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Week in Review: Summertime Gladness

Hard to believe we’re over halfway through August! Here’s what we’ve been up to lately…

Summer may be fleeting, but there’s no better time than the present to purchase a new pair of sandals (that’s what I told myself, at least). This time, I went with the Jack Rogers Capri Sandal in Platinum. Super comfortable + great for narrow feet! Rumor has it, there’s an “End of the Season” sale on now at jackrogers.com with savings up to 60% off!

In addition to my go-to summer sandals, I’ve been getting a ton of use out of my @seabagsmaine tote this season. Many of you asked [something along the lines of…]
Q: Would you recommend this oversized, excessively nautical tote bag?
A: Oh for shore! (Aren’t you relieved I didn’t say tote-ally?)

In all seriousness, I do really like it. The bag fits multiple beach towels, beverages, sunscreen – you name it! Also pretty cool that it’s made of recycled sails. ♻️ I went with the Large Navy Zip Top Anchor Tote + Hanging Pocket (I’d recommend both the zipper + pocket upgrades!).

Minnesota-Summer-Lake-Minnetonka-SailboatSo, I’m still saving up for that boat, but until then I’ll continue to snap photos like this and live vicariously though them. Follow along on Instagram @TheJCRGirls for more where this came from!


The title of this post isn’t entirely accurate. While I’m trying my best to embrace “Summertime Gladness,” the end-of-summer blues is really starting to hit home. To combat this, I’ve been spending tons of time outside – running, biking, festival-going and dining al fresco (that is, in addition to yard work, but I doubt you want to hear about that…).

P.S. – Still getting plenty of wear out of this Ratti “Into the Wild” print – as seen in our recent #JCrewChallenge series!

In the spirit of back-to-school season, I’ve rounded up some of our favorite geek chic accessories including: “You Got This” Trinket Dish, Gold & Acrylic StaplerShop Sonix Palm Print Case, Rose Gold Scissors, Rifle Paper Legal Notepad & Warby Parker Tortoise Glasses!


You know we can’t resist a good nautical motif, so this new necklace from LK Meyer (handcrafted in Rhode Island) and “Sail Away” notebook needed to join the collection of nautical necessities.

Back-to-School-Desk-Accessories We stretched the “back-to-school” theme even further and decided it was a great opportunity to refresh both desk and bar cart accessories.

From L to R: Mariposa Napkin Holder + Boat Shoe Weight / Moleskin Notebook / Papyrus “Dress Your Desk” Accessories / Target Scissors / Hair Tie Holder Bracelets Cuffs / Leatherology Envelope / Monogrammed Mariposa Wine Coaster.

And in true JCR girl fashion, we’d be remiss not to mention that the latest J.Crew Style Guide IS THE BEST ONE IN YEARS. Back us up on this, will you?

We started parsing through the pages and familiarizing ourselves with the 226 shades of pink (not a typo!) to bring you some a roundup of our favorite new blush tones in the form of:

Tune in next week, as we share details of our recent travels AND an exciting announcement!


Pastel Perfect

Easter is literally right around the corner. Oh my gosh you guys I started writing this post pre-Easter. My level of procrastination is almost impressive. So I guess now Easter is just behind that last corner you turned. This holiday always signals that it is really springtime for me. For this reason, not surprisingly, I can’t seem to get pretty pastels out of my head. Per usual, Crew has the exact pieces I want (you know I mean need) to get these thoughts out of my head and into my closet. Next step: win lottery, buy all of the following items.

J. Crew Pastel Shirt

Three Quarter Sleeve Stretch Perfect Shirt (Misty Aqua) $65

This shirt IS perfect. Perfect for summer and all the occasions that come along with it. Wear it to work with a cute black skirt, pair it with denim to dress down.

Pink J. Crew Pants

Garment-Dyed Ankle-Zip Toothpick Jean $125

Even though I am still debating the purchase of statement color jeans I totally support the idea of them. These are more on the neon side but whatever this is my post and they are pastel enough to live in it!

