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Valentine’s Date Outfits

Valentine's Date Outfits | The JCR Girls Blog

“But, why isn’t he obsessed with me?” Martha said to me.

We were sitting against the window seat of one of the sketchy Dublin flats we lived in, cocooned in duvets.  We had gone through a full sleeve of Digestive Biscuits and refilled the kettle twice.  She was talking about Barry (one point oh.)

“Jocelyn told me to put him on the back burner,” she continued.  “Back-Burner Barry.”

We did not know at this moment that these two sentences would be repeated often throughout the next four and a half years.  We didn’t know that “But why isn’t he obsessed with me?” would become our slang for “This guy is super cute and I want him to like me!  But he is stupid/ lives far away/ has a girlfriend… and it’s really lame.”

That was before Jocelyn and I met in person and we became the fierce friend trio we are now.  That was how every guy who was THE WORST became known as Barry, and before Martha met Matt and all back-burner business stopped.  It was before I went on The Weird Date with The Guy with the Violent Tattoo (who was actually kind of obsessed with me, do-do-do-do.)

This time of year always brings me back to that conversation we had as twenty-year-old girls with little to no love life.  So much (so little?) has changed since then…

As a single girl, I do not subscribe to the notion that Valentine’s Day is the worst day ever.  If I may speak for our trio, we think it’s lovely that there is a day reserved for telling people you kinda like them, even if you really ought to do that every day.

Whether your life is full of Back-Burner Barry’s or you have a steady beau,  we can all agree that we love a good date, especially a Valentine Date.  But… what to wear?  Not to worry, The JCR Girls are here for your Valentine’s Day needs!  What kind of date are you going on?

The Fancy Dinner Date
We know that you love food.  You love it more than you love your significant other.  Well, maybe not.  But that’s what you tell them when they finally bring you to that restaurant with the ravioli we have been DYING to try!

The JCR Girls | Valentine's Day | Fancy Dinner Date Outfit

Dress: Anthropologie, Ivoire Dress, $188.
Shoes:  French Connection, Catia High Heel, $140.
Earrings: J.Crew, Geometry Earrings, $75.


The Night In Date
Congratulations,  you have tricked your boyfriend into thinking that this is romantic or something.  Really, you just wanted popcorn and yoga pants.  Boyfriends LOVE yoga pants.  They don’t even know that you’re in your fat pants.  It’s hilarious.  Well played, my lazy comrade, well played.

The JCR Girls | Valentine's Day | Date Outfit Top:  J. Crew Cutout Floral Sweatshirt, $75.
Pants: Beyond Yoga, Gathered Legging, $99.
Slippers:  Accessorize Purrfect Fair Isle Slipper Boot, $21.
Hair Elastics: J.Crew Elastic Hair Tie Pack, $13.


The Party Date
There are two types of party dates:  the Non-Committal Party Date and the SUPER-Committal Party Date.  The Non-Committal Party Date is my favorite kind of Early in The Game Date.  I work well under pressure, but not date pressure.  The Non-Committal Party Date is fun, less serious, and laid back with a built in back up plan!  The SUPER-Committal Party Date is the game changer.  You know this party – the one where you get introduced as “the girlfriend” or you don’t.  Don’t worry!  His friends will love you!  We promise!  You look so cute, too!

The JCR Girls | Valentine's Day | Party  Date OutfitTop:  ALICE + OLIVIA, $130.
Shorts: Zara,  Faux Leather Bermuda Shorts, $50.
Shoes:  J.Crew Collection, Blakely Printed Pumps, $298.
Jewelry: J.Crew Faceted Cone Bracelet, $68.

The Friend Date
But why isn’t he obsessed with you?!  Not to worry, you still have two friends who aren’t married.  He’s a Barry anyway.

The JCR Girls | Valentine's Day | Friend Date Outfit Top:  J.Crew Lightweight Merino Tunic Sweater, $88.
Jeans: J.Crew Selvedge Toothpick Jean in Cherish Wash, $188.
Flats: J.Crew D’Orsay T-strap Ballet Flats, $228.
Necklace: Glitz Fox Pendant Necklace, $25.


Happy Valentine’s Day.



The JCR Girls: Holiday 2013 Gift Guides


Take the stress out of holiday gifting by staying inside and shopping online:

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Sparkly Gifts

Gold Gifts

Tartan / Plaid for the Holidays

Gifts for Guys

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And of course we can’t forget the glitz. Here are our favorite jewelry items:

J.Crew Deals & Steals

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You’re Welcome. 

