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Week in Review: Summertime Gladness

Hard to believe we’re over halfway through August! Here’s what we’ve been up to lately…

Summer may be fleeting, but there’s no better time than the present to purchase a new pair of sandals (that’s what I told myself, at least). This time, I went with the Jack Rogers Capri Sandal in Platinum. Super comfortable + great for narrow feet! Rumor has it, there’s an “End of the Season” sale on now at jackrogers.com with savings up to 60% off!

In addition to my go-to summer sandals, I’ve been getting a ton of use out of my @seabagsmaine tote this season. Many of you asked [something along the lines of…]
Q: Would you recommend this oversized, excessively nautical tote bag?
A: Oh for shore! (Aren’t you relieved I didn’t say tote-ally?)

In all seriousness, I do really like it. The bag fits multiple beach towels, beverages, sunscreen – you name it! Also pretty cool that it’s made of recycled sails. ♻️ I went with the Large Navy Zip Top Anchor Tote + Hanging Pocket (I’d recommend both the zipper + pocket upgrades!).

Minnesota-Summer-Lake-Minnetonka-SailboatSo, I’m still saving up for that boat, but until then I’ll continue to snap photos like this and live vicariously though them. Follow along on Instagram @TheJCRGirls for more where this came from!


The title of this post isn’t entirely accurate. While I’m trying my best to embrace “Summertime Gladness,” the end-of-summer blues is really starting to hit home. To combat this, I’ve been spending tons of time outside – running, biking, festival-going and dining al fresco (that is, in addition to yard work, but I doubt you want to hear about that…).

P.S. – Still getting plenty of wear out of this Ratti “Into the Wild” print – as seen in our recent #JCrewChallenge series!

In the spirit of back-to-school season, I’ve rounded up some of our favorite geek chic accessories including: “You Got This” Trinket Dish, Gold & Acrylic StaplerShop Sonix Palm Print Case, Rose Gold Scissors, Rifle Paper Legal Notepad & Warby Parker Tortoise Glasses!


You know we can’t resist a good nautical motif, so this new necklace from LK Meyer (handcrafted in Rhode Island) and “Sail Away” notebook needed to join the collection of nautical necessities.

Back-to-School-Desk-Accessories We stretched the “back-to-school” theme even further and decided it was a great opportunity to refresh both desk and bar cart accessories.

From L to R: Mariposa Napkin Holder + Boat Shoe Weight / Moleskin Notebook / Papyrus “Dress Your Desk” Accessories / Target Scissors / Hair Tie Holder Bracelets Cuffs / Leatherology Envelope / Monogrammed Mariposa Wine Coaster.

And in true JCR girl fashion, we’d be remiss not to mention that the latest J.Crew Style Guide IS THE BEST ONE IN YEARS. Back us up on this, will you?

We started parsing through the pages and familiarizing ourselves with the 226 shades of pink (not a typo!) to bring you some a roundup of our favorite new blush tones in the form of:

Tune in next week, as we share details of our recent travels AND an exciting announcement!


Going Geek Chic

Is it possible for us to be getting geekier and chicer at the same time? It must be, because Martha and Jocelyn have noted a personal style transformation… not unlike the one J. Crew has gone through over the past 5-10 years! From uber-preppy, to girly and fun, to quirky collegiate, to wear-to-work, and finally, to geek chic.

Gone are the days of preppy J. Crew catalogs comprised of critter shorts, grosgrain ribbon belts and flops, and seersucker pant suits. In waltzed Jenna Lyons, crowned Creative Director in 2007, and a style transformation consisting of markedly different colors, textures, fit, and mystique commenced. Loyal J. Crewers were shocked, surprised, dare I say antagonistic about the change, but somehow, Jenna & Co knew what was best for us.

Jenna Lyons

You see, woman cannot survive stylishly on pique, seersucker, and madras alone. No, our apparel appetites were hungry for the feminine frills (ruffle craze, you know the one we’re referring to), silky blouses, and chic silhouettes that came to grace the venerable racks. We soon came to lust after the Italian fabrics and tighter tailoring that felt much more fashion-forward than Connecticut casual. Sure, some J. Crew devotees dropped off the bandwagon and re-subscribed to L.L. Bean and Brooks Brothers catalogs, but the rest of us welcomed the style transformation with open arms.

Jenna Lyons | The Woman Who Dressed America

Next in our personal style transformation came quirky collegiate—dubbed in large part to our own circumstances–poor college students with expensive taste. We opted for the on-sale cotton pieces (tees and sweaters and fleecy things), coupled with quirky accessories like critter necklaces and oversized bow headbands (thanks, but no thanks, Gossip Girl).

As sophomores became juniors and juniors needed internships and “real work experiences,” Martha and Jocelyn loaded up on pencil skirts, Jackie cardis and haberdashery. Heck, we even invested in heels with price tags swallowing up three paychecks. Worked like a charm though, because everyone wanted to hire us (amiright J?)