J. Crew Yellow Pencil Skirt - J. Crew Review

No. 2 Pencil Skirt $89.50

Dang, this skirt would have been ideal for Easter brunch. C’est la vie, I’ll have to save it for my cousin’s First Communion or a Brewers game. What?…I would wear a pencil skirt to a baseball game.

J. Crew Sperry Top-Siders - J. Crew Review Blog

Sperry Top-Sider Boat Shoes in Twill $98

We have been lusting after these shoes since their debut on the Crew website months ago. I need them to wear on my boat. That I don’t own. Okay, fine I just need them to wear to the coffee shop that is near the lake in Milwaukee.

What are your pastel picks for this spring/summer? Comment or Tweet us @JCrewReview!



J. Crew, I Love You But…

J. Crew Lovers, I have a confession to make. A confession that, deep down, the majority of you can probably relate to. It’s hard to explain, but is something along the lines of “J. Crew, I Love You But…” Sort of like a spouse, someone who you have loved and adored for years but certain things they do and say really make you angry. Yeah…it’s kinda like that.

The JCR girls began to realize that other people feel the same we we do – having an unending love for and unwavering addiction to J. Crew, but really truly hoping that some things could change.

Then we came across an eye-opening post by long-time J. Crew fan Mike Conklin. In this post, Mike laments about the J. Crew shirting collection. His post, titled “An Open Letter to J. Crew – Please Stop Trying to Decieve Your Customers,” sheds light on an extremely hot button issue. Read it Now.

After a lightening stroke of inspiration 100% accredited to Mike’s post, and wondering what if, by some stroke of luck, this letter got into the right hands or handhelds of the J. Crew design team, that maybe, just maybe, things could change. Since there is a glimmer of hope for this opportunity (and those of us who have been through business school know that listening to the customer is important, and increasingly easy given the tools of the Internet + social media) – so J. Crew Reviewers, we invite you to come up with a “J. Crew I Love You But…” statement or stance, and maybe we can make J. Crew even better than ever before!

Now we don’t mean to offend anyone who thinks their legitimate political lobbying is far superior, more important, and will actually result in World Peace. For those who feel this way, more power to you. We are just trying a little Open Letter strategy in an attempt to help the revered retailer that garners so much of our attention, and even more of our paychecks. Due to this extreme commitment of time, money and caring about the overall well-being of this brand, that we bring you this serious series.

The JCR Girls are pleased to bring you, J. Crew I Love You But…

But, we need your help. In the comments below or on twitter directed to @JCrewReview, please tell us what you would change if you were in charge.

Jenna, we love you, but…we really wish we could stalk you on twitter!
Jenna Lyons Creative Director

J. Crew Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, whether a “special someone” is in the picture or not, those of us with J.Crew obsessions will have to make some time for our longtime love affair with the Crew. From candy colored chinos to cozy cashmere cardigans, the new arrivals give us all something more to drool over than a box of dark chocolates (but I wouldn’t expect you to turn those away, either).

 Of all the new spring arrivals, two things caught my eye the most (I’m pretending I don’t see you, High Waisted Denim Pencil Skirt). Firstly, one of their signature colors this season is back – the neon pink we all died over last year, perfect for this February holiday and equally flattering on all skin tones. Also making a comeback? The classic and versatile Teddie dress!  Here are some weather-appropriate Valentine’s Day ideas using both, so that you’ll be prepared whether you’re getting ready for a fancy night out, a more casual date, or just staying in Pinning recipes and quotes from The Notebook.JCR



(Check out Diane’s bio here!)

J. Who? Stop Teesin’ Me.

Many of these looks beg the question: “J. Who?”
As in: J. Crew, do you REALLY sell these things? No teasin’?
Or “Teesin’ ” as we will refer to it here on out as many of the “J. Who? Whaa?” questions refer to totally wack t-shirts.

That’s HOT!

