Jenna, Bring These Back!

Feeling nostalgic, I paged through my J. Crew catalogs dating back to 2006. I found dog-eared pages featuring items I wanted but never bought, saw items that I own but are buried in the darkest depths of my closet, and others that I remember fondly and wish that Jenna would BRING BACK!

It is clear that J. Crew has changed dramatically in the past few years….from pastely-preppy retailer to “edgy hipster sophisticate goes to work, weddings, parties and the woods” retailer.

In a July 2010 New York Times Article Virginia Heffernan said, “the clothes and the Web site have become ruffly, silky, beaded and sequined. Every outfit seems slightly hacked — cut up and embellished by a home tailor. You don’t envision someone in J.Crew playing lacrosse anymore; they seem more likely to be philosophizing and seducing.”

“I have a hard time with the word ‘preppy,’ ” Lyons told not long ago. “It’s very coastal, and it leaves out a lot of Americans who aren’t yachting or going to the beach club.” So what is the new J.Crew ideal? Not the East Hampton WASP, not anymore. Rather, it’s the sultry au pair watching the children. In sequins.” (Full Article Here).

As we know, every season of Crew has some good, bad, and ugly. But sometimes, there are pieces that are very, very good. And now they are gone. Let’s convince Jenna to BRING THESE BACK:  (If so, I have not doubt that the J. Crew valuation will surpass $3 billion by amassing a collection of the finest pieces of the past & present).

Volume I: We Want Sweater Jackets!

The Piazza Jacket in Warm Sunflower (and Navy).

Jackie O would approve and Michelle Obama would definitely wear this in Capri:

Another Sunny Sweater Jacket:

The Corinne Sweater Jacket in Deep Yellow (and Navy)

This 12-gauge double-knit tailored blazer is cute as can be…same style, more colors for next year…pretty please Jenna?

The Toulouse Sweater Jacket in Navy (and Bright Flame)

The chunky cables, big gold buttons and peacoat-style fit make this cozy sweater chic as can be! If you were lucky enough to snatch one up in January 2008…I bet you’d fancy another in black, white, camel…or other luxe hues.


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