Now, on the cusp of young adulthood and firmly planted in the “professional world,” we’ve developed a style of our own (yet strikingly similar to each other—can’t help it that we complete each other’s sentences)! It’s safe to say that geek chic is where we’ve landed.

Having plenty of J. Crew items curated through years of collecting (and many which have stood the test of time), we still wear those cotton sundresses from high school and those unbelievably soft favorite tees—but this time with a twist: We’ve gone professorial with blazers and prim + proper hairstyles, (well, everyone needs a messy bun every now and again). Nerdy with vintage-inspired tortoise-frame glasses, and modest with dainty little Jackies worn with everythinggggg.

At the same time, we’ve become much more mature in our style, with a keen eye for chic pieces and ways to style them effectively. If we had to pick a favorite wardrobe item, it would be the shoes—be they riding boots, luxe loafers, bow-trimmed ballerinas, power heels, or leather sandals—the shoes can really make or break an outfit. Of course, you can’t forget about the accessories—of which our favorites are: gold watches, “diamond” earrings, bright scarves, classy leather handbags, skinny belts, vintage gemstone rings, and statement necklaces.


A Glimpse of Our Geek Obsessions:

Going Geek CHic | The JCR Girls

What’s your personal style?

How has it evolved with J. Crew’s transformation? Let us know in the comments below!

Crew Pairings

Obviously we think J. Crew can be paired with just about anything. There never seems to be an outfit or style complete without at least one item from J. Crew. Pairing something J. Crew with something else you are coveting provides the perfect excuse to purchase both items, right? Yes.

Relaxing Sunday

For your Sunday mornings pair these J. Crew pajamas with these mugs.


Complete your J. Crew Blouse by pairing with this gumdrop necklace for a styled office outfit.

Colorful Accessories

Bring color to your everyday by complimenting this J. Crew phone case with these Anthropologie earrings.

Shoes and Sunglasses

Pair these perfect J. Crew flats with these stunning cat-eye glasses for your end-of-summer/early-fall look.



Meet Anni, one of our fabulous new guest bloggers:

Anni is a twenty-something marketing student at the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management. She spends her free time exploring Minneapolis coffee shops, perfecting her yoga headstand and catching up with her three best friends, her sisters.

After purchasing her first Jackie while most middle schoolers were sporting hoodies, Anni quickly became a J. Crew addict. She sets her alarm a bit early on Fridays to browse the J. Crew Factory site before the rest of the time zone and can persuade herself into buying just about anything from the store. Dressing as a business student and an intern, she is nearly 90% Crew at all times. She credits her mom for learning to dress classy and chic

Her dream job is to get involved in a business where style is appreciated and sequins are always welcomed, Anni also hopes to combine her business studies with her passion for social and digital media.

Anni believes in living every day like its your birthday, which includes dressing the part and topping just about everything with sprinkles.

She keeps a diary of her life at www.xodaries.com and is excited to be part of the Crew over here at JCR.

Walking on Sunshine

As summer is coming to an end, it’s time to throw on our favorite carefree outfits. Bold colors have been everywhere this season, which is why the color of the month is yellow! Not a boring, pastel yellow. This is a bright, “look at me” yellow. A bold yellow can frighten many, including myself. It is tricky to pull off on fairer skin, but anyone can wear it if done confidently and correctly! Here are some terrific statement pieces:

We’ll start with something simple: shoes! Cece leather ballet flats in sour lemon or Lena wedges in golden sunflower are a perfect pop of color to any outfit. Pair them with jeans or a summer dress and you’re good to go.
J. Crew Cece Leather Suede Ballet Flats


J. Crew Lena Wedges Yellow Platform Heels

 For something a bit more bold, try the No. 2 pencil skirt in golden sunflower. Every girl should own at least one pencil skirt and I simply adore this one – it definitely makes a statement. You can dress it up for work, or dress it down for date night. A pencil skirt is classy, but choosing a bright color makes it a fun piece for every day wear.
J. Crew No. 2 Double-Serge Pencil Skirt

One of my favorite pieces this season is the bright blazer. There is no reason for blazers to be boring. Try the bright sun Schoolboy Blazer in Herringbone for work or a night out with the girls. While not as bold as the other pieces I’ve mentioned, this one is perfect for any skin tone. Wearing bright yellow close to your face can drain the color right out of it if you are on the lighter side like me. However, wearing a more muted shade will keep you looking stylish and healthy whether you’re beautifully golden or a delicate shade of ivory. Either way, this blazer is definitely a must have!

J. Crew Schoolboy Blazer

And of course, don’t forget your yellow accessories!