Literally, you will be so hot in this top. $795 for a leather tee? Wait, did you say leather tee? Is it just me or do short sleeves = warm weather and leather = cold weather and/or bikers that don’t want their skin torn off?

Shimmering  Silk and Lurex Jacquard

…T-shirt? Say Whaaa?

The Dulcie Mini is pretty fly though (Imagine with a fancy white sleeveless collared shirt? So CHIC!)

Shimmerveil Tee: Silk/Lurex® plus the Midas Touch

Yes, it is veiled in shimmer. Which is kinda cool, but at the same time feels a bit like a short-sleeved swimsuit. “The brilliant fabric, a mix of silk and metallic threading, comes to us from a venerable Italian mill..Our designer crafted this smoldering beauty in a universally flattering silhouette with a drape so fluid, it’s like wearing liquid gold

I made need some liquid courage to sport this liquid gold thing!

You can also get the Shimmerveil Dress, which is equally stunning and startling. GLitz. Glam. Dare I say Gaudiness?

Spahkle at Sea
J. Crew shimmer striped dress
A Mariner’s Stripe Sprinkled with Confetti? Bringing a whole new meaning to yacht party.

For the do-it-yourselfer: Shower in glitter KE$HA style!

Marled Sweatshirt Tee
J. Crew Marled Sweatshirt Tee

Save $55 and Do-It-Yourself:
Take old sweatshirt. Make long sleeves short sleeves by way of scissors. Keep edges raw. If you have some leftover material you can Make Matching Shorts!

Well there you have it! Some tee-rific ideas for DIY projects. Check the J. Crew website for the 95% of new arrivals I did not make fun of in this post. Mostly because the did not make me say: “J. Who?” and instead simply tempted me to drop em in my shopping cart…

What are your New Arrival Favs? Let us know via Twitter @JCrewReview!

I’m Addicted it’s a Crisis.

True Life: I have too many tuxedo tunics.

It started out harmless enough, I stumbled upon a J. Crew sale at Water Tower Place with an additional 40% off clearance items. And let’s face it, I really do some damage in the clearance section. With an additional 40% subtracted off the already too-good-to-be-true prices, I really can’t help myself.

So of course I found this beauty and it conjured up images of beachy frolic times and I had to have it. It screamed “You have the perfect belt with which to ‘belt that shit!'” In other words, you need me because I’d look so good on you and with your existing accessories.

It was fitty dollars. Wait, 40% off. Wait 12% tax. Wait, it’s fine. Green light: Get it Girl! (If you are not following my stream of conciousness, let me clarify and tell you that I bought this tuxedo tunic).

It was great. I loved it. I wore it to work with my black zippy riding pants and adorned it with a skinny little patent belt. I felt cute.

Then I ventured to Mall of America for no particular reason other than to get outta the house. Cabin fever drove me to the mega-mall and I was pleased to find it empty. Mine, all mine. J. Crew = me plus 3 associates.

I checked out the HOT pink new arrivals. I checked out the beautiful baubles. I even checked out the cute-as-can-be Crewcuts. Then I ventured to the miniscule clearance section and swiftly sifted through the cubbies. To my surprise and sheer delight, I found my terrific tuxedo tunic in 3 more colors. I geeked out a little bit when I read the price and sign above my head:

$19.99 + 50% all clearance. I feel like the chicest criminal around town.

So I bought meself another. Then I found a black-and-white checkered one for $50 and followed suit. I passed on the white one since it was dangerously sheer, but I feel confident that I have an adequate collection of tuxedo tunics.

Just like my Silk Ruffle Top & Jackie Cardigan Collections, I think the Tuxedo Tunic will become a wardrobe staple in my closet.

