

I just moved to New York City, and the first store I chose to go to, before anything else, was a paper goods store. I know I sound crazy, but revisiting my enduring, and slightly manic enthusiasm for office supplies made me feel a little more at home amidst the chaos of the city.

If you’re like me, you probably buy new writing utensils not because the old ones have run out, but because they’re exciting, and nowadays, clever and well-designed. As seen below, demonstrating Kate Spade’s ever-famous idioms, these pencils are at the top of my office supply list—and I don’t even write with pencils anymore!

Kate Spade Pencils

Kate-Spade-Pen Kate Spade Pen

As strange as it may seem, I purchase planners regularly throughout the yearonly because shops like Kate Spade (+ Saturday) and Sugar Paper keep rolling out new artful ways for me to keep my life organizedwhich, as a ‘Type A’ person, is integral to my sanity. How can I resist? You can even micromanage your weekends with this KS Saturday planner!

Sugar Paper Calendar

Kate-Spade-Saturday-Planner Kate Spade Saturday Planner

Over-planning my life has also been made easier thanks to Kate Spade and J.Crew who’ve designed notepads just for lists. Long ones, short ones, travel lists, lists about blogs, and even lists for your pet sitter or babysitter. Is it me, or is everyone else ready to toss their spiral notebook collection?

The Long List Large Notepad

Places-to-Go-NotebookJ.Crew Places to Go

Kate Spade Dear Babysitter List

Living thousands of miles away from my family has also given me the newfound excuse to purchase lots and lots of playful stationery. Now, if only I could perfect my scribbly cursive that I have dubbed ‘messy-chic’…? What’s more, most of these note sets have me itching to experiment with the art of letterpress.

Stationary-Gift-SetsHow the Devil Are You? Card Set / Navy Anchor Note Set / My Post to Yours Note Set /
Hello Darling Stationary Set

Before I sign off, I would like to highlight a few products that I consider office suppliespurely for the fact that they sit on my desk. Another growing collection of mine is water bottles. Who doesn’t want to keep themselves hydrated in style? Ceramic trays for odds and ends are the perfect way to keep your cubicle organized with these charming desk accessories offered by Kate Spade pictured below.

Kate Spade Bow USB / Expletive Paper Clips / Expletive Bookmarks
J. Crew Water Bottle / Bow Push Pins

Ceramic Jewelry Tray

The first step to recovery is recognizing the problem, right? Office supply enthusiasts unite!

Until next time,

Lauren-LogoLauren is a recent graduate from the University of Nebraska—Lincoln and has since moved to NYC. She can be found working for a digital advertising agency by day, and online shopping by night. Guilty pleasures include: cats, red lipstick, candles and classic paperbacks.

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  1. Emily

    I’ve been dying for a Kate Spade thumb drive for ever – they’re so cute! I’m flying up to NYC next week, so I may just have to pick one up 🙂


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