Little Edie Purse J. Crew handbag collection

Classic Medium J. Crew Bangle Bracelet

  J. Crew Archipelago Necklace


by JCR Guest Blogger Katelyn Mills

JCR Guest Blogger Katelyn Mills
Katelyn Mills is a sophomore at the University of Minnesota studying journalism and retail merchandising. She hopes to find a job in advertising or public relations upon graduation and move to New York or California. She has dreams of big cities, over-priced apartments and fabulous shopping trips, which she one day hopes to afford. When not in school, she works part-time for Gap Kids, takes cake decorating classes, and interns at a small flower shop learning about small business hands-on, literally. Her secret ambition is to open her own business before turning thirty.



Nailed It

So, I have a dilemma. I’m addicted to nail polish but I hate painting my nails, #notarealproblem, but kind of a real problem….right? However, for those rare occasions where I actually have the desire to sit down and throw some color on my nails, I like to have lots of options to choose from. Here are my current obsessions:

FACE Stockholm Nail Polish in:

1. Neon Sunset and…

2. …Taxi Cab, if you’re in the mood to make a statement. I mean make a fashion statement. You could go ahead and make a statement regardless of your nail color I suppose…

Both can be found on the Crew website for $10.00.

And of course, I can’t get away from my love for Essie. Although I seem to have trouble with it drying well. Does anyone else experience this, or is it just my impatience getting the best of me?

1. Mucho Deniro

2. Fruit Sangria

3. Sand Tropez

4. Turquoise and Caicos

5. Play Date

6. Miami Vice

What are your favorite summer nail polish colors? Comment below or tweet us @JCrewReview!


Grand Strands

If you follow us on Instagram (JCrewReview), you have probably caught on to the fact that I am literally obsessed with necklaces. Especially of the statement variety. Now, my love for flashy but classy jewels has always existed. But now, I have to wear all black to work. Something I would have been thrilled with in my Chicago dwelling days when I seemed to have been hit with the black plague (ba-doom-chhhh). However, with this “pop of color” trend blowing up and warm weather days just screaming to be graced with gorgeous colored ensembles, I’m quite depressed about this dress code. What a lovely excuse to go stock up on statement jewelry and how lucky am I that Crew is fully stocked with necklaces just screaming, “buy me, I need a good home.”

J. Crew Bubble Necklace - J. Crew Review

Pictured above: my fave statement necklaces I wear from Crew on a regular basis. I think these are all fun enough to spice up a boring outfit, but still have a classic feeling to them (key when it comes to accessorizing).

When it comes to statement jewelry, however, I am not fully committed to Crew. It’s hard to find a sparkle strand I don’t love. Here are some of my other favorites:

Kate Spade Yellow Necklace via J. Crew Review

Kate Spade Treasure Chest Necklace

YELLOW! We know how perfect this color is for summer thanks to the #JCrewDocu, J. Crew and the Man Who Dressed America!


Max & Chloe Yochi Emerald Rhinestone Necklace

I love the vintage feeling this necklace has. It’s very classic while still standing out and making an ensemble special!

Statement Necklace J. Crew Review

Stephan & Co. Statement Necklace

This necklace completely embraces the pop of color trend. It’s so fun and for only $16 you can continue shopping guilt-free and stock up on even more statement pieces.

My Week in Crew

I love EVERYTHING J. Crew…this isn’t a surprise. But what items could I just not get enough of last week? Here’s my week in Crew! (PS- I am no wiz when it comes to Polyvore, but I really tried for you guys so hopefully you’ll appreciate the effort to spice up the blog a bit!)

J. Crew Accessories and Clothing for winter A: I’ve been carrying my Archie Grand notebook in my purse every since Martha gave it to me for Christmas! I’ve been jotting down everything from to do lists to blog ideas!

B: The weather has been all over the place the past week, but on the extra chilly days I’ve been throwing on my earmuffs to keep me toasty. They are so cute and the perfect way to keep your hair as you styled it when you left the house!

C: My black Jackie has been a savior this past week (and for the past few to be honest) I have to wear all black at my job. Sounds easy but is much harder to do when you are forced. I have been throwing this on over everything to follow the dress code.

D: The Painter Turtleneck and the Pintuck Tank were both purchased during my trip to Indianapolis and their sweet little details have been adding just enough visual interest to my daily ensembles.

E: Of course, I can never forget my sparkles and statement jewels.

That’s Tight!

That's Tight!
How do you wear your tights in winter?
Last year when I lived in Ireland I went on a “jeans fast” in an effort to look stylish & chic and not like a stereotypical American. I limited myself to one day of jeans-wearing per week (how Mean Girls, right?) and stocked up on tights and leggings in multiple colors, patterns and textures. It was fun experimenting with all the ways to wear em.
J. Crew was obviously a big inspiration–these looks make me want to go on another jeans fast! Except…the frozen tundra that is Minneapolis, MN is preventing me from indulging in my jean-free spree. I’m saving this styleboard for early spring so I can copy these TIGHT looks.
I’m ready to try out the “Tights and Winter Shorts” ensemble. Any suggestions for pulling this off without looking like I haven’t done laundry since September?