Now run, don’t walk, to your nearest Crew and snatch at least one up.                        It’s Tuxedo Tunic Time!
(Not to be confused with “Hammer Time”)


Forward Thinking Fashionista

School is officially back in session. As if spring semester being in full swing isn’t depressing enough,  add in some too cold to even be called frigid temperatures to make matters worse. Well, as part of my New Years resolution I am not going to think negatively, and I won’t let you either- we are forward thinking fashionistas! So get your mind off of papers and projects and instead look to the future and imagine the fabulousness that is spring fashion! So, to keep our thoughts sunny and positive, I did some research…I headed to fashionising.com and picked out the top trends (in my opinion) from the great list they have compiled! Pop over to their site for more extensive information and even more wants, needs, and must haves for the approaching months.

Ahoy, matey!

Stripes and wide leg pants are topping the lists for the “must-have” clothing pieces this spring. Can you say SAILOR?! I refuse to call this a trend, a good nautical stripe never goes out of style! However, I would suggest limiting the sailor gear to one piece per outfit, you don’t want to be prancing around looking like a mannequin from the most recent Forever 21 floor set.

Banana Republic, Striped Jacket- $198

Image Credit: http://www.fashionising.com/trends/b--bell-bottoms-flared-jeans-flared-trousers-5343.html

I want to go sailing…now. However, sans the wedges, throw in some Sperrys and I’ll be good to go!

Time Traveler:

In this case we’re going to have to look back to see the future- the 70’s are making a comeback this year. Silky tops with billowing arms, high waisted pants, vibrant colors and accessories that make a statement (leather satchels, bold jewels…aka all the things we already love.) It seems that anything and everything from this era is in- from boho to glamor work this trend however you like with big leather belts or a flowing maxi-dress. Whats the key to pulling it off according to the lovely folks over at Fashionising? Be bold, be confident.

Image Credit: http://www.stylebakery.com/style-recipes/images/16.jpg

Straight out of the 70’s

(You don’t have to take the trend to this extreme, but get inspired! Fun prints, bright colors, and is that a snood she is holding in her hand? I find it totally acceptable to wear one for all seasons, I am very pleased!)

Image Credit: http://neteral.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/tejusleathersatchel.jpg

Minimize to Maximize!:

It really does make sense when you think about it- reference my previous post “Back to Basics” if you don’t believe me! Maybe I’m  a fortune teller of sorts, but I knew that my second New Years resolution to showcase the basics in my wardrobe felt right for this year! Fashion magazines and websites like ELLE and REFINERY29 are encouraging all of us to appreciate the beauty that minimalism offers…and hey, in between running back and forth to internships, the gym and classes…we could all use a little simplicity thrown into our lives. Here’s a little peak at looks from the runway:

Image credit: http://www.refinery29.com/img/2011-fashion-trends-minimalism.jpg

Another absolutely wonderful site to check out for some fashion ideas and tips for trends is www.polyvore.com! Anyone can set up an account and then you are free to browse about other fashion lovers collages and see what is buzzing around the fashion world.

So my fellow fashionistas, get inspired and get ready for spring! And remember, keep your mood #positivepolly- but when in doubt, look to the sensational styles for next season to keep you blissful! (PS- This was my first post for my new writing class, hope you all liked it just as much as the Crew Reviews XOXO).

I Bet You Would…

Would you wear a snood?

I bet you would, I bet you would!


What about little red riding hood?

Would you coordinate your colors? I think you should, I think you should!

Here we have henna on henna covered by sandstone…


And a coat worthy of a throne! If you could, I bet you would…

This heavenly confection boasts a beautifully pleated, vintage-inspired silhouette in a magnificent shimmering tweed that reminds us of a starry night. (The luminous wool was specially woven with sequins at an Italian couture mill.) With its so-right-now collarless neckline, cropped silhouette and luxurious swing shape, it’s the shining star of our holiday collection and a true collector’s piece. The gather detailing and bracelet sleeves lend a final touch of drama (perfect for pairing with those long, elbow-length gloves we’re loving this season). Italian wool.

Bursting with bold buzzwords…are you making a beeline to snatch up some new crew? How about a snood?…I bet you would, I bet you would!