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J.Crew Wedding Collection

Had the pleasure of being in my friend Alyssa’s wedding last weekend and it was an absolute blast! She looked gorgeous, the setting was spectacular and we had way more fun than we even thought was possible.

Here are a few photos of the festivities:
Weddings & Parties

a1e37692063111e388e422000a1fb6e3_7 Weddings & Parties

We wore these gorgeous teal silk chiffon dresses (from Nordstrom) with nude pumps (mine from Banana Republic) and Kate Spade drop earrings. As you can see, the bride has great taste. She’s also a super talented graphic designer (made our JCR Girls logo). She freelances too, so reach out to her if you need some pretty logos + graphics.

All this wedding talk reminds me that the Fall/Holiday Weddings & Parties Lookbook is out.

Have you seen it yet? J.Crew-Wedding-Party-Bridesmaid-Dress-Lookbook LOOKBOOK

With dresses numbered 1 thru 34, you’ll surely find something you adore! And chances are it will be the most expensive style, because that always seems to happen, doesn’t it?

Some people suffer from shiny fabric aversion (ahem, Aislinn) while others would never go strapless or would frown at anything that doesn’t look like a ball gown. Whatever your style, there are 34 options in 33 colors and several silhouettes…you really can’t complain.

What’s that? You’re not planning a wedding, in a wedding, or attending a wedding any time soon? You can still purchase a pretty party frock to rock this holiday season. In fact, we encourage it.


A sampling of our faves from the latest collection:













Honey, don’t forget to pick up the ice!
Ice. Baby.


J.Crew-Jewelry 05593_EC8333 05682_EC8333 06225_EC8333






Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Moms can never get enough credit.

As kids, they taught us how to make our beds, brush our teeth, and wear something that matches. As we grow older, they help us pick new bedspreads for college, keep extra toothbrushes on hand for our friends, and, well, shop with us for something that matches.

With everything our mothers do for us over the years, it’s only fair that they get a day completely dedicated to spoiling them right back. Spending time with your mom and letting her know you care is by far the best gift; however, you did get your sense of style and love of shopping from somewhere. Show her what excellent taste you inherited – I don’t think she’ll mind a little something all wrapped up!

J. Crew Liberty Vintage Floral PJ | J. Crew BlogC. Wonder Ikat Dinnerware | C. Wonder Blog

There isn’t anyone (mom or otherwise) who wouldn’t love a new summer PJ set, kicked off on Sunday with breakfast in bed. I can say with no shame that I make a terrible cup of coffee, but I buy cute mugs to make up for it. #distractionbyikat Also, the coordinating colors? That was no accident.

J. Crew Translucent Stone Necklace | J. Crew Review



J. Crew Translucent Stone Necklace

J. Crew Factory Summerweight Cashmere Cardigan

J. Crew Factory Summerweight Cashmere CardiganJCrew-Havana-Clutch J. Crew Havana Clutch

I always like to pair a few things when gifting clothing. Whether she wears them independently or altogether with her favorite outfit, your mom is guaranteed to get a lot of use from these pieces as well as plenty of compliments. Plus, you can always borrow them. Didn’t they warn us when we were younger about dressing like our mothers?
Anthropologie Apron | Anthropologie Blog

 Anthropologie Cookbook | Anthro Blog

If you have Instagram and/or don’t live under a rock, you know how trendy (and delicious!) macarons are right now. Why not try making them with your mom? I’ve heard they can be difficult – although this is coming from a girl who can’t make coffee – so pair this cookbook with a sweet summery apron in case things get messy.

If all else fails, take her out to lunch, buy her some flowers, and let her forget all her responsibilities for the day. You can make macarons or terrible coffee anytime, but there’s only one day a year when your mom knows the real reason why you’re doing it!






May Style Guide Scan

SUMMER. The best two syllable word on all of our minds right now. In the teasing wake of this month’s weather, all I can do is sit at my desk and daydream of sunnies, tanks, neons, espadrilles…and a darn good tan to go along with it all! And as I begin to drift far away from my responsibilities, picturing myself on some sandy beach, my mailman blesses me with J.Crew’s May Style Guide, and I am able to picture that sandy beach just a little clearer.

J. Crew Style Guide | The JCR Girls

J. Crew Style Guide | The JCR Girls J. Crew Style Guide | The JCR Girls

Aside from the May Style Guide’s ability to solidify my thoughts that I am more than ready for summer… I now feel as though I have no clothes, and must own everything on every page.


