Crew Collaging

The JCR Girls have always been big fans of collaging.
Back in the day when the J. Crew catalogs circa 2004 would arrive in our mailboxes, we’d anxiously devour the content and then start clipping. Annie, grab your Fiskers!

We’d choose our favorite looks, pieces, accessories and backdrops and then affix them to paper or cardboard to ‘keep forever’ (full disclosure: I just found some in my old desk, so yes clinging to old Crew Collages is real a problem).

Fast-forward to 2012: Today we have digital channels to help us marry our love for J. Crew with our motives to curate, clip and collage. For example: stockpiling all of our favorite ‘clippings’ on Pinterest and pushing them around until they’re perfect on the Bazaart iPad app. Voila!

J. Crew Collage | The JCR Girls - featuring Bazaart
J. Crew Collage | The JCR Girls featuring Bazaart


Make a J. Crew collage (either with our pins or your own) and send it to us!
Either tweet us the image @JCrewReview or tag us on Pinterest or Instagram!




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