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Gadgets for Gals

Because let’s face it, sometimes those gift-givers in your life aren’t the greatest at picking up on your personal style but refuse to go the gift card route. Instead of risking something way to trendy (or heavens forbid – the polar opposite) direct these gifters to gadgets instead!

Gifts for Girls - Women's Electronics From L to R
JAMBOX Portable Wireless Speaker – Not only does it ROCK, it’s sleek lines and customizable colors mean it can double as decor! // Universal Charger – I mean…they don’t come any cuter than this! // Nest Learning Thermostat – Not even a homeowner yet, yet I’m obsessed! //  Chromecast – Have it, love it! It’s like AppleTV, but way less $$$ // FitBit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Tracker – Thousands of people swear by it, just Google it. // SodaStream Soda Maker – So you can have sparkling water on the regular, no grocery shopping required! // Clarisonic Skincare Brush – Just read the beauty blogs, they will explain the magic of the Clarisonic Mia/Mia2. //  SteamFast Fabric Steamer – I had a handheld one and it broke. Now it’s time for the real deal. Turn your closet into a wrinkle-free J.Crew dressing room! {Is it sad that I kind of enjoy steaming my clothes?!}

Happy Holiday Shopping Season!



Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

Quick survey (let us know in the comments!) is St. Nicholas Day a widespread practice? It has just been brought to my attention that this may be a Milwaukee only thing. So now I’m very curious and would like to know who else out there celebrates and where you are from!

I always LOVED St. Nick’s growing up. My sister and I would get smaller gifts in our stockings like bracelets, an American Girl outfit (we were obsessed), a book, and of course candy! You get the idea. Here are some ideas for grown up stocking stuffers that would be perfect to hold the kid in all of us over until Christmas!

Stocking-Stuff-Gift-Ideas-The-JCR-Girls-BlogPinch Provisions Minimergency Kit//Fair Isle Trouser Socks (perfect to stay cozy opening gifts on Christmas morning!)//Metallic Hair Ties (because anything that sparkles is a must for the holidays)//Stackable Initial Ring//The This is the Year Idiom Bangle will help you get a jump start on those New Year’s Resolutions//Butter London Nail Lacquer in Stratford Honey is the perfect addition to any holiday party outfit//Perfume Pens are perfect for throwing into a clutch for a night out.



Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Moms can never get enough credit.

As kids, they taught us how to make our beds, brush our teeth, and wear something that matches. As we grow older, they help us pick new bedspreads for college, keep extra toothbrushes on hand for our friends, and, well, shop with us for something that matches.

With everything our mothers do for us over the years, it’s only fair that they get a day completely dedicated to spoiling them right back. Spending time with your mom and letting her know you care is by far the best gift; however, you did get your sense of style and love of shopping from somewhere. Show her what excellent taste you inherited – I don’t think she’ll mind a little something all wrapped up!

J. Crew Liberty Vintage Floral PJ | J. Crew BlogC. Wonder Ikat Dinnerware | C. Wonder Blog

There isn’t anyone (mom or otherwise) who wouldn’t love a new summer PJ set, kicked off on Sunday with breakfast in bed. I can say with no shame that I make a terrible cup of coffee, but I buy cute mugs to make up for it. #distractionbyikat Also, the coordinating colors? That was no accident.

J. Crew Translucent Stone Necklace | J. Crew Review



J. Crew Translucent Stone Necklace

J. Crew Factory Summerweight Cashmere Cardigan

J. Crew Factory Summerweight Cashmere CardiganJCrew-Havana-Clutch J. Crew Havana Clutch

I always like to pair a few things when gifting clothing. Whether she wears them independently or altogether with her favorite outfit, your mom is guaranteed to get a lot of use from these pieces as well as plenty of compliments. Plus, you can always borrow them. Didn’t they warn us when we were younger about dressing like our mothers?
Anthropologie Apron | Anthropologie Blog

 Anthropologie Cookbook | Anthro Blog

If you have Instagram and/or don’t live under a rock, you know how trendy (and delicious!) macarons are right now. Why not try making them with your mom? I’ve heard they can be difficult – although this is coming from a girl who can’t make coffee – so pair this cookbook with a sweet summery apron in case things get messy.

If all else fails, take her out to lunch, buy her some flowers, and let her forget all her responsibilities for the day. You can make macarons or terrible coffee anytime, but there’s only one day a year when your mom knows the real reason why you’re doing it!






The Frugal (Gift Giving) Fashionista

The “Very Merry Gift Guide” is oh so fabulous….but oh so expensive. Thanks to Crew for giving us the $25 and under option- but I want to give my dad/boyfriend/best friend something better than boxers or socks, while still making sure I can afford my textbooks for next semester. Keeping in line with our economically conscious theme- we present the “Best of Sale Gift Guide”- I promise to still keep it Very Merry. Mom, dad, boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend…we’ve got them all covered and all under budget. Oh, and if you do all of your shopping with Crew by November 28th, you will probably qualify for the 25% off (of orders of $150 or more) just type in TURKEY at the check-out! Gobble gobble..up those deals!


Because she will still buy you groceries and do your laundry when you come home- don’t skimp on the gift for the holidays!

Mythica Bangle- $50

This must-have statement piece comes in 3 different colors to fit the taste of your giftee. Your mom will have just what this season is calling for- SPAHKLE. We’ve been saying it for a few months now, but it never hurts to remind you, and with such a good deal you have no excuse to pass it up now! Mom will love this and feel g-l-a-m-o-r-o-u-s and maybe even more generous the next time you just happen to tag along for grocery shopping!


Let’s be serious…he just needs some fashion guidance, do it in the form of the gift to preserve his pride.

Heavyweight Slub Jersey Half-Zip Sweater- $49.50

Regardless of where you buy it, I think every guy needs a half-zip sweater in his closet this winter. I am seeing them everywhere and loving the versatility they offer. These look great with a t-shirt or button up shirt underneath so Dad is sure to get good use out of this super soft present. If you do have more of a budget to work with I would opt for the Cotton-Cashmere Half-Zip (so luxurious!). And hey- we are getting closer to that 25% off! Let’s keep going!



I’m a big fan of personal gifts for your significant other! But adding a fun Crew piece in the mix can’t hurt!

Stripe Knit Scarf- $29.99

So I’m not totally sold on the color of this scarf- but you get the idea! And hopefully by the time holiday shopping season is really in full swing, J. Crew will have a few more of its great outwear pieces on sale! Boys these days seem to be dressing themselves a little better so sweaters are boring. Outerwear or another accessory they might not think to buy for themselves can be fun!

Cecilia Cami- $39.99

You can never go wrong with a ruffle! Love the color (two others are available) and the style that allows it to be dressed up or down. Very cute, and throw some Tiffany in the mix and I think you have the perfect girlfriend gift (Wink wink!). And look at that you bargain hunter- you even got that 25% off.

Stay tuned for Best Friend on a Budget. Lots of different firends, lots of different gifts. We’ve got you covered.