What we’re coveting for this season…


1. Anything “Punk Floral.” This print (donned on the cover of this month’s catalogue) was archived from an old botanical book, dug up by one of the Women’s designers. Citron and pink flowers, accented in black, are scattered across a field of emerald green, giving the pattern a sophisticated Pop Art feel.


Style Tip: Don’t be afraid to mix polka dots or stripes with bolder prints. After all, floral is summer’s neutral!


J. Crew Style Guide | The JCR Girls


2. Anything flowy and free. From beachy tunics to maxi dresses to the new Silk Flutter top, summer is the time for breezy pieces in beautiful colors. The best part about these pieces is their ability to take you from picnic to party with only few minor adjustments. (Colorful jewels, anyone?)


Style Tip: Add a baseball cap or boyfriend jeans for a sporty turn on flirty attire.


J. Crew Style Guide | The JCR Girls

J. Crew Style Guide | The JCR Girls


3. Anything Neon. Nothing compliments a summer’s tan more than hues that are just short of radioactive. Whether it’s Shocking Pink, Neon Violet, Citrus Lime, or prints that include all of the above, J.Crew girls welcome these colors in anything from 3” Chinos to Vintage Cotton V-Necks.


Style Tip: Celebrate summer by creating a look in head-to-toe neon. The safest way to do this is staying monochromatic, while adding accents in a similar color family. 


J. Crew Style Guide | The JCR Girls

J. Crew Style Guide | The JCR Girls

J. Crew Style Guide | The JCR Girls
Although these looks are our favorite, there are some other aspects of the Style Guide that deserve Honorable Mention. Mostly, the beach-ready attire that have me begging for a vacation sooner rather than later:


J. Crew Style Guide | The JCR Girls J. Crew Style Guide | The JCR Girls  

And this little girl, because, I mean, she could not be any cuter:


J. Crew Style Guide | The JCR Girls


And, lastly, you’re welcome.


J. Crew Style Guide | The JCR Girls


What was your favorite part of this month’s Style Guide? Any pieces you have to have? Could do without? Comment below, or tweet the @JCrewReview with hashtag #StyleGuideScan and let us know!





What We’re Into Right Now {2}

Classy Correspondence by Crane & Co
Send a sweet note to all the aviator-wearing, tennis-playing people in your life!

Crane & Co | Classy Correspondence



Hilarious Cards by Zeichen Press

Send a hilarious card to your BF, your BFF, and your mom.
Your mom loves cards.

Zeichen Press | Hilarious Cards

These Tipsy Teacups

I immediately snagged them at CB2 and proceeded home to throw away ALL of my ugly mugs. So liberating. Highly recommend it.

Tipsy Teacups | CB2

Pie for Breakfast Throw Pillows
And apple/pumpkin pie for breakfast, for that matter.

Pie for Breakfast Pillow

Thrift Shopping

Blame it on Macklemore, but I made out like a bandit at the thrift shop:
Gold Mirrors. Crystal Candlesticks. Vintage Hotel Coat Hangers.

The JCR Girls go thrift shopping

Pondering the Possibility of Purchasing $198 Printed Pajamas…

Who even wears matching pajamas anyway? This girl, clearly, and she looks freakin‘ adorable.

J. Crew Liberty Printed Pajamas

J. Crew Jemstone Necklaces
Want. Them. All.
J. Crew Jewelry - Necklaces



Ferragamo Flats

Ferragamo Flats | The JCR Girls

And… Garden Parties!
And winter to end, so that we can actually enjoy them.
Image c/o Bazaart

The JCR Girls Bazaart Collage | Garden Parties

My Five Favorite J. Crew Pieces

Greetings, JCR Readers!
My name is Alison and I’m the blogger behind NYC Recessionista, a bargain shopping and fashion blog I started in 2008. Even though I’m a bargain hunter at heart, I still believe in investing in quality pieces. If it doesn’t fit or flatter you, or falls apart after a few washes, it really doesn’t matter how money you “saved.”

That’s where J. Crew comes into play for me. If it’s a staple piece, is of superior quality, and fits extremely well, then perhaps it’s worth the extra money. And J. Crew has no shortage of covetable staples!

Now, I’ve been shopping at J. Crew since I was a freshman in high school. I was always more curvy and busty than my classmates and, to be honest, I don’t recall ever fitting into the clothes in the junior’s section in the department stores. So J. Crew was always somewhere I could go to find something exactly my style: classic, a little preppy, chic and comfortable. And I didn’t feel like I was busting out of the clothes–making me feel confident instead of self-conscious.

