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Jenna Lyons | The JCR Girls | J. Crew Blog

Here it is:


See how Jenna Lyons has take J. Crew from ugly duckling to fashion arbiter


It’s truly an enriching read (and not just because we made a minor cameo)! For any die hard J. Crew fan, the backstory of how the brand rose to cult-stardom (Hint: Mickey + Jenna), never gets old. This article is unique because it provides a fresh, up-to-date perspective on how Jenna and the J. Crew Inc. team collaborates to bring us the pieces we lust after season after season. Below you’ll find excerpts containing our favorite quotes from the article, but be sure to read it in its entirety here.


“The industrial windows stretch up and up, like Lyons’s legs, which are punctuated by a pair of metallic, sparkled 3-inch stilettos.”



“Since her coronation as creative head of J.Crew in 2008, the company once known for its preppy Nantucket ancestry has become a force in fashion, with Lyons at the center of its evolution.”



“She has created a high-low look that reflects her own boy-girl style–androgyny with some sequins and a dash of nerdy glasses.”



“…the cult of J.Crew has blossomed like a CMO’s fantasy, with fashion blogs wholly devoted to the brand (fromJCrewIsMyFavStore to TheJCRGirls) and a fan base that includes Michelle Obama and Anna Wintour.”



“He pulled me into a room and said, ‘So, just want to let you know you’re the president.’ I was like, uh, okay. Alrighty then.”



“Not since Steve Jobs and Jonathan Ive at Apple has a creative pairing been as intriguing and fruitful as that of Drexler and Lyons.”


“In Lyons, Drexler has found a partner to create both an ethos of mutual support for creative risk-taking and a unified aesthetic that suffuses the company and is spreading through the culture at large.”


“J. Crew employees reveal themselves by the nakedness of their ankles. It’s as if the company’s uniform, ambiently dictated by Lyons, is enforced only from the knees down.”

“At this stage, I’m like a glorified crossing guard,” says Lyons. “It’s like, try to keep people motivated, keep the traffic moving, keep people from getting stumped or stopped by a problem.”


“I searched for ways to make things more beautiful and surrounded myself with beautiful things because I didn’t feel that in myself”


“Feeling like I never wanted to rely on a man, I was like, I gotta work my ass off.”


“Lyons said she hated it, but it was a million-dollar seller. Drexler told her to drop it on the floor.”


“Honestly, I think it was because I didn’t bullshit him,” says Lyons. “His bullshit-dar is insane.”


“The reimagined catalog supports the idea of J.Crew as tastemaker, with multipage stories packaged around trends, such as “The Italian Shoe Collection: Designed in New York. Made in Italy” for some fancy leather flats.”


“The design team saw no point in trying to re-create, say, a beautiful handcrafted leather boot, when a Minnesota company called Red Wing had been doing it for more than 100 years.”


“Drexler’s mouth is an engine that never stops, and his irrepressible effusiveness defeats any attempts at self-censorship.”


“If Jenna wasn’t there,” says a former employee, “J.Crew would be really good, but it would not be great.”


“Mickey has given her enough runway so she can really make of it what she wants,” he says. “They should just call it Jenna Crew.”

Jenna Lyons | The JCR Girls

That’s not all!
Here’s a unique opportunity to take a 360° Virtual tour of Jenna Lyons’ office!

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