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I still have a copy of the August 2008 FORTUNE magazine featuring Mr. Mickey Drexler front and slightly off-center. They called him the King of Cool. He graced the cover sporting a more-than-slightly disheveled button down and thick, clear plastic glasses. But I didn’t save this one for fashion inspiration. Instead, I devoured his retailing strategy and advice provided in the middle of the magazine and clung to this issue for business inspiration. At the time I was an aspiring entrepreneur wanting to give the retail world a go. That scary place Mickey appropriately criticized, saying:

“I have a few issues about where our business is going. American fashion is not doing what we need to do. Our industry doesn’t inspire customers today.”

This article, however, inspired me. As a loyal J. Crew shopper and businesswoman wanna-be, I knew Mickey’s vision was something to keep in sight.

Mickey Drexler | J. Crew King of Cool

Time went by and my fascination with the J. Crew brand and the man behind it didn’t diminish. I learned more about the lad, including the vitals: Millard (Mickey) Drexler. Born in the Bronx, MBA from Boston U, with senior leadership retail roles at Gap, Apple, Ann Taylor, Bloomingdale’s, and Macy’s. Oh, and this other one called J. Crew.

So, when CNBC’s Mickey Drexler Documentary debuted last May, we were on it like a Black Friday Factory Sale. Come tune-in time, the JCR Girls were poised and ready—not just planted on the couch with undivided attention to the screen; but camped out, eyes glued, fingers ready to live-tweet the shit outta this thing. And that we did. We (Martha & Jocelyn) watched the J. Crew documentary not once, but twice during the week it debuted. Designating the hashtag #JCrewDocu, we literally squealed over lessons learned from Mr. Drexler himself. And we took to twitter to share this joy with ravenous J. Crew fiends all over the world.

In cased you missed it, we can tease you with this trailer:

Fave Tweets from the #JCrewDocu:

So what do we have to look forward to now?

J. Crew + Warby Parker, that’s what. “Now the three-year-old start-up can count Millard S. Drexler, the chief executive of J. Crew, and American Express as participants in its latest round of financing, which closed last month at $41.5 million” according to MICHAEL J. DE LA MERCED in Dealbook, “The company has drawn the attention of investors who hope it is less an e-commerce platform and more a brand poised to become the next Tory Burch.” Merced adds, “…Mr. Drexler, whose successes at Gap and then J. Crew have elevated him to a wise man of retail. He began having regular lunches with Warby Parker’s founders to chat about their retail ideas.”

…What’s a girl gotta do to land a lunch with you, Mickey? How about Pulino’s pizzeria New York, noon on Sept. 23, 2013? What do ya say?

We’ve also received word that Mickey has been in contact via email with some other J. Crew lovers out there. So we ask you, JCR Girls, if we were to draft a crowd-sourced email (hint: you’re our crowd) what should we ask him? Besides thanking him for dressing America {for which we’re eternally grateful} my suggestions would be along the lines of “Jenna, Bring These Back!” Since we’re still waiting to hear back from our gal Jenna…what type of feedback should we provide? Let us know in the comments below, or email us directly,  JCrewReview {at} g mail.



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  1. Meghan

    I was so wowed by the interview. It’s such simple business principles. It just floors me how the marketing is so simple and the pieces so classic yet SO COVETABLE!


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