Happy Hump Day

This is no secret to anyone who I know…I love camels (see the photo below, one of the most exciting moments of my life). They are my favorite animal and I dream of someday having my own and naming him Lil Guy.

Camel via The JCR GirlsNow, thanks to Geico, many people celebrate Wednesdays with reference to one of their newest commercials featuring an overly excited camel. It makes me happy that even if it is fleeting, people are as obsessed with camels as I am. And of course because they never stop doing things to make me love them, J. Crew has the perfect sweater to observe every Hump Day in (or just to show your love for the best animal ever).

J. Crew Camel Sweater via The JCR GirlsIt’s just too perfect.

What do you think of critter adorned apparel? Do you love it as much as we do?




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