Back then, I never expected J. Crew to evolve into such a fabulous, totally on-trend, cutting edge label…and I never suspected that my appreciation for their clothes as a teenager would turn into an all-out love affair with the brand as an adult.

I have absolutely no idea how many J. Crew pieces I’ve purchased over the years…we’re talking hundreds, probably thousands of goodies. Some pieces I’ve had for 15 years, others I’ve bittersweetly (is that even a word?!) handed down to my nieces and/or my sister, and some I’ve just recently purchased and haven’t even worn yet.

But okay, if I absolutely have to narrow it down, here are my top five favorite pieces of all time:

No. 5 – The Schoolboy Blazer

I purchased this blazer last August, and I am ashamed to admit that I had never owned a proper wool blazer before. I went with a classic and neutral camel color, so that I would be able to pair it with more items in my closet.


J. Crew Schoolboy Blazer | The JCR Girls


I love the striped lining on the sleeves, and the detail on the buttons. The little touches J. Crew puts on their pieces makes them so much more special!

J. Crew Schoolboy Blazer | The JCR Girls

I’ve gotten so much more use of out it than I ever expected – it served as a jacket for me for most of last fall. I wore it to work with trousers and button-downs, and on the weekends with t-shirts and jeans. Pieces that can do double-duty like that for you are worth spending a little extra.

You can find a Schoolboy Blazer of your own here.


No. 4 – The Tippi Sweater in ‘Heart Me’

 I haven’t even had the chance to wear this sweater yet – I just bought it recently when it randomly reappeared back in stock one morning. When I saw it (and I thought it was a mirage), I just POUNCED like a mad woman.


J. Crew Tippi Heart Sweater | The JCR Girls

There isn’t much that I don’t completely adore about this sweater – blue and gray are two of my favorite colors, and I love that the heart is slightly imperfect…it’s not a 100% symmetrical heart…which reminds me that love isn’t always perfect.

J. Crew Tippi Heart Sweater | The JCR Girls

The ‘Heart Me’ sweater is now completely sold out, but they have also recently debuted the French Hen Sweater, which I am also completely obsessed with.


No. 3 – The ‘Marjorie’ Ballet Flat in Coconut Shell

 These shoes are pretty special to me, and I’ve only ever worn them once. I doubt I’ll ever wear them again, either. That might sound a little crazy, but I want to preserve them forever. They’re the shoes I wore on my wedding day.

J. Crew Ballet Flats | The JCR Girls

I found them in early 2010 at a J. Crew Sample Sale around the corner from my office, and I instantly knew they would be perfect for my fall wedding. They were the last ones in my size, and on sale for $45 (I think they retailed for $98 at the time).

J. Crew Ballet Flats | The JCR Girls

 They no longer carry the ‘Marjorie’ but they do still have oodles of super classic ballet flats that you can check out here.


No. 2 – The No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Double-Serge Wool in Meridian Green

This is another purchase that I made last August, and it has quickly become one of my favorite pieces in my entire wardrobe. I heavily debated getting a green pencil skirt – this was at a time when bold colors were just beginning to show up for skirts – but I just couldn’t resist.

No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Double-Serge Wool in Meridian Green | The JCR Girls

The photos of this skirt scarcely do it justice. The green is completely gorgeous. It reminds me of sea foam, vintage colored milk glass and sometimes even Tiffany & Co. boxes.

And again, it’s the little details J. Crew puts into their clothes that just get me every time. The ribbon on the inside of the waist, the lining, the small slit at the back and the fitted silhouette – just perfect.

No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Double-Serge Wool in Meridian Green | The JCR Girls

Even if you get one in a bold color, a classic pencil skirt is one of those wardrobe staples that every woman should have.  J. Crew has the No. 2 Pencil Skirt in a whole host of new colors right now, which you can check out here.


No. 1 – The Deco Flower Necklace

I am honestly not even sure what the real name of this necklace is!  I call it the ‘Deco Flower Necklace’ because it reminds me of a vintage piece you’d find in your grandmother’s jewelry box. I am pretty sure it was part of the very first jewelry collection that J. Crew ever did back in 2007 or 2008.

I completely missed out on it when it was available in stores, but I hunted it down later on eBay. Locking in the winning bid on this was one of my proudest eBay moments!

