Back off Brofessionals, We’re Just Not that into You.

What have the JCR girls been up to besides stalking the J. Crew website, catalog and brick & mortar locations? Well, we’ve taken to studying schemes, con artists and impostors. After countless hours of research and investigation at metropolitan eating and drinking establishents, we’ve reached our verdict. At the heart of this scheming and scamming, we find a burgeoning class of brofessionals.

Brofessionals are the fastest growing con group of the past year.

Urban dictionary may simply define this as being someone who is a “professional bro,” leading us to believe there is nothing to fear. Wrong. These bros are going undercover, using what we love most against us. Sporting button-downs, blazers, maybe even a QZ from 9-5, girls can’t help but not only do a double take, but may actually believe that that they are a classy crew of fellows.

Assumptions that these guys would look just as stylish on a night out are logical. You would never think that someone with such corporate class could sport a bedazzled graphic tee, gelled hair and maybe even a diamond earring. GROSS.

I don’t think it’s just the pressure to look nice at the office. I have seen guys who, when wearing their ‘dress clothes’ perfectly portray the fact that they are a bro. They are not hiding who they are. Brofessionals, on the other hand, don’t let the bro come out until the evening hours. Almost like werewolves.

So Boys…




Keep your work clothes on.

We love your work clothes. And your Top-Siders.

And Brofessionals, for the record, we’re just not that into you!

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This has been a public service announcement from the JCR Girls.



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