Road Trip: Indianapolis

This weekend the Escapay (my car, the Ford Escape. But Escapay just sounds so much more exotic) and I are headed down to Indianapolis to see one of my best frands ever, Jarebear. I’m hoping that the weather improves as we are currently at risk to experience some crazy 75 mph winds called derechos. Also I’m a meteorologist now. Okay, back to my post. Even though I’m driving down and I could over pack my car with all kinds of non-necessities and just-in-cases…I’m going to continue forcing myself to be a smart packer and just bring the basics.

Jean Jacket:

This is a piece I never even thought about buying because I didn’t think I could pull it off. Now I wear it all the time with anything from sundresses to my suburban-mom-errand-running pants.

Two by Vince Camuto Jean Jacket via The JCR Girls

Jack Rogers/Reva Flats:

Because if you don’t know you need to pack cute versatile shoes then you are an even worse packer than me.

Jack Rogers via The JCR Girls

Reva Flats via The JCR Girls


You can throw lots of stuff in here and also not worry about it getting ruined/dirty. This is great because then you can just focus on socializing and your winery tour with no distractions. PS- every road trip should include a winery tour. Seriously though, another practical benefit is that you can actually pack in this and then use it as your tote for the weekend. If I could do it for a 3 day trip to NYC, you can do it to go anywhere.

Longchamp Tote via The JCR Girls

Do you have a summer road trip planned? What are the pieces you take with you everywhere you go?

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