J. Crew Deco Flower Necklace | The JCR Girls

I could just stare at it all day long. It’s a little on the heavy side (on account of the glass beads) but I don’t even care. The flower detail is my favorite part.

J. Crew Deco Flower Necklace | The JCR Girls

This necklace is several years old, but J. Crew has been coming up with really beautiful jewelry designs ever since that first collection.  The ‘Elephant Resin-link Necklace’ and the ‘Peacock Necklace’ are both gorgeous.


Well, there you have it – my five favorite J. Crew pieces. I love them all. And looking back at my picks, something just occurred to me.  The wardrobe geniuses that put together the outfits for the J. Crew Style Guides could probably whip up one amazing outfit putting all of these pieces together.

And doesn’t that just speak volumes about the clothes?

(All images courtesy of NYC Recessionista)

Alison is the creator and author of NYC Recessionista, a bargain shopping and fashion blog started in 2008 after her then-boyfriend (now husband) politely told her he was tired of her talking his ear off about empire waists, wide leg trousers and mod-style shift dresses. She is just a simple girl with an insatiable appetite for clothes shopping, mixing bargain basement and designer pieces in the same outfit, and getting more than one season out of her favorite items by layering, mixing and matching. In addition to NYCRecessionista, she is also the creator of A Recessionista Ties The Knot and the tumblr What Would Joan Wear. In 2010, she was s elected as a “Knottie” Blogger Bride by TheKnot.com. In 2012, she was s elected to be a Beauty Ambassador for  Ladies’ Home Journal, and a
Guest Fashion Blogger for ElizabethBanks.com.

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Wear This Not That: Changing Seasons Edition

Ladies, I’m just as much of a die-hard Norts (Nike Running Shorts for you unenlightened few) and sweatpants fan as the next college girl but sometimes it’s just not going to cut it.  You know those days where you choose to throw your hair up into a messy bun, don your brightest pair of running shorts, sneakers, and old t-shirt because you just can’t be bothered to put on anything else (either that, or you try to feign athleticism like I do). Then life decides to put you in sartorial purgatory by running into every mildly cute boy you’ve ever had an inkling of a crush on because, alas, you chose to look like a scrub. These awkward encounters tend to make you curse your lazy outfit choices. #ForeverAlone.

But the J.Crew muses have mercy on our lazy souls and indeed the brand offers easy solutions to looking like the bright, blossoming beauties we really are—even on our most lethargic days.  Before you think jeggings are an acceptable substitute (they’re not) on colder days for your athletic shorts or sweatpants, behold two J.Crew solutions: The Minnie Pant (I’ve seen a similar factory version called the “Winnie Pant”) and the Café Capri.  Slim fitting and stretchy, the Minnie mimics the feel of leggings yet shows the world that you actually care about your appearance.  The Café Capri offers a bit more polish and, in addition to coming in its classic cotton city-fit version, also comes in herringbone, tweed, organza, and wool that are perfect for fall.

MinniePant TweedCapri

However if you, like me, live in one of the warmer parts of the country (holla ATL), you’ll probably want to sport a pair of shorts on the hotter days.  Enter the chino short, boasting enough colors to rival the selection at a Sherwin-Williams.  If that variety isn’t enough for you, J. Crew shorts comes in varying lengths and patterns as well (paisley, stripes, animal print, and even tiki print).  Now really, was it that hard to trade your running shorts for a pair of chinos? No. It wasn’t.


As for the rest of your outfit, you really have all the choices in the world.   While the Café Capris look great with a patent skinny belt, tucked-in blouse and Jackie cardi, I understand that you were looking for an easy solution.  So throw on a casual button down or oversized sweater and call it day. If you’re donning your chino shorts, pair them with a loose tank and a chambray shirt for a laid back look.  And if it’s not too taxing on your sluggish self, throw on a few pieces of jewelry too. The five seconds it takes to do this is so worth the added style it gives to your outfit. See? That wasn’t so difficult.  Now your professor won’t scowl at you for both looking like a bum and being late. Well, maybe just being late. But at least you look cute, right?

Below you’ll find my take on a more laid-back J.Crew look.

Chambray Shirt: J.Crew Factory, Top: ZARA, Café Capris: J.Crew, Shoes: Tory Burch, Jewelry: J.Crew and Laila Rowe, Watch: Michael Kors.


You can follow Julia’s blog at www.tailoredfeast.tumblr.com or find her on Twitter @tailoredfeast.