Sparkly, solid, marled…It’s our have-to-have accessory of the season (we couldn’t be more obsessed). This supersoft, ridiculously cozy twisted loop can be worn as a scarf, a head cover or a cowl-style collar over a sweater. Definitely the best way to stylishly brave the elements or just stay warm around the house (we even keep one at the office, just in case).

Half Scarf. Half Hood. You should embrace the snood. Yes, yes, yes you should.

~This post was brought to you by Dr. Seuss’ daughter and Little Red Riding Hood’s half-sister.

Crafting with Crew-Annie Get Your Glue Gun!

Back by popular demand…Martha Stewart Crafting Section #2

Today we will learn how to make replicas of three items from the J. Crew fall fashion line. Annie get your glue gun! Now let’s get down to business:

1. The appropriately named Bon Bon Dress

The beautiful bon bon dress is part of the J. Crew Collection and retails for $268. It’s short and sweet and draws inspiration from a Hershey’s kiss. The skirt portion is made of “lightweight lamé from the Goutarel mill in France known for its exquisite fabrics,” which might be a little tough to obtain for your personal crafting needs. So I am sending you to the supermarket. Pick up 8 bags of Hershey’s kisses in signature silver. Carefully unwrap each one with impeccable care so not as to tear the pretty paper. Once you have smoothed out 268 wrappers simply glue them together and voila! you are in the bon bon business.

*Martha Stewart Secret…melt the chocolate kisses down. Pour into your brand-new ultra-sterilized outdoor fountain. Dig out the fondue forks from France and throw a nice little garden party complete with chocolate fountain…it’s a very good thing, until you have to clean it up.

2. The Islington plaid poncho

Next, we will do some upcycling. That means, using something we were about to throw away and turning it into something wonderful we will cherish forever! First, dig up that ugly plaid itchy wool blanket you used to complain about sitting on as a kid at the fireworks.

Fiona, get your Fiskers! Drape your tartan blanket around your shoulders as if you were pretending to be Harry Potter donning an invisiblity cloak. If your poncho appears too long, cut the bottom hem haphazardly until you reach the desired length. Now, you will need to steal an old brown belt from someone and cut it up to form the buckle. That’s really all there is to it!

3. The appropriately named Tassel Rope Necklace

As the name implies, to make this Turkish treasure all you need is rope and tassels! See how fast you can save $175?

Whatever are you going to do with all that money you saved? Use that lettuce to support your shoe fetish! Here are some of my favorites:

You might also want to treat yourself to the Martha bracelet…named after our favorite girl Martha Stewart! (Jenna wore this stunning Swarovski crystal bracelet on The Martha Stewart Show.)

Thanks for tuning in! I just discovered a great Jezebel post on the new Crew Catalog. Read it here: http://ow.ly/2xEjr for descriptions like:

  • $1200 jackets made from the hide of Snuffleupagus, may he rest in peace.
  • Cutting off your sweat pants, turning them into shorts, wearing them with long socks and heels and playing it off like it doesn’t look absurd.
  • Mixing and matching accessories that have a bordello-chic vintagey vibe, as though grandma was a pricey hooker.

And another hilarious one: http://ow.ly/2xExP on “Life in Neon” takes you on a journey through the entire September catalog riddled with spot-on criticisms and and equally spot-on standing ovations like:

  • This cover is giving all kinds of  The Queen is Dead meets the lobby of an off-highway hotel, multiplied by jelly beans and a muppet. Love it.
  • Stop. Stop right now. Stop. Walk away. Actually, come back: can someone pleaseeee tell me more about this Reversible Italian Cashmere Cocoon Popover? I’ve been dreaming about this all of my life. It is BEAUTIFUL.
  • Ashley. Wedding specialist. Can you SHOW the dresses instead of cutting them off halfway? They’re wedding dresses, not play toys. 

Seriously read both of these Crew Catalog posts in their entirety! Have you laughed today? (No, this is not a slimy cheese commercial).